Olga Pechena Pavlovna from Nikolaev a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Pechena Pavlovna the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2013-06-07 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Pechena Pavlovna
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[email protected]
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The woman (Olga Pavlovna) initiated the contact. She responded on online-dating-ukrainedotcom/ to a add i had placed here. There was some strange things going on from the very begining. Olga changed adress several times (4) during the first 6 months of correspondance. She would ever answer any questions about her past even though i tried to approach this subject severa times. She asked for a down-payment of a apartment (5.000USD) and i told her that i needed to see contracts and to meet with the re-seller of the apartment. I never got to meet the re-seller as the person was always busy or out of town. The contract was in russian and it had to be signed and paied instantly. I told Olga, that i needed confirmation, that the down-payment was refundable in is we decided otherwise. She confirmed this and said it was stated in the contract. Then when we decided against the apartment, Olga told me that all money was lost and that she now needed me to pay for another down-payment of another apartment. I refused this and told her, that i would not pay another down-payment and that i would like contact details of the other apartment. She refused and got very upset, said that i had to trust her and prove i loved her, by placing another down-payment. I said no and then she cut all contact, deleted email-adress, SKYPE-IDs, changed mobilenumber and more. I have tried to contact her family and friends without success and has written several letters to them, where i state that i would like to be refunded and that i will take actions if they did not respond. I have "lost" a grand total of 9.000USD (i have paid for many other items i did never see).

Letter of 02.01-2013 Я не люблю разбрасываться деньгами и отдавать кому - то по тысяче долларов каждый месяц и плюс каждый день добираться мне с Софией долго до сада и тратить деньги ещё на транспорт?! Я не понимаю, почему ты не слушаешь меня, а слушаешь других!? Я тебе сказала, что мне нравиться эта квартира ( возле нас) и если она нам в будущем не будет нужна , то мы её ещё дороже продадим.. При этом не потеряем ни копейке и не будем платить чужим за квартиру...У нас оплата происходит наличными на руки в присутствии нотариуса ... Он заверяет и проверяет деньги ... Подписываем документы о залоге... Если вдруг передумаем( в будущем о покупке), то деньги нам возвращаются... Ничего сложного... От тебя - иметь наличные на руках. Ты можешь сходить в банк - рядом с нами Otp - банк , там без проблем с другой страны перечисляют . С паспортом. Как тебе удобнее... Можешь снять 40 тысяч гривен или 5 тысяч долларов. Если у тебя есть эта сумма на карточке то можна эту сумму в гривне снять с банкомата
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