Alena Varlamova from Pavlovo a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Alena Varlamova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-06-03 , financial damage US $ 250

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Alena Varlamova
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After 2 months of email conversations and pictures being sent to me, she states she has her passport and VISA ready but has been stopped at customs as she needs $2000 cash to leave the country to show she can survive on w working VISA. I sent her $1000 and of course, she needs another $1000 as she had to bribe a customs official. I asked her if she was real and have not heard back for a fortnight. I received probably 30 pictures, all nice and done by friends with a camera - so this was very convincing and not an outright scam due to the mature content of our apparent 'relationship'. She even sent me a scan of her passport to assist with me sending money to the bank she was close to while apparently visiting Moscow and awaiting to leave the country to meet me.

Email 1: Hi! I am interested in your profile. You struck me as an interesting person. I wanted to write to you to get to know you better. The most important thing for me is that you have in mind and what you value in life. I Alena. I m from Russia. I m 30 years old. I want to have a family with a responsible person and have a real family with him. I have no husband. I m just missing in my life. I have a higher education and favorite work. I do not have just a loving person. I told you a little about myself . Now you decide, you ll answer me or not. But I think why not try? I think you have to use this chance to find happiness. I ll tell you about myself and about my plans. I m waiting for your letter. good day. Alena ... Email 2: Hi my new friend ! Thank you for your letter. I am very glad that you decided to answer me . I am also very glad that I can write you a letter . I am sorry that you did not answer for a long time , I was busy working . I do not have a computer at home and to write you a letter , I have to go to an internet cafe . Now I have free time and I can tell you more about myself . Very well, now that we 're friends . I hope you do not mind to be my friend ? Now a little about me : My name is Alena. I am 30 years old . I live in Pavlovo, it Nizegorodskayz region of Russia. Currently engaged in the search for happiness in his personal life over the Internet. Because in real life I have had several bad experiences building relationships. Men around me were not right for me. They just do not want a serious relationship . I really want to create a warm married couple to have a child to his beloved man . There are more reasons why I do not want to marry a Russian man . A lot of Russian men drink alcohol in large quantities, have no respect for women who do not treat women seriously afraid of responsibility . It does not suit me . I want to find a man who will love me , children, respect and with understanding . I will be very glad if you find yourself in such a man. At the moment I work at school . I work as a teacher and teach children English . I love children and I enjoy my job . My work is not too rich . But I am not complaining about that . I can financially provide for themselves and help their parents . My father and my mother did not work . They are on the state maintenance ( retired) . The state pays my parents some money in a month, to which they must live . I live with my parents in a two-bedroom apartment. I can not afford to live separately from their parents , but since I do not have a man , I do not want to . I'd be bored to live alone . Relationships with parents are very good. We understand each other very well. I always listen to the opinion of my parents, since they are very wise people . I love them! The family I am alone. Unfortunately I have no brother, no sister. But I always wanted to have an older brother . To solving acquainted with a man from another country , I approached very seriously. I understand that there are differences in culture, language . It does not scare me. I know well enough English. I can read, understand , speak your language. I studied foreign languages when I was at university . I graduated , and I can teach a foreign language or a translator . I always wanted to travel the country , but so far have not been anywhere . I think you are very much interested in where I took your email address ! It all started with the fact that I went to the dating agency . I said I want to meet a man from abroad. Agency called " Two Hearts ." Agency workers immediately told me that it would be difficult. Currently , in Russia , a lot of scams that deceive men from abroad. And all these men do not believe Russian women. But I said that difficulties do not scare me and I am ready to take a chance and write you . I was given a lot of pictures. I chose a long time and has chosen you. For a fee, they gave me your e-mail. So I decided to write to you . I was given only your email address . I wanted to get your picture I looked , but I was told that they could not give it. It scared me a bit and I think that your e-mail can not be mined legally. But then I thought , what's the difference as I was able to get your e-mail. I just want to find her man. Now I am really glad you told me . The age difference is not me as scary. I think that the main thing in a person - the soul , the inner world . Do you agree? The rest is not very important ! I am ready to radically change your life and start a new life . Changes do not scare me . I also understand that there is a problem in the fact that we live far apart . I am aware of all the difficulties. I have long been putting off a small amount of money. I think it will help me to make an appointment with a man with whom relations will develop . But talking about it is still very early . I think you understand what I am a man and my purpose in life. If I am interested in you , it gives me great pleasure will wait for your answer. I told him about himself . Now I want to learn more about you and your life. Tell me . I am curious to know all about you . PS. I would like to see your new photos ! Alena ...
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