Natalia Makarevich from Ulyanovsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalia Makarevich the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-10-11 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalia Makarevich
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Looked for ?2500 for air travel/pocket money.Remove dsim card and stopped communicating when I didn't want her to visit me.

HI, PRIWET my dear Padraig! Thanks for your letters! To me it is pleasant also to me it is pleasant, that we can have dialogue and be thus for some thousand kilometers from each other. I am sorry, that I answer your letter quickly, sometimes happens, that there is no time to write the normal high-grade letter. You already know, that I write basically from work and from my girlfriend, plus, I on a regular basis happen on rates and seminars of improvement of professional skill. And in the internet (basically) I have an easy approach only on work. Today we have warm enough temperature of air (at present +15 degrees on Celsius). In Russia the winter, therefore warm months we long lasts try to use in the greatest possible degree. In usually summer and in the autumn at the majority of people in Russia the season of holiday begins. In 2-3 weeks my rest begins also. My rest begins approximately in the beginning or in the middle of August! In the past 2013 I had short rest (about two weeks), therefore in it 2014 I have holiday approximately for 1,5 months!!! Padraig, through what time you have rest? How you usually use the rest? You really love the sun, mountains, the sea? Padraig, you like to travel? I never was in other countries as except for you I know nobody, and I have no there close people and friends. Padraig, write to me, please, what temperature of air in your country in the summer. I very much love good and solar weather, also I like to float, play volleyball. Especially I like to sit on coast of lake and the river with my father or with the brother, and to fish. Usually we it do by all family in the summer evening (such general family rest). Padraig, you sometime caught a greater fish? What you a fish love more, a fish from the river or the seas??? Padraig, if there will be such opportunity in the future, to me would be pleasant, if you (as the close friend and as " the accompanying guide, the guide ") you will show me the nature of your country, is mountains, a wood, lakes, the sea. I also would like to try to rise on mountain skiing. Now in Russia it is fashionable. Even our president Putin sometimes goes for a drive on mountain skiing, especially it became popular after Russia has lead Olympiad in it (2014??.) to year in city Sochi in Russia. I heard from sources of mass media, that in some countries now there are no borders. It is the truth? Whether really it is possible to travel freely (to go, work and so on) in many states? Padraig, I am glad, that we have friendship and mutual sympathy. I think, that the trust and mutual understanding is a prominent aspect in our friendship. It is a pity, that I cannot freely and confidently (as on the native language) to speak with you, for example, by phone or msn (or skype) in your language as my English language still is far from perfect, I will have a lot of accent and mistakes in a pronunciation of words... As I shall worry and to think much as well as what to speak (I do not want, that you then long laughed at my mistakes and a pronunciation of words). The reason in that I have no practice of conversation as I studied and I continue to study your language basically independently, but to write the letter to me much easier, than to speak (though at me many mistakes in grammar and in translation of some words)... I think, that I shall correct it in the future, for example, if it sometime will be, at our meeting!!! Padraig, also, I can give you the full post address (to this address I live with my parents): The postal index: 432011, The country: Russia, Region: Ulyanovsk area, City: Ulyanovsk, Street: Krasnoarmeyskaya, the house 66, an apartment 48 Padraig, you can give me your full post address?, as I shall try to write to you the letter or a card to any holiday to your post ?? address And still, Padraig, when at you (at me on June, 27th, exact date of my birth is 6/27/1989) birthday? Padraig, in Russia post service works for us slowly and long, as the country greater. Therefore do not send me any gifts as I do not want that they were lost or late on on road. It is much more convenient to write letters through the internet, besides it quickly and conveniently. On this note, Padraig. I finish this letter as today still it is a lot of work... Padraig, many thanks for your photos, you are fine (is good, super)! You are interesting to me, and I wish to know you more close (more), therefore I wait still your photos, thanks! I shall wait your letter! Write, my strong-strong embraces and hot-hot kisses!!! Yours Natasha
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