Karina Skipore aka Karinotcha from Riga a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Karina Skipore aka Karinotcha the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-04-09 , financial damage US $ 250

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Karina Skipore aka Karinotcha
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I am a divorce male 41 and live in the USA. I want to warn you about a scammer, Karina, with several aka: Chiquita, Karinotcha, Sweet dream and others. She usually will contact via social networks, or forums or maybe by email often with messages about your hobbies, your posts and photos and offer immediately friendship. In my case it was the passion for horses and horse riding, shared passion as she said. Next come the messages and the chatting about that and next the communication by email. But every time, she was showing more loving, until she hint that she??s attracted by you, almost failing in love. Then she shows sweet words and sends songs and funny photos, after some more and more sexy ones. After all the flirting, comes up the meeting. In my case, she proposed a weekend in Marbella (a touristic city in Spain). I had to travel to this city, where she said she will be on holidays. In fact, according to some people we met during our first and only date (with the little Spanish I know: she amazingly speaks Spanish, so she never said a word about!!), she not worked (as she had said??) in a Big Russian Energy Corporation, as public relations. Our meeting was a series of lunches, dinners and shopping in places very expensive and stores of luxury and well knew brands. The first day she surprised me about his invitation to pay her purchases as gifts. I agreed, and pay almost 1,000USD. After dinner she left me in my hotel with a cast kiss and telling me she was very tired and refused the minor contact. I was then suspicious and a little worried about this strange trip. So next day, was the same. Well I, this time refused to pay her purchases. She then was more distant and dinner was very strange. When I proposed to come to my hotel she agreed, but during the trip to the hotel made a call to a friend, speaking in Russian. We take a drink in the bar of the hotel and then, to my surprise, arrived one guy and kissed her. This guy, Russian I guest because they speak in this language, simply said if I want to be with her I must pay 1.000USD by night. I was confused and also a little afraid, because the guy was imposing, and obviously I refused, shocked and surprised by this unpleasant situation. Then both began to appear threatening and then passed to the insults. At the end I could sneak me but not before receiving serious threats by this guy. After the exchange of insults and thanks to the help of the nice hotel staff, who threaten them to call the police they left. This guy was of black hair, with entries, some 40 years, high, strongly built and with a menacing face. It was apparently her boyfriend or her pimp. His name is Mirsha o Marsot or similar. Moreover as I found out later, after some research, she was really a luxury prostitute for tourism of high purchasing power Russian, Arabic and Chinese. She lives in Riga (Letonia) so seems she works and travel around the world. Be careful!! Louis A. (NJ, US)

???Hello, my dear Louis! Any day I feel more needs to receive your letter. I have been thinking about you so much lately. I try to picture out what your beautiful smile and eyes look like when you are full of joy. My day has been pretty good. I worked hard but ever thought about you and our next meeting. I??m impatient to meet you in person. I love swimming. Maybe someday in the near future, you and me will be able to go swimming or something close to it. I would like to spend a week on such island with a loved man. And let there not be anyone else. I want to enjoy the company of only each other, swim in the ocean naked)), laugh and just be happy. It's so important! One life to live and want to get it right, to be a happy person. I believe we are all created for love and happiness. Do you agree with me? So, please, will you go with me? I wish the best for you. Just remember, I will be there for you every step of the way. I miss you and hope to hear from you soon. Sweet Dreams, Hot kisses, Karina
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Date: 2014-06-07 | Name: Andres Vottero | Email: hidden
Well I have seen the weekly advice about scammers in one secure marriage agency I am registered and was surprising: I know this girl. It??s true: she is private high class escort, with some of her friends (I remember one specially, Lucy, a stunning blonde, also from the East countries). They have a web page offering their services as well around Spain, so they works (almost all as I found) ???officially??? as guides from international travel agencies or tourist guides for a Eastern travel agencies. Their clients were mostly Russian businessmen, as escorts and luxury prostitutes as well. I knew her in several meetings with Russian businessmen, the last one some time ago in Costa Daurada (Spain) but she works also in Marbella, Morocco and other countries as well. It seems she has expanded her business with the scam affair. A pity, I thought she was a pleasant girl, but all this call-girls use to be and also have bad pints?? A.V. (Spain).

Date: 2014-06-30 | Name: Igor | Email: hidden
I am I.R. from UK. I had been scammed by this girl, well as Corinna Skiporov (from Moscow, she said...). She said also I can call her Karinka, as loving nickname. I knew her, and travel to Moscow and meet her one weekend. After a little correspondence she asked for money (via Western Union of course!) to travel to my country, because she said she will need 1.500 $USD for visa and plane ticket, complaining how the things are expensive in Russia etc. etc. and I helped her and sent the money. She never come, she dissapear and, of course, I lost my money. After, I find out this page and searching by her photos and with this other name, I discovered she was really a luxury escort (but with this other name, Karina, in some Russian agencies of this kind or business). Her profil said she offer her services around the world: Turkey (Antalya and others), Morocco, Russia (Moscow), Spain (Barcelona, Malaga and Costa del Sol) and Abu Dabi and Dubai (Emirats ??rabs Units) and she will travel to these destinations by request, and by a additional rate. With this other name showed here in your page, I find out (after some fast research) she have many account in social networks (Russian and international)... and she said her job was tourist guide and hotel representative in some tourist places around the worl, working with some well-know international travel agencies!!!

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