Kristina Lukonina from Kazan a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Kristina Lukonina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2013-07-09 , financial damage US $ 250

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Kristina Lukonina
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I have recently been subject to an attempted scam from a person called Kristina Lukonina who claimed to live at address: Tatarstan, Kazan, Lavrentyeva of 2 ap 193. email She contacted me via Hi5 a social network site and over the last few weeks we have been emailing each other. Over this period I realised that things didn't make sense. The usual things, no phone,level of English changing with letters, not replying to questions, sob story etc. Anyway, I realised this but carried on to see what would happen and finally got the can you send me money through Western Union. I have lots of photos which I can provide and want to make sure others do not get stung. I have informed hi5 but would like to take it further.

hello my dear Chris . How you today? I am glad to your letter. You again to lighten me mood. You constantly to lighten me mood the letters. I simply do not know that I would do if you not to write to me. Each time of year I to see your letter, emotions simply overflow me. Today day began well. Was very much hot in the morning. But in the late afternoon weather very strongly to spoil. There was a heavy rain. I to go outside when to go a rain for this purpose what to feel freshness. After to end a rain, it became very easy to breathe. All dust which was settled in the city on the earth. Chris wrote to me that you thought that washing to go on leave. Yes she to go on leave, but there is a great opportunity that it will not open any more. Holiday goes not paid, I am considered as an unemployed. But it is not terrible, I will find new work. You not that not to mix, I it is not correct to explain to you. My work at present is not present more. My dear, I have a bad news to us. You were right, not to approve banks to me the credit. They speak that the reference is necessary to me. But I do not have this reference and I cannot do such reference. I very much a detuned it today. For me it is full breakdown. I was disappointed in that that I feel now that I am helpless. I do not know that to do to me now. I as today to go to travel agency. I to sign the contract with them, for this purpose what to accelerate process of preparation of documents. I to promise them that I to bring to them money to the next Monday. Now I do not know what to do. I thought that to me to approve the credit at least in one of banks. ?? I to think before falling asleep today much. I decided to accept your help. I very much tried to make everything. But we with you have no time for that that I would look for ways of our meeting. But not that terrible, I think if you are able to help me, I to give you everything to the last cent. only it is some months. If you agree to wait, I to accept your help. When I was today in bank, I to learn as it is possible to send money abroad. I was told that there is a reliable system of transfers of Western Union. It is the most reliable and simple system of money transfers. Within 30 minutes after you will send money I can receive them practically in any bank of the city. You need to find office of the Western union in the city. There will be everything to explain in details. In order that your permission to send money which you have to know my data. Besides, that I could receive money, I need to know your data. Please, write me the data in the following letter. If you do not understand something, here a site. I do not when not to use transfer systems but I hope this helps. Send me your opinion about it. Chris there is one problem, I was told to what I was able to get the money that you send to me I should be in possession of the code and passport. I was told that the transfer code I give you. And I give the passport to the travel agency. And I can not pick it up until the moment until my paperwork ready. I thought to ask my neighbor that she would help us. My neighbor has agreed to her name Regina. I've known her since childhood, she can be trusted. If you can use this data to make a transfer, then we all get to tobory. Here are her findings: Full name: Regina Sharafutdinova Gagarina 12 ap 38 Postal: 420126 City: Kazan. Email me what you think about it. My dear, I have to go home. It's very late. I am very tired. I will wait for your letter. Tomorrow. I hope you answer me soon. I love you more than life. 10000000 kisses for you. With love Kristi.
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Date: 2016-04-28 | Name: slobodan | Email: hidden
Ja sam iz Srbije,kontaktirala me je devojka na sajtu koja je rekla da se zove Karina,rekla je da zivi u Almatjevsku ,Tatarstan,posle nekoliko dana dopisivanja na mailu rekla je da je pocela da se zaljubljuje u mene i da zeli da se sretnemo da dodje kod mene u srbiju.Odmah mi je bilo sumnjivo,tako lepa devojka a trazi momka preko interneta,na sva moja pitanja o facebook profilu broj mobilnog je vesto izbegavala odgovor,odmah mi je bilo sumnjivo da je u pitanju neka prevara,jos sam u toku dopisivanja sa njom i ocekujem da vidim sta ce biti,naravno da nisam naivan i da necu poslati novac ...saznao sam za ovaj sajt o prevarantima i tu sam je nasao..zalosno je na sta sh spale danasnje devojke da tako jadno se spustaju na najnizu lestvicu.

Date: 2016-05-26 | Name: mirko | Email: hidden
Is now in Almatijevsk, she name is Karina Cvetocek.

Date: 2016-06-04 | Name: Stojan | Email: hidden
This scammer is active on the social network Flirtic under the name Apelsinka. I managed to find out real identity persons on this pictures, her real name is Alina Musina, lives in Kazan, has an open profile on VK (Russian version of facebook).

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