Elena Nekrasova from Turinsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Nekrasova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2013-06-17 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Nekrasova
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Some weeks ago I received a short notice from her, although I am not at all seeking for anyone, and I am not registred in any database for this purpose. Probably my email address was found on another website. This email originated from someone with the name Elene Patton and was sent from a nokiamail address, which is different from the reply address Ichecked the IP, this originates in the US, not in Russia). Just out of curiosity how my name got to 'Elena' I sent a short reply back and what followed was a number of mails that conform to all the spammers charateristics: she doesn't answer my questions, was disappointed in the past with Russian men etc etc. Below one of the first letters she sent me.

Hello Jan! Thanks for your letter. I received your e-mail address from love mail from the unknown sender. I consider that this letter destiny which doesn't need to be released! I want to communicate with you and to develop our relations. I am sure that god will help us! You set to me many questions, I will try to answer them one after another. Certainly, it was very pleasant to me to learn, that you are interested in how I live. So, I will tell about myself a little in more detail. I, as you already understood from ours correspondences, I adore sports. It allows to be healthy and to support the body in shape. And after all it is important for each woman ?? many on diets sit, exhaust itself to lose couple of kgs. To me with it it is simpler, I am engaged in fitness and two times a week go on the pool. Therefore I can tell without false modesty that I have a beautiful body, which I don't hesitate, unlike many diffident girls (meet also such, I hope, they didn't come across to you). I love photoshoots and if you want, I can send you a little most successful in my opinion photos. At once I want to warn you that my photos will be up to standard the professional. After University my best friend, her name is Alevtina, bought the good camera, and wanted to become the photographer. Therefore we made a lot of photoshoot with it, and these photos we to nobody showed, and they were stored on Alevtina's computer. My hard disk on the computer recently broke, and I lost all the photo, therefore I had to take a photo from Alevtina. I think that they will be pleasant to you. To to regret, Alevtina couldn't become the photographer, from for big konkurentsiya therefore she had to sell the camera in the future. And now it has already a family, and children, and it works as the psychologist. Tell, please, what do you think of sports, whether you are engaged something? Perhaps you will not believe, but I love football, quite often I look matches on the TV if time allows. By the way, in Russia there is a lot of girls ?? football fans, in it aren't present anything surprising, so as football unites many people. And as is with it in yours to the country? I spend free time generally at home, behind reading books. Very much I love novels and adventures. I look series, "Interns" very are pleasant, it is the cheerful film about life of the physicians who have just received the diploma and training in hospital. From music I like to listen to the Madonna, under it beautiful songs very fierily to dance! With pleasure I go in cinema or cafe with girlfriends, I love communication. Though, of course, sometimes on to work so you will be exhausted that forces aren't present anywhere to go. And as you will see off the leisure? Probably, with guys in a bar? I think, you my character interests. Is difficult for estimating, but friends say that I am very quiet person. In people I appreciate frankness and honesty, and it is unpleasant to me, if suddenly I learn that the person to me lay. And what qualities are pleasant to you in people? That for you it is important in the woman in the first turn? For me the main thing ?? that the person was kind. Such that smog to care of others. You love cats? Or dogs? Well now I bombarded you with questions. I am glad that we continue communication, I wait for your letters! Your passionate girlfriend of Elena!!!
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Date: 2014-09-04 | Name: john Baker | Email: hidden
This woman is a massive scan artist but her name is not ELENA I have had exactly the same e mail plus over the past few weeks lots of very sexy intamate photos sent to me from a woman 30 years old goes by the name of ANASTASIA e mail nastycoams@yahoo.com

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