Oksana Zakharycheva from Orlovka a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oksana Zakharycheva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-10-04 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oksana Zakharycheva
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She was the one who contact me on a dating site and I was new to it, she never said she lived in Russia until after we talked for a while. I was foolish to send her money for her airfare, (I was new to this online dating and do know a lot more now). After sending her the money it just did not end there, it seems she always needed money for one thing or another, after each letter it started to seem like she was never going to leave Russia. I am just glad I did not lose that much money and I will never send anyone money without knowing them now. A good learning experience. I do now know all the red flags.

Hi Paul I understand how you're willing to help with my ticket to your country! Today I just realized that I wrote to you my maiden name. Now I have the name of her husband. My husband's surname Zakharycheva! And that's why you have to send the finances of this name! I think you understand me! I will write the data where you can help me! My surname Zakharycheva. My name Oksana. Russia, Tambovskaya region, city Orlovka, street Mira, house 25, postcode - 403014! I wanted to write you this in advance, but I unfortunately did not happen. Today we would have to go with my girlfriend to buy a woman a gift from her mother. My girlfriend woman today has the flu, I had to go to her house to keep her. It also came to me when I was sick with influenza and so I also decided to hold her. First, she even wanted to go to buy a gift to her mother, he was able to convince her I was. We decided we would go for gifts when healed. Every day, I forward to our meeting with you. Every day I will introduce to you our meeting, will present how we will walk with you together to watch any movies. I hope that this day would come. Me every day more difficult to wait for our meeting with you. I really want to see you! Oksana Hello my dear Paul I have safely arrived in Moscow. I could just stay at the hotel. So I have a place to spend tonight. I went to the embassy immediately after I moved into the hotel. I do not even know how to tell you this. I just came out of the embassy, and now I am very upset and tired. At first I was an hour riding the subway to come to the embassy. Then, I waited 1.5 hours in line. So now I have no strength, and mood. I passed the interview. Everything was perfect! But when I was asked to submit all the necessary documents and tickets, it turned out that I do not have a statement from my bank account. This statement serves as a proof of my solvency. This is a mandatory procedure. I was refused a visa, as each traveler must submit an extract from his personal bank account. This means that I can not get a visa, as long as I do not give this statement. I must have a minimum of 3960 USD to my bank account, I was given to my visa. Embassy employee explained to me that on one day living in USA, I should have 44 USD. My visa travel. Tourist visa allows 90 days stay in the USA. This means that I must have 3960 USD, on 90 days in the UK. This money should not be a price to pay for anything. It's just a proof of my solvency. if you can help me, as soon as I get a statement from my bank account 3960 USD will be returned to you. This means that we do not lose money. I do not have so much money. And I can not get so much money. Therefore, I am in despair, I do not know what to do. Now I am sitting in a subway station and just cry. I do not know what to do next. I almost did not have the money to pay for accommodation in Moscow. Dear, now I am really need your support. I was very ill and lonely in Moscow. After all, you're so far away. I overcame already half way to meet you. You're so little. I understand that you are very upset right now. I have no right to ask you to solve this problem for me. But I beg you, that we have solved this problem together. This is really the ultimate test between us. Then we can finally be adjacent to each other. I understand if you refuse me. But if you can help me, then in the next few days I will be able to arrive to you and give you back 3960 USD. We will enjoy our time together. Imagine how would be fine when we just lay a couple and plan for the future. My dear Paul, I am all alone in a big city is not familiar. I am very afraid and I do not know what to do next. I am in tears! I was approached by the police, asking if everything is okay and I do not need any help to me. Of course, they can not help us. Dear Paul, now I will go to my hotel. I am really scared, write me soon. I really miss and need your support. Oksana
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