Maria Ivanovna Alekseeva from Neteshyn a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Maria Ivanovna Alekseeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2013-03-07 , financial damage US $ 250

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Maria Ivanovna Alekseeva
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she scammer

Hi, my dear boyfriend! How are you baby? I really hope that you are fine, I really want you to be fine always, it is so important for me! Thank you for your lovely photo, i like it very very much,dear. You looks so nice and handsome,i want to be near you on that photo and kiss you! Dear thank you for warm words which you write to me, you make me very happy! Dear,i want to come to you very very much and kiss you and hug you and say:" here ; am, my lovely,I am only yours"! Dear i understand you and all your troubles,but i don't what to wait any more..i want to be with you! I should say that I really understood one things. My life can't stay like that any more. I woke up today in a bed and I was all alone. I opened my eyes, I even touches the empty place by my side... guess what... there was no one by my side( I am tired of this and i can't remain silent any longer. Honey,it is very important for me to find someone who I would share my bed with and not only bed of course but the whole life. I would love to wake up and to fall asleep with that person... they say that it is important to be with that person who you like not only to fall asleep with but also to wake up, i agree with that saying : ) My mum always says me that family and relationships are the most important thing in life and i agree with her words. I think that I am quite mature and I am absolutely ready for that,for something regular...Today's morning for me was one of the unhappiest mornings i had ever. I don't know why I never thought about that before, may be because before I didn't meet a decent person I would be ready to be with and now I have got you and I understood that here you are, that one who I have been searching for and bad lucky... you are so far away from me ( Any way, we are not a teenagers, I am a big girl and you are a big boy,isn't it? I want to be with somebody reliable. Day by day I want that more and more, I would love to open my eyes in the bed with somebody and embrace somebody and I want that somebody to be you Kris!!!! And i am dreaming about breakfast with you, holidays and Friday evenings together with you,,, we can go together and visit our relatives, friends.. to choose what to put on, to go to chopping, to the sport club, to the picnics, to go places and so on.. I am tired of living with my parents.I love them very much but I am already grow up, i want my own house with my own man.... You can ask me why I still live with my parents but not alone? I will answer you, it is not that easy to live alone up here and for a young lady who is not yet married it is all right! ))) As for me it could be a great idea to meet with you personally! I think it would be a big step up in our relationships. Our relations by messages are really great and the most exciting in my life,but i am dreaming to talk to you in the reality, to feel you touches, to hear you voice, to feel your smell, to look into your eyes, to talk hours long and of course to make passionate love whole night long ; ) We could think about some variants how to organize that, you could come to me or I could come to you there or we could meet somewhere else I should say that i would be really excited if you invited me to come to you there one day, for me that would mean a lot,that would mean that you are really ready to accept me in your life, in your world, in your family and surrounding... I would really love to see the way you live, to experience your culture and to know more about your life style if only you would let me to do this ; ) I am more then exited to get your reply baby, I feel a little nervous because we really need to be very serious in this stage of our relationships and we should also be responsible for every step we do... but at the same time we should remember that all we do we do for our happiness! I love you, now I am absolutely sure in that. I just really want to be closer to you baby, it is so important for me and I believe for you too! catch my kisses, that are very passionate and tender french kisses ; ) Dont lost them and don't forget!...You should agree that in the reality that would be much better to feel them! your loving Masha
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