Oksana Kovaleva from Kazarovo a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oksana Kovaleva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-08-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oksana Kovaleva
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[email protected]
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Esta pinche vieja es la misma que [email protected] me di cuenta porque la carta que viene en la página anti-scam.de/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1396539519 es la misma que la primer que me envió a mí. Detengan a estas pinches viejas que creen que pueden hacer lo que quieran.

Hola! Soy muy contenta que me has respondido. Esperaba tu carta. Me agito mucho, porque por primera vez conozco con el hombre en el Internet para las relaciones serias. Espero la comunicacion buena y agradable, que puede pasar en las relaciones serias, perdona paso un poco adelante))) Primero desearia pedirme perdon por mi falta en el perfil. Trataba de indicar en mi cuestionario que mi de Rusia, pero por desgracia mi cuestionario quitaban. Espero que para ti esto no el problema? Vivo y ha crecido en Rusia, en el poblado Kazarovo pequeno. Este poblado encontrarse bajo la ciudad Tumen ' en Tumenskoy las esferas. La distancia de la ciudad Tumen ' hasta Moscu aproximadamente 2000km. Me refiero muy seriamente a nuestro conocimiento y espero que te referiras tambien a esto seriamente. Me siento por la muchacha adulta y con cada dia reflexiono en la vida adulta, sobre la vida familiar con los ninos y el mundo interior, que crearemos con mi persona querida. Queria preguntarte por mi espanol. Si todo comprendes que te escribo? Como estimas el conocimiento mi espanol? Estudiaba espanol, cuando estudiaba en la universidad, podia olvidar algo. Durante nuestra comunicacion, me acordare de ello. Para mi es muy importante que comprendas todas mis palabras, que te escribo. Para mi es la primera experiencia de los conocimientos, por el Internet con la persona de otro pais. Oia sobre la multitud de casos, cuando las personas han conocido a traves del Internet, y viven mucho tiempo y felizmente. Creo en las relaciones, que se anudan a traves del Internet. Y crees? Sabes los vapores familiares, que despues del conocimiento en el Internet viven en el amor mucho tiempo y felizmente? Por desgracia entre mis conocidas, no hay tales. Quiero contar de el, la muchacha muy sincera y quiero decir a ti la verdad. Espero ti diras tambien a mi la verdad, y seras sincero conmigo... No quiero los juegos con la persona, a que podre confiarme. Para mi es muy importante que entre nosotros haya una reciprocidad completa. Tambien espero que no tendremos uno de otro secretos. Compartiremos los secretos, y se quedaran entre nosotros. La persona muy benevola, compasivo y siempre soy contenta ayudar a los proximos. Muy responsable, siempre cumplo el objetivo, puesto mi. Mi la persona muy sociable, la ducha de la compania. Quiero comunicarme a los temas diferentes y puedo mantener cualquier conversacion. Tambien muy curioso, yo gusto conocer mucho algo nuevo. Mi exacto, para mi el orden de la casa esto por encima de todo. Quiero preparar mucho, me resulta es muy sabroso, era ensenado a esto por mi mama. Creo en el amor a primera vista, pero es cautelosa en la eleccion. Si me confio a la persona, continuare con el la comunicacion. No me tengo para el momento actual boyfriend, solitario. Estaba casada nunca, y no tengo a ninos. Te he contado un poco de el, pero prometo que durante la correspondencia te contare de el. Asi como envio para tu mi fotografia que me presentes mejor. Cuenta de el? Que te aficionas? Esperare tu respuesta. Oksana
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Date: 2014-11-28 | Name: oksana kovaleva | Email: hidden
she has a profile on, les femmes russes net, she told me her name was natalya ? from udmurtia russia

Date: 2015-02-11 | Name: ferdy | Email: hidden
es una scammer total. A mi me mandó un mail parecido: I am glad that you have written to me. How your day? I am fine, also there was nothing new. It is pleasant to me to see your letters and to learn about you, something new. I am happy that we support our dialogue. I would like to communicate further with you, and to learn you better. You can as to ask me about everything that it will be interesting to you, and I will be glad to answer you any question. I send for you my photos that you saw and represented my life. I as would like to see you and your life. I ask you to send for me your photos, I will be glad them to see. I want to apologise for an error in my profile. I tried to specify that I live in other country, but it was not possible to me. I have told to you it in my first message. I agree with you that between us the big distance. But both of us search for serious relations and if in the future we decide to meet you the distance will not be for us with you a problem. You agree with me? I want to tell to you that I have been enamoured of the Russian man, but he has deceived me. Therefore I have decided to try to construct relations with the foreign man. For me it is my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, therefore I ask you do not deceive me. I would like to ask you, you know, something about Russia? I will tell to you a little about my country. You were in the country, where primary colds? At us in Russia they last three-four months. Winter in our country, very fine season, but very cold. It is a lot of snow, the snowdrifts, all nature as if falls asleep and becomes covered by a white veil. Especially beautiful evenings when it is snowing, and it is possible to observe of it long. On character I the romanticist, and I very often look at stars and I dream of the future. You the romanticist? I like to look at stars, and to dream of the future. When I am one, I often dream... You like to dream? Many say that Russia, is the cold country. And it, truth. In the winter often happens that the temperature reaches to 35-38 degrees below zero. In such days, I put on very warmly as I do not want to be ill. What temperature in the winter the coldest in your country? You heard, about Russian holidays? I want to tell to you about my favourite holiday, a pancake week. This day all bake pancakes, paint eggs. In each city, on central squares build a pancake week symbol (the big stuffed animal), carry out actions, I play different games, and in the end of all actions burn this symbol. Stuffed animal burning symbolises farewell to winter, and a meeting of spring. You have such holiday? After winter there comes spring and all snow which has dropped out thaws. After that everywhere a dirt, slush and dampness. During this period it would not be desirable to go out of doors, in such days I would like heat and a cosiness. But in the end of spring, approximately in May, it becomes very beautiful. All trees start to be painted in green colour, and flowers start to blossom. What season is pleasant to you? It is pleasant to me to carry on with you dialogue on different themes. I would like to tell to you about myself and that is connected with my life! You can ask me about everything that I will be interesting to you also with pleasure I will answer you. In my letter I send for you my photo. I have made this photo last year when went with my friend to walk on the nature. To us it was very cheerful. With impatience I will wait for yours the letter, Oksana!

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