Kristina Lukonina from Izhevsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Kristina Lukonina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-07-05 , financial damage US $ 250

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Kristina Lukonina
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You this scammer!!!! He asked me to send money to travel.(700 Euro width Western Union).

Istvan Hi, honey! My love to you?? I was glad happy to write to you today! How is the weather rad? That the affairs of the job? My love for you is suddenly Speaking of the meeting! And all this is very serious! I wrote to you that the tour company brochure advertising seen. I was determined and so! I got a full consultation I am moving my love to you! He said the entire project from start to finish. As he said, the cost of all this! And now we have the full range of information and representation to meet you, and to embody the reality as possible! I have a big thrill. Because it is very important to my ass! And I hope that the attitude of me, and the organization of the meetings Usually, serious. Because you need me to support. As one en no forces to organize all moving for you! Istvan tell you the truth, I thought it would be much simpler one of our asses. But it seemed that there are difficulties with grit and. In the beginning I need to get the international passport. In front of me I can receive it! You have to have a package of documents + photo 6 pieces such as the International Biometric passport. A letter of application to get your biometric passport, payment of the state tax authorities and taxes. Medical examination Organization and insurance. Visit Embassy of Hungary in the city of Moscow. Make an appointment with the embassy interview concerning the recording of your country generalising the consul. Obtain licenses. Ismet control documents, consular fees and so on. The MOVE organization in Moscow and accommodation for the period of the mine paperwork embassy. And the last of the departure of the country you live in the time. Osszessegeben one after the other the price for now: Full package of documents necessary departure Hungary is the sum of EUR 307. These amounts are the following: payment of international biometric passport (? 84), medical insurance (60 euro), Hungary + entry visas to the consular fee (EUR 78), the amount of the service travel agency (euro 37), state taxes, the taxes and lower costs, photos (EUR 48). Travel company in full it supports the direction of departure and all necessary registration, the bodies are all the necessary documentation. Moving in Moscow (train ticket), and the cost of the hotel is a 5 day that you need me, the registry entry visa embassy in Hungary. A day in the Moscow hotel accommodation costs account for 37 euro. The result will be the 5-day costs ? 185. The train ticket to Moscow will cost 48 euro. As for the flight one of them. This will be carried out in the Aeroflot company. As will be via an international passport ready, they will be able to discuss Check out time we will be able to book a ticket on that day! The tourist agent reported that the flight costs now include euro 154. And yes, I think I forgot to mention anything. Tourist agent reported that this is the best a number to us, the best. I will be include, while the 90 days of the decision, according to the consul. Usually, this happens permission of the term will be up. As the future of the country you live it to be Hungary Migration Service documents must be registered. Total expenses for the journey: EUR 694. It is paid in full, the moving Hungary! They all News Informations learned at the meeting today. Now I think the opportunity to comment. And what is it? I did not think that it will be so hard for me! Costs are high. So I do not know that arrives, and as there will be further developments of relationships, but I am sure I want to be en, and I want to try that! I want to be honest, I do not now the sum of EUR 694 and paid for a trip for you. And I do not know where this can be a huge money. En embarrassment. And what does the financial payment terms Tourist ... hard to say .... I just ... I did not think the kits now that 170 euro. And there on the payment of utilities, buy the food and trivial costs. So what to do? I am ready to know what to make of this money you get started, and I have a way out, and I will be able to organize the further financing of the costs of food, I will kozuzemi payment later. And everything you can to present. And where to make a different amount of EUR 524, I do not love Istvan ...... Istvan I want you to know that you are ready to accept Istvan to the country? Regardless of how the smog has stopped en home State? Because this is a very important step in my ass. And you should know that it's not easy to get started on my limit on the number. Now everything is very serious, and I hope to get it. I wrote to you a lot of talk today Istvan. And that's why it's a serious moment. We hope that you accept my words very carefully and the answer to my ass in a clear order. I believe your feelings and I think that you're a serious person Istvan! It does not want to be with you! Level I do not want to hamper the distance! Because you will be really close to each other, this will be the best time for us! And you will be able to feel the positive emotions feelings, how to test a mast. Simply just want you to know that the relationship is very honest with me! Unfortunately, I have to end this message now! We are looking forward to your answer! I love you! Kriszti!
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