Svetlana Levenets from Mariupol a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Svetlana Levenets the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2013-07-07 , financial damage US $ 1250

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Svetlana Levenets
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Name; Svetlana Anatoilievna Levenets, (Светлана Анатольевна Левенец)
Adress: 23-17 Lunina Mariupol Ukraine Telephone: +380 (97) 571 3456 , +380 (98) 845 2584 E-mail: DDB : 22-10-1985
I have meet Svetlana levenets on november 2009, on anastasiadate wedding website. I also had letter and chat on jump4love and dream-marriage For 18 months we had many letters and hundreds of hours of chat together For all this time she never asked me anything.
After one year she told me she was madly in love with me and wanted to meet me. For all year she wanted and promised me to meet her mom, Jeanna and her father. She wanted to make me see her city Maripol. First thing weird who happened, Svetlana gave me 2 differents names for his father? She explained me that was an error of the translator In may 2011 i was ready to come to meet her Even if it tried and tried and tried she strictly refused to let me come in her city I wanted to see her life, family and city Even if she promised me and told me so often all she wanted to make me discover and see in her city, now suddently she was agressivly again I agreed finnaly to meet her at Kharkov for 8 days She was there at airport and waited for me She taked my hand and we gone together to a restaurent and put my thing in ap partement I discovered at first moment that she was smoking even if she told me she don't, not a real problem for me but why lied to me ? Immediatly after first hours we visited a zoo at kharkov and she send me back to appartment Next day she arrived to me and wanted to go shopping From there the strange attitude began We taked many clothes, jewels, very expensive boots and asked me to pay After 2 hours of shopping she was tired and wanted to back alone in her appartement FOR the next 5 days, the same thing happened, everyday we gone for a activity of one hour about, bowling, billard and others and after SHOPPING Everyday new expensive clothes, more jewels , sunglasses In same time ABSOLUTLY ZERO sign of tenderness and affection, not one single touch or even a simple words of love NOTHING Everyday she was with me for 3-4 hours only for shopping and left me alone 20 hours a day In resume in our first meeting she asked me to buy her for more than 3000$ of things in a week At this moment i was so confuse, i dont knew what is the Ukrainien women personnality and view of relation I thought that may be she wanted to see if i was serious with her The next week when i came home we began to chat on skype as we exchanged personnal informations Very fast she asked me to send her money for her graduation party, and she told me she was so sad and cried because all girls there have money for big celebration and not here So i send her 300$ with western union When i conected on wedding website and asked her in chat if she received money, she was furious and told me to never ever talk about money on website, it was not accepted and she will have problem and be banned We began to organise our second meeting This time i wanted to go in mariupol and meet her parents and real life AGAIN , even if she made me promises, she refused with energy again and again, even if i told her how much i wanted to see her real life and family, she firmly refused
She wanted to go back again in kharkov with me and she promised me to be much more closer and even stay alone with me in appartment In july she cried again after me , told me she had no money to offer a gift for her mother Jeanna, asked me to buy her a televisor, i send her 400$ She also explained me with such love and energy that SHE NEED to see me every day life on skype we could spend hours of live video talking to each other, she was so passionnate with this offer to me ! But for it, she needed a ipad 3 She prayed me to buy her a ipad and bring in august and how our love will be more closer if we have video chat everyday, and she wanted that more than everything YES i bought her and bring a 800$ ipad August 2011, second meeting at kharkov First bad surprise , she totally changed her mind and refused to live closer to me she gave me the same appart, the other side of city from her She just told me she just changed her mind EXACTLY the same thing happened, she immediately the first day gone with me in shopping, but this time more expensive jewels, more expensive clothes and boots and many others objects to go with her new ipad The third day, i refused to continue this game and told her that i was not a bank and i was tired to pay for everything and even don't have one single sign of tenderness or love , even not a single words of thanks you She began to give me some kisses , but continued to refused with agressivity that i hold her in my arms and just touch her just simply and tenderly Even after that moment, she waited one day and again asked me to buy her more things But big surprise, she had to leave for mariupol ,2 days before for some reasons, and she left me there alone at kharkov Second meeting resume, about 3000$ dollars of objects again and an ipad THE IPAD were not used one single time to have video chat with Sevtlana, i asked her more than 10 times in the next weeks to respect her promises but she refused to answer my demands After second meeting because i was not happy of what happened she promised to leave all wedding website to proof me that she really love me and only me In the next weeks, one of my friend made a profile and began to talk with her and he had many hours of chat with her, she told him she have meet no man and she wanted to meet him as soon as possible in ukraine.
I was with my friend often and Svetlanaclosed our talk telling me she had to go to work and she continued to chat with my friend for long long at same moment. I was totally in shock as i had closed my profiles and i respected our agreement. When i told her about my friend, she just told me i was not honest and made a trap for her and i was only responsable of the problem In automn 2011 she wrote to me that she had to go in kiev for an incredible chance to have study to work in cosmetic world and woman beauty At last minutes she send me message that she taked the train and need my help because she will arrive to kiev and no money to live, she told me, i was her man and i had to protect her and do real actions, For the next month, i had to send her thousands of dollars to pay appart at kiev and all she needed. I planned a 3rd meeting with her in october 2011 for her birthday, she was so happy so happy to see me, i was her love , her man ,her savor, i gave her proof of my real love and now she wanted me to live with me at kiev like real couple Some days before my plane, i wrote to her that i am coming but we will have to be quiet, i have less money than useless because i already pay for all her need, food ,apart. BIG surprise and so strange hazard, after i told her we will not make shopping like we use she send me a letter that she have to move one week to another city for a very special formation, only her and another woman were choose because they are the 2 best So she refused to let me come to her, and cancelled my trip. I tried and tried to ask her to come to the other city with her, SHE firmly refused told me that she will study 7 days a weeks, it was a so bad HAZARD that surprise formation was exactly same time than my trip to her, where i had less money, so strange She made me lose 1200$ because it was too late to get a refund to my ticket It is FAR to be the end, just the begining After all this i made a search on scammers black list website and i found SVETLANA with many pictures, i found 3 reports about her A man called Robert said that she asked him to buy a computer and thousands of dollars of clothes and many expensive things and she asked him many hundreds of dollars to buy thing for her family. They had some pictures of Svetlana, that was the same woman I was in shock and i wrote to her it was over and she was just a scammer and lier She wrote to me again and again and again email and on skype to tell me how she love me, she will die if she lose me and she can't survive without my love, again all will be change now and she will be totally and forever mine She told me that 'Robert' the man who have report her was a bad men and he was very bad with her and he was jealous because she told him that she found her true love (me) and that was just a revenge The story of this man was so exactly the same as i lived I know i am a stupid silly man but Svetlana is a so incredible lier and manipulator that she were able to make me believe in her again She wanted to meet me again at kiev and this time she will be totaly mine, forever mine I decided to buy a ticket again and i came to Kiev in January 2012
All was perfectly planned by Svetlana, it was the moment to play the big deal She organised a great evening with champagne and everything and we had a great lover night. The next morning all the worst side of her personality played her best role Before she go to work she taked in my pocket 600$ , she wanted a new telephone, a iphone She never bought the telephone, she told me she just changed her mind but kept the money She came back after work and opened the door of apartment and began to cry Her mom needed 6000$ dollars to save her apartment, someone in her family had part of apartment and wanted to sale and if mom don't had this money she will be in street She perfectly knew that the moment after we had first moments together was the perfect timing, i found and gave her 6000$ dollars She told me her mom was ill and in hospital and she had to left me alone in Kiev and go to her mom The next hour she was gone and left me alone in Kiev all week I tried to come with her at Mariupol but she refused strictly told me she will have no time for me 7 days later she came back , and asked me to pay the trip Mariupol-Kiev, another 250$ , it was late at night and she knew i had my plane the next morning When she arrived i tried to take her in my arms to kiss her and she aggressively pushed me away again, refused that i just hold her in my arms I left the next morning totally confused and lost She were very quiet for many weeks, and the 11th of April i received an email, she is pregnant 2 months later she told me she can't work anymore and as i was the father i had to pay for everything, i am a responsible man and from June 2012 to Febuary 2013 i send her 9000$ to make sure she miss nothing for her and baby, more than 1000$ each month When she gave birth in September i wanted to be there it was so normal SHE REFUSED me to come to see my son, she told me she have no place to live for me and she strictly refused me to come Then she offered me to come to Canada with baby in march 2012, she asked me to buy tickets for all our 3 I asked her in December to complete the visa demand , i made a lot of things and made everything needed , all she had to do is get her visa and passport, i have send her so many letter and papers with all she had to do. The 21th febuary i receive a letter, she is sad and so sorry, she done nothing and she was too late, she even don't made papers for passport She made me lost AGAIN 3000$ for the tickets lost Than i told her, ok i come to see you and my son and we will complete the last papers together SHE refused to see me and let me come, no explanation, no letter just a total refuse to let me come at Mariupol and see my son I told her that I will not give her one more dollar until I see her and the baby, her mother and real life She stopped to write and never answered I never ever been able to come at Mariupol, i will never saw this baby in real Svetlana have taked of me, more than 20,000$ dollars in less than 2 years She have lied to me so much so many times She is an horrible manipulator, a professional patient and determinated scammer She is not a silly scammer who ask money online and fall in love at 3rd letter, she is patient and careful and her goal is to have real meeting where she ask thousands of dollars of gifts and after a moment she ask a big amount of money (5000-6000$) NOW i see she have opened again many profiles on wedding website If we do nothing she will find another victim Now she saw that I have reported her on some scammer list, she have send me letters where she promise me to ask to a old witche of Ukraine to make a curse on me and make me ill ? Thanks for your understanding, this woman have destroyed my life and taked all my economy and no way i will let her destroy another person. I have more than 20 letters where she ask money, I have more than 9000$ of western union receipt at her name and I have many pictures to prove all I say in this letter thanks.

Letter 1
Hello my dear!!!My only love man!!!!!!I miss you!!!I want you to be with me=)))with all my heart!!!!!Beloved do not write about money in Skype! And then suddenly my mother would understand! And it will not be a surprise! Although she does not know English .... but it's better not to write!! Favorite out my money on a gift to Saturday ! and then on weekends I want to go to choose TV! Because later in the week I will be at work!! TV worth $ 300 if you want and you have the chance can send a little more, I would like to go to the salon hair paint .. go for facials .. generally all things feminine!! And then I started depression .. not enough that the beloved is not a number ..... and even no women's pleasures = (((I love you my darling! In august 2011 I found report of her on internet scammer website and I asked her to explain to me and I asked her WHY she refuse again and again to see me at mariupol,she always refused firmly to let me come to her city
Letter 2
Hi my dear ! > I finally got your letters thank you, I am relieved now, you can??t imagine how I worried and yesterday was the worst day ever. I couldn??t find the place, kept thinking that I may lose you, and this thought scared me to death. I so much happy to hear you will come and we will meet, I am sure this meeting will change everything for us and you will see what you mean to me. > Thank you for trusting me and believing me. I was really upset reading your letter about scams?? rules. > I believe trust is base for any relationships, and especially for relationships on distance, like we have. When the only way for us to get together is virtual way, so here everything depends on trust, moreover we are different in many ways, mentality, ways of thinking and traditions, well cultural differences and we need to have a trust to make it work. Isn??t it right to make each other comfortable trusting to one another being in a couple? And as a matter of fact, you also say that I need to trust you and to believe you, so does it mean you want to scam me also? Well I don??t think so; it is just the way to make each other see that we can rely on each other in every situation. > As for that man who made scammer of me in his report, I will try to explain to you everything more detailed. When we met I wrote him, that you are just exactly like in letters and like I thought you were, so I told him that I had no doubt we would be happy together. I don??t know, maybe he was hoping that our meeting would go in bad way and nothing would work out for us in real life, and then he could have a chance to try to get me back, I don??t know what was in his mind, now I think he has some sick mind, too bad I couldn??t see it before. So after that he disappeared and after awhile he wrote me back again, saying he wanted me back, on what I replied there was no way for me to get back to him, as I found my right man(You!). Then he wrote that he would do his best for me to be with him or with nobody at all. And then he let me know that he put me in scam lists on many sites and that this surely would push you away from me and that you would not want to be with me after this. He kept saying that I fooled him and that he wanted to make everything fair, though I never meant to hurt him, but this is life and I made my choice and I kept saying to him, that nothing would push me away from you and nothing would push my man away from me. When I got to some of those scam sites and read how he put me in bad light, he put some many things in detail describing that I am scam, that I got scared that you could find it and you could believe all this. I wrote him begging to take it all away and not to ruin my life, as ruining my life still would not make me be with him and I said I would do my best to give him all back, and I reminded him that what goes around comes around. Back to topic about Mariupol, yes maybe it would be interesting for you to see my city, though believe me there is nothing to see, not many places to go, although it has a seaside, it is not a touristic city and moreover after cholera has been found here, all beaches are closed. So we would get bored spending time here. I love traveling you know that, I enjoy seeing something new and I honestly can??t afford this, so why not to go with you to some bigger place with more sights and more places of interest, why not enjoy each other??s company in a beautiful city getting new exciting impressions together. I am so sick of Mariupol, it seems so small to me, as three big plants take the biggest part of it, and it is not clean city and I want to change surroundings and to spend lovely days with you in more interesting city, is it too bad? > Warmly, your kitty Sveta
Letter 3
(again ask for money) Note : she even give me her personal bank account number for direct deposit From: Svetlana levenets 2011-08-25 Dear love, my love !!!!!!!!!! I am here with you and i hope you feel it and i am sorry for being silent, but i hope you were feeling me at least a little bit around, as i was thinking a lot about you and about us and about our future. i was so happy to read your thought about beauty shop and i am glad we will be doing this together and i will have your help and i like your idea about small cafe in there too, so these wards made me feel so warm inside, that my man will be there with me planning and realizing my dream and it makes me so happy. I already imagine us doing this and we will have something to spend time together, of course i understand you will have your work, but still any help of yours will be great. I already did a bank account and here are the numbers of it 6762462052782270, for prepayment it requires 4.500 hryvnas. I am glad that we are taking these steps, maybe slow steps so far, but still step to make our future. Of course when you come here in November we will dicuss again our future and me going to Canada and about possible ways and what i need to make it happen and so on and so on, we will have much to discuss. As for men in my beaty shop, i will think about and we will see how it goes, though i will definately start with ladies first, as i think beauty is firsty women's prerogative. please, keep me informed about your mother's surgery, i am having my fingers crossed for her and i am sure everything will go fine, just believ in it, i do!!! Honey i am there for you and you are always in my mind. KISS Your Sveta
Letter 4
Note she explain me WHY she never answer to all my phone calls, I tried many hundreds of time and never got an answer, she used to close her phone when I tried. And in august she made me buy a ipad 3 at 800$ she told me we will CHAT in video EVERYDAY and it is why she wanted me to buy a ipad3 . in more than one year , after this promise, we NEVER had one single video chat, not single one Svetlana levenets 2011-08-25 From: My dear love ! I am so sorry to hear about your mother, i am sure everything will be ok and she will be fine after this surgery. I understand what you feel now and i am so sorry i am so far away from you my dear. I am sorry for making you wait for my reply, i was and am busy with work as i explained i was also away from work and now i have many things to be done. I am really sorry to hear these news my honey. I am still here with you and as i said i will be there for you and nothing will change that. I can't answer your phone calls now, as i am at work, though please know i am there for you in my thoughts and i hope you feel my support my honey. I am putting my hands around you now and i hope you feel my warmth through this letter. As for Skype, honey i didn't have a chance to find a good place with wifi close to where i live and i didn't have much time to go to the city centre, as soon as i get this chance i will let you know through e-mail or through sms. I will try to get in contact as soon as i can my dear. So far i am kissing your gently and warmly and i am sending you my support my honey. your Sveta
Letter 5
AGAIN ask for money and number to deposit money, look now she tell me she will be with no work and need my money for 2 months From: Svetlana levenets 2011-08-26 Hi my dear !!! How are you dear? How is your mother? any news? Please, let me know as soon as things become clear and you will know something. Thank you for your pictures, i saved them all, i like how you picture us together in different frames, my favorite one where we both together. I miss you so much and when i look at our picture i become real sad that you are so far away, i hope things will change for us soon and we will be together. Honey in your previous letter you said you sent money already through western Union, so what is the number? How will i get them without number? Dear , i will be quitting my job this month, i will end August and then i will be unemployed, as in the end of September i will start my classes. So these days will be rather difficult for me, as i will have to rely mostly on my mother to help me before i leave for Kiev. My salary won't be as usually i have, as i haven't been working during the time i spent with you and i had to leave work for these days without pay, so i am truly hoping for your help, of course if it is possible. I was worrying about you yesterday and today, so please write me and tell me how the surgery went and how you feel. I am sure everything went well and i hope now you feel realived. I hug you warmly and strongly and i hope you will feel it through the distance and i send you my gentle kiss. Your Sveta
Letter 6
Money talk money talk and manipulation with words of love, look how she have NEVER enough money !!!!! From: Subject: Re[2]: i need you Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2011 13:56:49 +0400 Svetlana levenets 2011-08-29 Hi my dearest, My Kitty! How are you? How was your week end? How was your barbeque? I hope you had a nice time with friends and this week end was great for you. How is your mother doing? I was thinking about you during this week end, how we could spend this week end together. Can you believe that it has been only a week since we saw each other last? For me it is like eternity i haven't been able to see you. i so much want to see your smile again and to look into eyes again, i would give my all away for this honey. All those memories we made during your trip here i keep turning in my head, reimagining all those days we spent together. And i imagine also often our life together there in Canada, how we will be waking up together and going to sleep together, all the time together. I keep smiling often without reason, people often ask me why i am so happy and i know it is all because of you and when i think of you there is always a smile on my face. Honey, i received your money through Western Union, i am sorry for saying this, but it is not enough for making a prepayment, i need to do it till the end of August, otherwise i won't have a discount. i need another 150 or 200 dollars. i don't know what to do, i didn't have my salary yet, as i only will have it in the beginning of September till maybe 10th of September, but it will be too late honey. i hope we will figure out something not to miss the chance to have discount. My days at work go busier now, as everybody knows that i am leaving and i need to complete many things before quitting it, so i don't do much during these days but working for having everything done when i leave, then i want to have some rest.))) Honey, you write me sms on my cell phone through your e-mail account, right? Kitty i can't write you back to that account, can you please write me at least one sms from your cell phone so that i could reply to your sms on your cell phone? the system doesn't allow me to reply on your account somehow, i don't understand why, anyway, i want to send you some sweet words to you during the day too and i want to show you that i think about you too, as i don't have a chance to write you letters often and with sms it would be much easier to show you that i am here with you honey. You are always on my mind and you made my summer the best one and now i am so sad that it comes to an end, but at the same time i know the sooner these months will pass, the sooner i will see you again, so i want the time to fly by as fast as possible to meet you again at the airport and to give you my warm embraces. Your Sveta
Letter 7
Note: very interesting letter, because she told me often she was not anymore on wedding website and swear to me that she don??t use it and don??t talk and chat with anybody since many months, but one of my friends had long hours of chat with her and she told him she was alone and have no man and want to meet him as soon as possible ! Look her explaination and LIES, look how she put more and more words of love because I found she chat with another man Svetlana levenets 2011-08-31 Hi my dear man! My kitty! I am sorry to hear you had basically sleepless night and you got ill, my honey i wish i could be there to take care of you and to help you to feel better. Please take good care of yourself, while i am away. I am sending you my warmth through this letter to warm you up and to help you at least a little bit. I am also sorry to hear your working days are crazy, i hope not stressful, i guess we both are now going through busy time after having such a wonderful time together, now we pay for this being very busy. Honey, you are always in my thoughts and now i will be praying and sending my positive thoughts to make you feel better. Today is my official last day of work, i will have to do few more things tomorrow and maybe the day after tomorrow as well to be officially unemployed, some papers needed to be sign and made. As i am quitting myself i will have no governmental help, so i need official make all papers for this. We have a law here that if person laid off then he gets a monthly payment, the same payment like he had at work and if person quits himself then he has nothing, though still it takes to make some papers. i am sorry for disappointing you and hurt you again and for making your day even worse, though i didn??t want it and it was unintentionally. I said before i would quit this site soon, somewhere in the beginning of September, so you need to be a little patient and then there will be no hurts and no pain and you will never see me there. i don't know why i didn't see your chat requests, i just didn't pay much attention what was going on on the site. there are rules on the site, before quitting a membership i need to write to men, all men who wrote me, no matter whether i had communication with them or not, a good bye letter. I never replied to anyone on there, though i received some letters. You saw i was not there after our meetings, and i didn't go there until yesterday because how else i will close my memberships there. i was very busy with work and i didn't have a chance to do it earlier and i am still somewhat busy, though in few days i will be totally free and i will be able to finish all duties i have there. So you have to wait a little bit more, and i will do as i said. It takes time i told you and i am sorry that it still hurts, but soon it will be finished. i have nobody there, no communication and soon you will see me out of there, so stop thinking about other men or somebody else special in my life. it is all your imagination and i know no words will help to make you not worry, so just wait and you will see yourself and then no words will be needed. You have nothing to worry about; you are the only man for me, only one special and right man for me. i hope i will bring some positive thoughts to you with my letter and somewhat make you feel a little better. I worry about your health, so be careful. So how is your mother doing? i know results will come later, so tell me how she is? And how is your whole family? i miss you a lot and i want us have no longer problems about anything, no worries and no doubts, soon i hope we will step into a new page for us. i thank you for your openness and honesty. Yes i ask you for honesty and don't hesitate or be afraid to open to me; i will never forget that it was me who asked you to be open. As even cruel truth is better than sweet lies, so honesty is a rule for us. In my dreams and thoughts i am always with you, i hope you feel it. Get recovered soon and take good care about yourself my kitty. Kiss you tenderly with all affection i have, your Sveta
Letter 8
Short letter where she put pressure on me ???last day to get discount??? Svetlana levenets 2011-09-03 Hi my dearest ! How are you honey? How is your week end going? i hope everything is fine for you and you feel much better and you are recovered from your flu and this week end you feel totally fine. I hope you will have relaxing week end and no work and no stress. I hope you slept well and i hope i was there in your dreams, becuase i often can't sleep at once thinking about us, imagining many situations and many nice moments sharing with you. Miss you much honey. Dear, it is the last day to be in time to have a discount for my classes, i hope we will be in time and i hope we won't miss this discount. i got your sms, thank you honey, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. you put a smile on my face with your sweet sms and your lovely words. Kissses my dear , miss you a lot letter 9 another interesting letter where she confirm money received and the need for more and more and how she PUT THE BLAME ON WEDDING WEBSITE TO HAVE ACTIVE PROFILE she also refuse that I put pictures of us on wedding website, so STRANGE ! From: Subject: Re[12]: i need you Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 15:23:18 +0400 Hi my dearest, My kitty! How are you my dear? How do you feel? How is your health? I hope you had a good rest and now at work you are not tired and have energy for the whole working day. i am sorry to hear you have busy days, i know it is not easy to go to work and to have busy working day while being ill and feeling weak, though please honey be strong and please take good care of yourself as i worry about you and about your well-being. Do you take any pills or medicines? Do you drink hot soup and tea with lemon? if i were there i would cook you a hot soup and you would have a hot tea with lemon in the morning before going to work honey. here did you get this flu? Did you eat something cold? or the weather has changed there? Dear , yes we need to be patient and soon there will be no sites, just you and me. I know it makes you worry and as you say no matter what i say you still worry, and no words can calm you down till i am gone from there, so please be patient i need little more time and i am gone and your worries are over. i don't want to make you feel like this and to bring worries into your life, i am sure about you and you must be sure about me. It is just the procedure i must go through. i follow the rules only becuase otherwise i won't be able to close my membership, there is no way to avoid these rules and to close my profile just like this, so it is not something i want to do, but it is something i have to do, i hope you undertsand. Honey, i trust you and i know you don't talk to anybody, i see you have basically an empty profile with very sexy picture i must admit. i hope you trust me either when i say i don't talk to anybody there and there is no point for me to keep that profile as i found you and you are all i need in my life, so i will close it, as i said. Kitty i didn't like the idea of placing our love story on the wedding websites, i see no point in doing this, as you and me will leave this site, so what is the point? I am afraid also that the man i had problems with also will see our story and he may put other difficulties on our way, i don't want this. And i believe we shouldn't show up our hapiness and our love to everybody, especially to strange and unknown people, it is ok to tell about it and show pictures to relatives and to friends, though not just to everybody and especially to place them in the internet. We both will be gone from that site and we have no aquaintances there or friends, so i don't want to show to people our story, it is ours and only so why it should be there for strange people to read and to look at us. No, i am against and i hope you wouldn't mind not placing it on the site. I think it should be shared only between close people and i don't want it to be announced all around, it rarely brings something good. i hope you will understand me. i have already paid money you sent me for classes, though it is not enough my honey and i agreed with them to have few more days to send another left sum of money for the classes to have a discount, they agreed to prolong the terms for receiving money only for few days, so honey i am waiting if you could send me them. i rely on you and i hope we will be in time, becuase otherwise we will have to pay more, maybe even few thousands of hryvnas more, i don't want this, i want to economize our money and our expenses. i am free from work already and i need to have few papers signed to be officially unemployed it will take me few days today and maybe tomorrow and then i am totally free. Honey, i miss you so much and i can't wait for these few months to pass by quickly and to meet you again at the airport and to give you a warm hug. I so many times imagine how we meet again and how we spend our days together. I often do daydreaming about you and me and there is always smile on my face. It is really hard to be away from each other, but i always remind myself that soon it will be over and we will remember this time with smile, as we will be together and never apart. Miss you soooooooooooooooooooo much my kitty. Please take good care of yourself and please get recovered real soon. Your Sveta
Letter 10
Note : again more money, another 5000 grivnia asked and she don??t understand why she gave me 2 differents name for her mother valentine and zhanna, look first line, she is SO SORRY because I found her again online talked with my friends after she swear me again and again she don??t do it anymore Svetlana levenets 2011-09-06 Hello my dear, My kitty! I have been thinking about you these days a lot and i got really worried when we met in chat, becuase i know it makes you worry and upset you a lot, and i don't want this in no way, even upseting you a little makes me upset either, i had some spare time to make things quickly there and i met you and i was happy to see you though at the same time was worrying that it will make you sad. yes, this week i will be gone from there, you will see it Honey, i am sorry for this silence and for making you feel like i am away, yes maybe i am away physically, but you are always here in my thoughts and i hope you feel it in some way and i always tell you this, so even this distance shouldn't make us feel like we are apart, we are still very close in our minds and thoughts, and no matter what is going there in your life and in my life here i am yours and you are mine and soon we will combind these lives and there will be just one life for us both which we will be living with joy hapiness and roamnce. I so much want this and i can't wait for the time we forget about being apart and we will be enjoying each other every day, every moemnt and every second. My beloved man, yes you got me upset with what you done, i mean by writing to that man and to the site, i didn't have much to say, becuase you did it, so i needed to accept it, and i did, what is done is done, i am ok with that, of course you can do whatever you want, though i want it to be a little different, i want us to know what we do and what we are about to do and with no surprises, your deed surprised me a lot. As for your previous long letter which you wanted me to comment. I really don't know why it says that my mother's name is Valentina, maybe it is a mistake of intepreter, but you know my mother is Zhanna, she always was and she always will be. As for that man an his report of me as scammer, you say i never answered this question, honey i did, when i was telling you the whole story about him, i also touched about this thing too, so please reread that letter more carefully and be more attentive. maybe i was not very clear in expressing my thoughts, but that was emotional day for me and maybe my words and thoughts were somewhat messy but still i commented on this as well. Anyway, i don't want to come back to this again, i want it to be in past, it is over and we need to move on looking to our common future and to our new steps we need to take to get closer to each other. Honey, thank you for your money, i have received them and i managed to pay my classes and to have a discount, thank you a lot for helping me and for making it in time. now i have no worries about these classes, everything is confirmed now and i should be there in Kiev in the end of this month. I so much worry about taking this step, a new life waits for me, new difficulties of being a student again and i will have to spend so much time on studies, though still i am ready. One thing that scares me a little bit, though i am sure i will get used to it with time but still, it is living in a big city. I know it won't be long only two months, and then my rpotecter will come to save me and i will be no longer alone there. I so many times have seen us spending time there in Kiev together, i remember you want to see this city and there are so many things to see, so many times i have seen me meeting you at the airprot, our first embrance and our first kiss and your warm hands and passionate hugs after we haven't seen each other for this period of time. I so many times see us together in my dreams. And i so much want it soon to be not only a dream but a reality. Honey, my kitty i have been looking already for an appartment in kiev and i still haven't found anything good, i still have time, so i will keep searching, though it apeared that renting an appartment is more expensive then i thought. I want to find an appartment closer to the place i will be studying so that it would not take me long to get there and this district is close to the city centre and apartments cost more there, it will take probably about 5 000 hryvnas per month, I miss you so much and i often look through the pictures we taken while being in Kharkov and i get very upset that those days are in past, i know new bright days are waiting for us, though sometimes i feel like i don't want to wait and i want you here right now. Thank you for the picture you sent, i love it, i love it , i love it, i love your smile, i love seeing your happy eyes when you smile, please smile more and grant me with your smile more often. you will have a picture of me. Honey, , thank you for being open with me, you know that i appreciate this. Please don't be afraid about being close to me, i know you are the man who will never hurt me or do me harm, so don't worry about that, i know you will do everything right, if it is done with passion and love and care it is always right and it never hurts. My endless kisses fly to you my love, i miss you like i have no air to breath so be with me and give this air to breath. I enjoy your rules, i accept them and i will be living and treating you according to those rules. YOUR FOREVER SVETA
Letter 11
Note: in this letter she talk again about money need and promise me real love this time in meeting and ask me to buy my ticket and we will live together in same apartment at kiev Svetlana levenets 2011-09-09 Hi my dearest! My lovely kitty! My honey! I misss you so much and i can't stop think of you my dear, i wake up in the morning and the first thing which is in my mind is you, i think how is your day going, how is your morning, whether you think of me at this very moment when i think of you, how is your working day going and so many thoughts run through my mind and all these thoughts about you my love. I hope your friday won't be very stressfull and busy and then you will be having relaxing week end, please have a good rest during these days. I don't want you to come back home tired, i want you to be positive and full of energy and i want most of all for you to be happy. How do you feel? i hope your illness is far away in past and you are totally healthy and totally well. Honey, my dear of course take your ticket to come to Kiev, i want this so much and while tickets cheaper you certainly need to book one or to change one for another date. I can't wait for the time when i will be finishing my studies and when you will come finally and we will be spending time together. I totally agry about th next step we need to take and i so much want this time, this third visit for us to be different, so of course i don't mind, i am only for us living together while you will be here in Kiev. Sure we will see how we are compatiable in day by day life and moreover we will be enjoying each other every moment and every second and there will be no time for us to be apart. i want us to be close and want us to share mornings, afternoons and evenings. The whole day together what can be better my lovE??? We will be living our dream, of course not the full dream, but a dream of being togther. I already imagine those moments of us being together. My honey, my love, i already agreed about practise here in Mariupol in one beauty shop, let's say practical work after i finish my studies. It is very nice place and it has very good reputation and the person cosmetologist i will be working with and who will be giving me this practise is very goodone. I will have to start on Monday on 14th of November, so honey we will have only one week to spend together. You will come on 5th of November, it will be Saturday, right? I will need to leave Kiev on 12th of November, on Saturday to be in Mariupol on13th to have some rest before starting working and to spend some time with my family. So please honey let me know your itinerary when you get the tickets ok? i will be waiting to hear the dates and the time of your coming and leaving my love. My kitty, please don't use Western Union, becuase i don't want you to go far to use it , while i opened a bank account which you can use easily in the nearest bank, i don't want it to take much time from you and moreover it is cheaper to send money through bank account than through Western Union. You have the numbers of my account and there is no need for you to drive miles to find an open Western Union and again spend some money for translation. Honey? thank you for sending me your pictures, i love them all, and you smile there and your smile has such a power on me, it energizes me with positive energy and i keep it in my mind and when i see you or imagine you you are always happy smiling in my mind, thank you honey. Kisses, endless tender kisses for you my love, you make my life much better, lighter, brighter, happier, well just everything in my life changed since you came into my life honey, you are my life now. Love you! Your Sveta. Warmest and strongest hugs kisses
Letter 12
Note: READ CAREFULY this letter,there is so many lies on it, it is just incredible, she say she want to skype with me everyday, she never done it one time, she tell me how much she want to stay with me and live with me, SHE ALWAYS REFUSED to let me even hold her in my arms and she ask me in this letter 12,000 grivnia !!!!! can you see the amount of love in letter is always connected with the amound of money, and finally she is so happy and hurry for our meeting, she never let me come and cancelled my trip and make me lose 1200$ of ticket Svetlana levenets 2011-09-14 Hi my dearest My love! My kitty! I miss you too a lot my honey, i miss those days when we were close, when we were together and could spend any moment together. i miss those days of August when we are together in Kharkov, those are precious moments for me and i try not to forget even a piece of it. I enjoy remembering that time and i enjoy also dreaming about our upcoming meeting, about our living together and about spending each moment and each second together. i think i won't be able to let you go after a week of being with you, i think it will be impossible for me. I try not to think about it, though sometimes i so much wish to meet with you and to stay with you for good and not to be apart again, as it is really not easy for me to be away from you. How is your day my love? how is your mood today? how is your work honey? Any news from your mother? How was the dinner by the way with your mother? Sorry honey, that i am writing just now, i was very tired yesterday after work, so here you have my letter today. And honey, of course write me as often as you want and when you want, it is a hapiness for me hearing from you and if you want to make even happier then write more often, i am ok to see your letters as of ten as you have time to write me, and if for some reason you didn't have time to write me, it is also ok, please understand write me when you feel like you want to and need to. Yes, i am back to work since few days, i was asked to come back for only one week, because they can't find a good replacement for me, they found one girl, though she is not experienced and i need to show her everything and to explain her a lot, so i decided why not and also it is extra money which we need now for my upcoming trip, so in whole it was a nice opportunity to take. i totally understand your wish to chat with me through Skype , i agree with you my love, and as soon as i find something comfortable i will let you know and there will be I also need these chats, i want to have them basically every day with you, as your sweet words they comfort me, they make me feel so much better and our chats usually the highlights of my day and i feel like i am so much close to you, and i need this feeling every day, every hour, because i need you my dear, i need you so close, i need your warmth and i need your sweetness and i need your strength too, i just need you here with me. Honey, i have been keeping searching for an apartment in Kiev, and the only way to find a nice apartment in the district where i need, is to apply for an agency, what i did already. they have offered me few apartments, they seem ok, though the price appeared to be higher a little and they can rent me an apartment if i pay for two months at once, otherwise they will be renting me an apartment having a daily payment, i will have to pay for each day and it will cost us much more. so the cheapest apartments they offered me cost 7 thousands hryvnas per month. they explain that the prices are not the same like in other cities, because Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and things more expansive here and also the district i need is not one of the cheap one. And they also want a payment for they service which is 3 500 hryvnas, so in whole at once we need to pay them 17 500. Though it will be an apartment where we will be both living, so when you will come in November we won't need to look for one and of course no other expenses for apartment, as we will have already one to stay in, so you will have less expenses for your trip, because apartment will be paid already my love. So they wait my answer till 24th of September, otherwise these apartments will be taken and only more expensive will be left, so honey we need to be in hurry to take one of those apartments. They sent me photos, apartments seem nice and location is perfect for me to go to my classes. I have saved some money from my last payment and i will save the money which i will earn for this week, so i will have some for living and here you don't have to worry about, all i need now is to pay for apartment. Also my mother told me she would be trying to help me as much as she can, so if i need something extra and i will run out of my saving she will send me some for living, so money for living i have and for my trip as well, don't worry my love. Oh God, how many things we will do together when you come, just about everything. can you imagine waking up together, having breakfast together, starting our day together, spending the whole day exploring Kiev and just sharing simple though very romantic moments together, and then evening, most exciting time of the day. The word together excites me so much my love, i can't believe soon it will be a reality for us my love. I miss you so much and i want you to come to me already tomorrow and to look into your eyes again and to feel your lips . Kiss you my love so passionately. few weeks left and i will be leaving for Kiev and my classes will be started soon already, in the end of September, time flies so fast and i hope it will be flying very fast until we meet, though i am sure time will stop when we are together and 4th of November will be holiday for me, because then i will see you finally and hear your voice and feel your arms around me my love and feel your tasty lips. i hope these classes will be over very soon and now only they keep me apart from you, they will start already very soon and i am very glad and excited about it, as it is a new page for us. I will need to pay totally for these classes next week, so honey i need another 4 500 hryvnas for classes and this will be it, the last payment i need to do. And honey, please, use the bank account i created, it will be cheaper this way, becuase wester Union takes good money for translations. My love i so often imagine like i wake up in the morning and i see you and we are together from morning till the late night. You always hold and tease my hand like you usually do it and i feel your arm around my waist all the time and my shoulders often covered with your hands and i enjoy when you are whispering something sweet and very pleasant into my ears and when you smell my hair when you touch my hands, this all gives me shiver all over my body and i still keep those sweetest memories of feeling you close. You are my man and i can share with everything i can be open with you about anything, about my future, plans, or past and especially about my wishes, hopes and desires, and i know i will always meet your understanding and i will always can count on you, as you are my man and my protector and my savior, the one who always be there to help me to rescue me, i feel so secure now when i am with you, when i have such strong- minded and strong willed man, i feel your strength every time i was in your arms and it gives me so much pleasure to know i am in save with you and from now on i can be secured about anything and everything, as i found my man and i have him now and ever. I send you my endless kisses and my strongest feelings. I think of you ever time i got to sleep and every time i wake up in the morning, you are the first and the last thing in my mind. I miss you terribly. Your lady, your Sveta
Letter 13
Note: this letter is a JEWEL of how Svetlana levenets is a terrible person with no heart and soul, read and you will see she use her mom to make me feel cheap, I gave her thousands of dollars but she tell me her mom tell her to leave me because I don??t give her enough money ! Can you imagine a woman with more deep dark soul than Svetlana levenets ? impossible, she is a monster Svetlana levenets 2011-09-23 Hi My love! My Kitty! Thank thank thank you for all your attention, for all your letters and for all your sms, for all your lovely and sweet words, i so much appreciate what you do for me and i am the luckiest girl alive becuase i have you in my life, you are the best man for me and not only for me the best man a woman can have and i am glad you are mine and i am not going to give you to anybody else. I am really really really really sorry for my being silent honey during these days, i know ithat you also need and want to hear from you, though i was so much busy that i didn't have an opportunity to write you until now. Sorry for not answering your sms, i just don't have enough money on my cell phone, and you know i need now to save money for my trip, i have limited myself in many things now to save for my trip. I am very nervous and excited about this trip, of course i am more nervous becuase of changes that coming into my life and of course if i had you beside me that things would be much easier, but so far i have to face all these changes myself and it worries me and makes me nervious a lot. i felt through your letters that you were worried actually and many of your letters seemed like you were convincing yourself that you don't worry))) Though honey you had a right to worry becuase you didn't hear from me for few days and sure it is not right. I got really busy and i had problems with Internet and i also had many quarelles with my mother, we don't talk with each other at the moment, as we quarreled few days ago, and lately we have been quarelling a lot, my mother doesn't want me to go to Kiev, as i have no place to stay so far and so i will be basically going to nowhere, as i found an appartment and it seems to be still free, though i haven't paid for it yet, but i already bought a ticket for Kiev and i klnow i need it for my future with you and for our common future actually and i know that you will do you best to help me within these few days which left, otheriwse i will be sleeping in railway station and next day i will go home. My mother many times told me that she doesn't want me to go to Kiev while nothing arranged and she is much worried about me and she is saying that you are the man i shouldn't rely on becuase you do nothing to help me, and of course now she is thinking that she won't let me go to Canada with you because now she thinks you are not the man i can count on and she kept saying me that real man who is in love would do his best to help me. of course i don't listen to her and it hurts me to hear what she is saying, be cuase i know you are not like this and she doesn't really know you though at the same time i understand that she is worrying about me and she doesn't want me to be in trouble there. I also had so many things to do before i leave, so many things were needed to be prepared to take with em and i needed to finish everything here before i leave, so i got really busy during this week and i am sorry i left you with not many letters and i am really sorry for this, but this silence was forced by obstacles and the situation i am in now, it was never my intention to make you worry, i hope you know that. i don't want my man to feel like i am away from him, i don't want my man to feel like i am not close and some where really far. i am here my dear with you and i was thinking constantly about you and about us and about our future and of course about our meeting which is really close a little more than in month we will meet again my dear and again i will be able to put my arms around and to kiss you. I am really sorry about this mess with sites, i will explain you everything. before being a client of this agency i was in, where i met you and where i have delated my profile already, i was in another one before and that agency worked with other sites, nobody wrote me there and somehow nothing worked for me there for some time so that i went to another one and forgot about me beiing on those sites, at that previous agency my profiles were silent and nothing i ever heard from them, maybe once or twice i heard that somebody wrote me, though i was not interested in those men and for long time there was silence, that i forgot that i have profiles on those sites and went to another agency hoping to find my destiny there and i did, i found you, my love! Sorry dear i thought that agency forgot about me either and they delated those profiles automatically , but i guess not as usually client should delete profile herself. anyway, it is not a problem those profiles will be also gone, i hope you belive me that those profiles were passive for long time and i even forgot about me being there. i understand how it made you worry again, but baby believe me there is nothing you should worry about, i am yours and nothing will change that. i am sorry for making you feel upset and confused again, i agree it was my fault and i needed to be more thoughtful about it, though i didn't care before much, becuase i didn't have you in my life, and i simply forgot about them, though now i have you in my life and i will do my best to not upset or make you confuse again. honey i miss you terribly and i can't wait for us to meet and for us to spend a splendid week together and to have an unforgettable time which will be new page of our book of life. I miss you i kiss you and i hug you so many times, my love. I will be waiting to hear from you. I hope you are no longer confused and no longer upset. i hope my letters will bring you peace and comfort. i want you to feel free and not confused ever. I love my kitty. Kiss you passionately. Your and only your Sveta
Letter 14
Note: more and more pressure to send money more money Svetlana levenets 2011-09-24 Hi Honey! this will be a quick note for you, becuase i am leaving very very soon. I am waiting for your sms, though so far nothing. I am getting nervious a lot babe, becuase i hope you understand that i am going to nowhere, if i am not going to get your sms soon, then i will be sleeping in a railway station. My mother doesn't talk to me and she ois not going to see me off on station, becuase she is saying i am being foolish to count on you and she thinks you are not the man for me. The situation is awful and i am so nervious and i feel so lonely, like nobody needs me and i have only myself to rely on. I hope everything is fine you and you are not in trouble or sick. I miss you and kiss you tenderly. Your Sveta
Letter 15
Note: again and again money talk and comment that she don??t have enough and want more and more, nothing else to say Svetlana levenets 2011-10-03 Hi My love! I have been missing you so much during these days. how are you honey? how is your leg? how is your mother? How is everything there with you my love? I am sorry again for being late with my reply, please understand me, it is not easy for me to write you often now, as i am very busy with classes and the situation is not really perfect and i don't have much time for anything now. Thank you for all your letters, they always bring samile to my face and warmth to my heart. Dear , thank you for your money, again i received only about 3750, why don't you use bank count i created? this way we wouldn't be losing so much money. Western Union takes a lot and we already missed 500 hryvnas after these two transfers, and it is good money!!! You are saying that it takes long way for you to get to the closest Western Union, i wrote you before couple of times, that using bank count you won't have to spend so much time for that, and it wouldn't be taking so much time from you, dear please think about it again? i don't understand why you don't want to try it? you seem to be finding out thing about bank accounts, though again you came back to Western Union. is there something that prevents you from using it? It has been already a week here and i can say things are not easy here. i am missing you badly and everything is not familiar and strange city, of course i already know something about Kiev, but still. I have made some aquaintances at classes and i at least have some people to communicate with and teachers are nice here and they are ready to help me if i need something. I didn't expect everything to be so expensive here, of course i told you before that it is expesive city, though not so much. I took only 3000 hryvnas with me, as it is all i could save for my trip. And this sum is basically finished, my ticket cost me about 250 hryvnas by train and then taxi from train station to get to the appartment of an old lady where i was renting a room. Taxi cost me about 200 hryvnas. you sent me about 3750 hryvnas for study and i had to add about 800 to pay for my studies and also i had to pay for my room every day, and maybe about 5 hundred hryvnas i already spent on food and transport. I try to save money on food, and i eat simple things and i can't afford even sausages or meat, so just simple soups i cook. so about 6 hundred left from the sum i took for living. My mother borrowed 6 000 hryvnas for one week at her aquaintance, she doesn't want me to live like this and with her help i am able now to rent a normal appartment, which i was lucky to find. it is close to the classes i go and the agency is ok with me paying only one month at once and in some short time they are waiting for a payment for another month, becuase i told you the rules of agency they have here. i had to pay them also for their service and it is a half of monthly payment for an appartment, so it is 3 000 hryvnas which i took from another transfer you sent me, which is about 3750 hryvnas like i said above. So i have another 7 hundred hryvnas left and less than 6 hundren from the money i took with me. You see it is not much for living here. I want you to know my all expenses. I need to pay for another month, as when you come we will be both living in this appartment and you won't have to worry or pay again for appartment. i am getting used to such things, though i can't say i feel ok living like this. Sometimes i honestly feel so sad about this whole situation. I get tired every day becuase i also have home assighment to do and i have to surivive with money i have, i need to think about each day. Now thank God, i won't need to spend money on transport, as i will be living pretty close to the place i am studying at and i will have more free time. I am waiting to hear from you my dear. I love your romantic letters and your poems and your sweet words, i wish i could hear them personally from you whispering them to my ear, i get shivers from this thought. i remember, when we were together i always got shivers when you told me sweet words in my ear. Honey miss you terribly, and now i need you so much here with me, i know we will need to wait a little bit to be together again, though i want it now. Kisses and my warmest hugs for you my love , your Sveta
Letter 16
Money more and more money Svetlana levenets 2011-10-24 Hi my dear man! How are you honey? How is your mother? Any news already? Thank you my dear for your lovely Birthday wishes and for your warmth an for your care and for your support, i so much need it now and i so much appreciate everything you do for me. Honey, with out you everything would be different and my life would be empty and with help of your warm words, my festive week end went ok, of course not the best birthday i had, but still i could make it through dreaming about us and about our life together looking through our pictures. I am about to leave for my studies, i stepped by at Internet cafe to write you. My studies are going ok and soon they will be over and more important soon you will be here with me. I am really sorry to hear that you were sad and even cried a little because of me having our Monday for studies, but dear it is not the whole day, we still have our mornings and evenings together, so we won't miss that day totally. Dear , one week left for November to come and i need to pay for another month for apartment, where we will be staying together, it is 6 thousands hryvnas per month, so i have two from the last time you sent me money, so i need 4 thousands more to pay for apartment. i need to do it this week, because otherwise the owner lady will give it to another people, she already warned me about paying this week, as she already has another people who want to rent it, so we need to be in time, otherwise we may lose this apartment. I can??t believe that soon we will be together, these two months passed so quickly and now there less than two weeks left before we meet, I can??t wait to meet you again at the airport and to hug you and to kiss you again my love, Your Sveta KISS
Letter 17
Note: the heartbreaker ! just some little days before I arrive, she find an excuse to cancel our meeting ! and I see her online on many wedding website everyday, she tell me she have no time to talk to me, this letter show AGAIN how this woman is a monster Svetlana levenets 2011-10-26 Hi my dear, My darling, i am sorry for you to be upset and i am sorry i made you feel this way. i also got really upset about reading your letter, and i can't tell you that it was a pleasant one. I am also saying sorry for being short of time to devote you and i don't have much time to explain everything to you now either, becuase i don't have much time now to write this letter. And i have one imporatnt news to let you know first of all. I am really sorry for being this way, but i really need to let you know one thing first. I got an offer from one beauty shop in Kiev to work for them, i was really glad about it. The classes i am taking, they often give the employment to their best students and i am doing really good at my classes, that one beauty shop got interested in me, though of course everything will depend on my last exams, though i have no worries about it, as i feel i will pass it successfully. Anyway, this beaty shop offers me to work for them only, if i show good results at my exams here and also they offer me another extra classes to take for about two weeks to prove my certificate here and to get a higher qualification, this beauty shop pays these two weeks classes and they also offer me an appartment to stay for two weeks in another city in Khmelnitskyi where i will have these two weeks classes. these classes will start from 7 th or 8th of November, the date is not really clear so far as soon as the class will be formed there they will let me know. So my honey, my dear, i am going to accept their offer if i pass well my exams, becuase it is really great opportunity for me, which i just can't miss, i really hope you will be understandable about it. So we need to postpone our meeting, probably on December month, what do you think about it all? I know it is really upseting that things turn this way and i am sure this will be not really pleasant news for you, but i hope you will look at it objectively and you will agree that i need to take this offer. The beauty shop offered it only to two best student - me and another lady aged of 34 who works in this industry for long time already, so i am really good at it and i think i will ahve good perspectives, if they chose me. I still will need tohave my last classes on 7th of November here and then to go there if everything ok. I really regret that time is not really good for us and i truly want to meet with and to spend a quality time with you, not just some hours in the morning and in the evening and some days off from classes, i want to devote all my time to you while you are here, as i am sure you want the same, so it is the best way for us to postpone meeting for a month to have a quality time after. I really miss you and i really wish things turn out differently, but it is just a month and i may not have such offer again. I don't know how to explain it to you and how to make you feel more at ease, i know there is no way for you to be happy about it and i surely understand it, though i hope you won't be really sad and upset and i surely don't want you to cry. I didn't plan it and surely if i had a choice i would rather pospone my classes than a meeting with you, though things turn this way and i truly wish to see your understanding about it. And moreover, your mother would need you there also while she is having such a difficult period of her life and it is just a month after all and we can make it, as yes sometimes our relationships gets fragile, though i am sure we will make it through and we will handle all obstacles. I will be waiting to hear your thoughts and to see your letter. I miss you and kiss you so tenderly and so gently. How i wish to put my arms around you while you will be reading this letter, becuase it is not easy for me to tell you this and i know it will be not easy for you either. I love kitty and one month won't change it. miss you, your Sveta 24 ???????????? 2011, 20:14 You need more proof ???? This story continued again and again and again until the month of febuary 2013 where she again cancelled my trip to her some days before I coming In the last months of 2013 I send her more than 9000$ I have all my copy of western union money send to her And don??t forget in our first meeting together at Kharkov she asked me to buy for about 10,000$ of clothes , jewels and expensive gift, ipad 3 , iphone etc??etc?? And she asked me 6000$ dollars when I was with her to save her mother to be in the street and lose apartment I gave her in 2 years more than 20,000$ dollars and all I got is 20,000 lies in return This woman, is probably one of the worst terrible crual scammer of all time.
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Date: 2013-08-04 | Name: robert | Email: hidden
I know this woman, i meet her some years ago, she asked me for real meeting, but REFUSED to let me see her in her city, first days she asked me to buy her a computer and give money for her english lessons, she asked me many thousands dollars in just some days. Later she asked me a big amount of money for her family problem, i refused and she immedialty desaspeared. This woman have no limit and agree to give sex for money or gifts, but she is VERY expensive to handle

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