Nadezhda Tulkacheva from Kozlovka a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nadezhda Tulkacheva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2013-10-17 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nadezhda Tulkacheva
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Wanted money to pay for half her trip, then wanted money send to prove she had enough money for to support herself on vacation then asked for more money as customs in russia would not let her leave country has she had an unpaid debt on flat that her grandmother bought for her and put in her name when she was a child and she knew nothing about this flat/apartment My lovely David I have very bad news, I am writing you with tears in my eyes. When I have started to pass the customs control to me have told shocking news. I did - On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 9:33 AM BST wrote: > >My lovely David I have very bad news, I am writing you with tears in my eyes. When I have started to pass the customs control to me have told shocking news. I did not expect that it happens. Now I will tell you more about this. The employees of customs told me that I have not paid the debt for an apartment. They checked me, wherever possible. They said they could not release me from the country until the debt is not repaid! Officer of customs control has brought me to apologize and told me that he can not do anything, that's the law, he just informed me. Now I try to explain to you in detail about the situation with my apartment, my love David. When I called my grandmother, she explained everything to me. When I was a little my grandmother offered to buy another apartment on favorable terms, so that when I grow up, I had my own apartment. My grandmother cared about my future as you know that my parents have died when I was the child. My grandmother made a long-term contract with a bank that provided us with this apartment. She did not want that I would be left without a roof over head and so she drew up the apartment in my name. Each month from her salary she pay a small share of the entire amount. But she is still not yet fully repay the loan. That would fully repay a loan she has to pay a certain amount each month for 12 years and still had to pay for 2 years. The apartment cost 1747642 rubles, or about 54180 american dollars. My grandmother once when buying the apartment made half the cost of the apartment. They did it just for me, because she love me and we with the brother both had apartments. She want to do everything that we were happy. My grandmother thought that I would not have any problems with this apartment, but since the apartment is decorated to me, and I am going to leave Russia, it is first necessary to repay all loans. The remaining amount is not paid amounts to 6530 dollars. My lovely David when I heard all this I did not know what to do! I was in despair! Why, if two people really love each other to their meetings there are various obstacles?? I could not hold back her tears, but my grandmother on the phone reassured me. My grandmother just did not think it could well turn out, she did not know that there are such laws. My grandmother also tried to reassure me on the phone and she said, she would try to solve this problem. She told me that the apartment she had bought just for me, and she does not want it getting in the way of my happiness! She told me that we can sell this apartment. And since I am moving to you forever, my grandmother told me that I will have to bring all the money to you with them. And as soon as we repay this debt, I will get the full cost of the apartment 54180 dollars and I will bring the money to you so we can start our new life! My grandmother want us to you great happiness, and she say that the money we will need. My grandmother was also very upset about this and she will do everything possible to ensure that our meeting would be realized. But this is a very huge amount of money and she do not know where to find this amount. My grandmother asked to ask you if you can help us pay off this debt for an apartment that would let me out of the country? I need 6530 dollars, so I was able to repay for the apartment! I currently have already 1470 dollars. And I still need 5060 dollars! My grandmother would go to the bank tomorrow and will know how quickly she can sell the apartment. and will report to me directly about it! If you can help me this money, my grandmother pay off the debt and then she will transfer all the money from the sale of my apartment (approximately 54180 dollars), or will transfer it to your bank account. My lovely let me know, please can you help me with this? My lovely David I love you very very much! I do not want to upset you with my letter. I love you very much, and very willing to be only with you my love !!!!!!!! I know that we will be happy together! Now only you in my dreams and nobody else is needed for me. I very much hope that despite all the difficulties, we will be together !!!!!!!!! In my tears, I will look forward with hope wait for your answer and I will pray to God that he would have helped us. With all the love forever yours Nadya
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