Viktoriya Kamaneva from Dimitrovgrad, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Viktoriya Kamaneva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-09-27 , financial damage US $ 250

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Viktoriya Kamaneva
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Dimitrovgrad, Russia
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Starts with email saying she got my email from a local dating agency. Wants to find true love. Does not like Russian men because they drink too much, lack ambition and beat women. Lives with Mother. Dad died of cancer when she was young. Has a Sociology degree from a university in Samara. Works in senior citizens home. Will want money for passport, visa, airline tickets and a daily dollar requirement to leave Russia (this is not a requirement). Will trade many emails with photos and then switch to yahoo instant messenger. VERY CONVINCING!!! Spends a lot of time instant messaging at least once a day, maybe twice. Requests that money be wired to her via Western Union. She says she cannot receive money because her identification states she lives in Samara. Requests recipient for money transfer be Oksana Zakharova or Nina Shimko.

Hello! How are you? I am fine. I was very happy to see today your message in my e-mail box. I am really interesting in you and I wish to know you better, learn more about you. Who knows, our correspondence can be a start of serious relationships, why not :) I want you to know that my native language is Russian, but I know English rather good. I can read, write, speak and understand the English language. I studied this language for many years in school and college, so I think that we should not have any problems with communicating at English language. Also I want say that I got your e-mail address from a dating agency. In my city we have a dating agency which help for single persons find their love. So they gave me your e-mail address and they said that you are a single man and you are looking for a woman. I live in central Russia. So I want to ask you one important question - I hope you are not afraid of long-distance relationships? I am asking this because distance between us really big. What about me, this not worry me, I know many very good stories when people from different countries, different part of the world become a very good couples, fall in love and have a very good and happy life together. In our modern world big distances not such a big problem, because we have different types of transport - cars, trains, planes... so it can take a few hours to move from one part of the planet to another. So what about me, big distance between us do not worry me. What do you think about this? Now I am going to tell you more about me and my life. As you know my name is Viktoriya or Vika (in short). My age is 27. I was born in 11 of August 1986. My astrological sign is Leo. Do you believe in astrological signs? What do you think about it? Astrologers say that a woman with the astrological sign of Leo is very sensual, loyal, gentle and very family oriented - like a lioness. I agree with it :) My height - 169 cm. Weight - 51 kg. I am brunette with green eyes. I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes. I live in a city with long name - Dimitrovgrad, its in Russia, Ulyanovsk Oblast. Population is about 120K. It is central Russia, about 700-800 miles from Moscow. I like my city, it is small, rather quiet but very nice with a beautiful nature around. What about you? Please tell me more about you? about a place where you live? I work as a social worker in a nursing home. My job is consist in caring for the elderly who reside in a nursing home. I like my job, sometimes its not easy but I believe that it is very important. What is your job? How do you spend your spare time? What about me, I have no much free time, because most of my time I spend at work... but when I have a day-off I love to spend it with my family or friends...I love spend time with my family in our house in a village out of my town. Also I love sport, such as ski in winter, swimming and riding bicycle in summer. I enjoy visiting sauna. Also I love reading books, watching films, visiting theatres and museums. I love classical music - Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and modern music - Madonna, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Elton John. My favorite actors are Robert De Niro, Leo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks. I love watch comedies and romantic films. What about you? What music and films do you prefer? My main dream now is to find a true love and serious relationships...I have a lot of love in my heart and I dream to find a person whom I will give all my love and who will love me too. I dream to have a serious relationships which will base on love, trust and respect. I dream to be the best woman for my man and make him very much happy. To be honest, I never used Internet dating in my life before, it is my first experience.....Why I decided to try it? Well, first, because I have no much free time in my life for a dating... most of my time I am at work and I have no free time to visit different places where I can meet a man/second half. Second reason - Internet gives us a good chance to know each other good before we meet in real... it gives an opportunity to know inner world of a person through e-mails, words, thoughts and then if we like each other - we can decide to meet in real. Third - Russian man are not serious... most of them drink much alcohol, do no think about future, do not respect women. I heard that men from your country are different. Also I think that we live in a modern world, so we should use modern ways for a dating, why not :) Please tell me what are your dreams? What kind of woman are you looking for ? I think that main thing in relationships is being honest to each other and trust to each other. So I promise that I will be always honest with you in our correspondence. I will wait for your reply. And I hope that you will write me soon :) I am finishing my message now. I add some photos of me and I hope that you will send me some of your photos too. Bye bye. Your Vika.
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