Svetlana Osipova from Saratov, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

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She appeared in our database from 2014-02-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Svetlana Osipova
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Saratov, Russia
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Svetlana Aleksandrovna Osipova, or ????????????? ??????????? ?????????????????????? (In Russian) Date of birth 27.03.1994 From Saratov, Russia Elena's Model ID: 5937534 This is a hard report for me to write, and I asked myself for over a week now if I was being scammed, and embarrassing as it is for me to say, I have to admit I was. I communicated with a girl by the name of Svetlana Osipova, from Saratov, Russia on a dating website called "Elena's Models" for a couple of months before flying over to Russia to meet up with her. During our email correspondence, everything seemed fine and we both appeared to have the same life goals of getting married, settling down and starting a family. We wrote to each other daily, which I thought was a good sign, because scammers supposedly were only interested in making a quick buck and swindling people as fast as possible; none of them would have the patience to communicate back and forth with someone for two months everyday in an attempt to butter them up would they? Well with Svetlana Osipova, this was in deed the case. The first mistake I did, was send money overseas to her for flight tickets from Saratov to Moscow, so she could meet me at the airport. The ticket itself was only about 80 Australian dollars, but I ended up sending 150 just so there would be a bit of leeway for her to get out of a tight situation. I didn't listen to the warnings from scam websites, saying never, ever send a girl money, if you trust her enough, you can buy the tickets for her online, but never send money. Not long after I got to Russia, I could tell her intentions weren't what she said they were. The first sign was in her body language, she seemed repulsed every time I made any attempt at doing something physically affectionate towards her, like holding hands, putting my arms around her waist or just even walking next to her. Her English was adequate, but she was just uninterested in communicating with me. She spent more time talking to her friend and mother on the phone, than speaking with the guy who literally flew half way across the world to meet her. A lot of times when I asked her something, she'd breathe in heavily in an annoyed manner, and will answer my question with a disgusted tone. Also, it was evident she was clearly more interested in what clothes I could buy for her for our trip to Kazan, than being with me. The day before I bought her over 11 000 rubles worth of clothing, I down right refused to buy her any jacket over 3000 rubles, when I did this, she went completely cold on me, refused to even speak to me, and ignored me for the entire day and night we were together. Back in the apartment I rented for us during our stay in Saratov, she barely said a word to me afterwards. Not wanting to waste all the money I spent on flights, apartments, hotels, and train tickets to different cities in Russia, I conceded and agreed to buy her the clothes that night. My common-sense told me she spent her entire life living in Saratov, a city which has brutally cold winters that reach -30, and that there was no way she would have been brought up there without adequate "warm clothes". The next day she spent the entire morning, and most of the afternoon before we left, browsing online shopping catalogs for very expensive "warm clothes". She barely said a word to me that morning and on the long bus trip to the mall where the shop was. I knew it as clear as day when I got to the mall that I was being scammed, and that she didn't see me as a potential romantic partner, but rather as an ATM that gave out money freely, and someone who provided an all expenses paid trip around Russia. I told her latter on that night (after I bought her the clothing) of my intention to fly back to my home country within the next two days. Before I purchased any clothing for her, she cared and didn't want me to go, after I bought them, she was just indifferent to it. She realised I knew what was going on, and that she wouldn't be able to get anything else out of me. I asked her to get a refund for the train tickets we bought earlier in the week. As soon as the refund was given, she demanded half of the money of 3000 rubles! It wasn't her money so I didn't give it to her. Later on back in the apartment, she went absolutely psychotic! And said I must give her 2500 rubles as a fee for getting me a private visa to visit Russia! Even though it would have costed me nothing theoretically to get a tourist visa to visit the country (except the expense of paying a processing fee at the Russian consulate, which I had to pay anyway). She also previously told me the visa costed nothing for her to acquire. I found it funny how she ignored the fact that the day before I spent over 11 000 Rubles on clothing for her on a trip that wasn't going to happen! One of the things I adhere to is: "If you need to ask yourself if you're being scammed; then you are!" Something tells me Svetlana Osipova being only 20 years of age, I was probably one of her first victims. Be careful of Russian girls online. Many of them will tell you what you want to hear, and pledge their undying love and affection for you quickly. If you are a guy like me, who is isn't the most attractive in the world, who has had a horrible time in the romance scene in their own country, and has reached a point where they just yearn for affection and love, hearing such words from a pretty, young Russian girl in a foreign land can seem like a godsend. Exercise due caution, because let me tell you, given their current economic climate and life circumstances, many will unhesitatingly use sex as a way to weaken you and get what they want. For this girl, sex with her had no emotional meaning to it beyond anything physical. It was a means to an end, and that end was prying open my wallet. All-in-all, in my estimation I spent a total of about 20 000 rubles on her. Currently that's about 650 Australian Dollars, or 580 United States Dollars, not much. But considering 750 Australian Dollars is an excellent salary in Saratov for 1 month's work, I'd say she did pretty good for 8 days. I lost a heck of a lot more money on rescheduling flights, but that's a different story altogether. Attached are some photos of her. Like I said, please exercise due caution when interacting with this girl. A lot of Russians seem to think money grows on trees in Western countries, and that they have the right to milk you for as much of it as they can.

She sent me multiple letters.
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Date: 2014-03-09 | Name: John K | Email: hidden
That is not a scammer. Did you read the report? The guy got sex. So he bought the poor Russian girl some clothes and she didn??t want to be with him. You can??t put that kind of report up. It??s not a scam. ???????? ????????? ????????????!

Date: 2014-05-04 | Name: Rembrandt | Email: hidden
Consider yourself lucky, this girl blackmailed me out of roughly $10 000. I've written reports about her all over the internet. She's becoming more and more bolder. This girl needs to be stopped pronto!

Date: 2014-07-17 | Name: David | Email: hidden
Well consider yourself lucky, this girl exhorted me out of 10 000 USDs! She uses sex as a way of lowering your guard and then exhorts you. She is a scammer of the worst kind!

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