Elena Kanateeva from Cheboksary a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Kanateeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-10-12 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Kanateeva
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[email protected]
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I have been exchanging e-mails with this woman for 4 months now. I was always a bit suspicious of her from the beginning, but gave her the benefit of the doubt. I sent her money to buy an international passport and visa to visit me here in the UK. I gave her subsistance money to come to the UK because she insisted it was Russian law before she could leave the country. She was supposed to meet me at Edinburgh airport yesterday evening but never turned up. I received an e-mail from her today saying she had been detained by Russian authorities at Moscow airport yesterday as she was in possession of a ring which belonged to her mother, which she was not allowed to take out of the country. This is very clever woman. She e-mailed me a scan of her new international passport which looked very genuine. She also e-mailed me a scan of her Russian internal passport. She is very persuasive and almost believable. I have included below the latest e-mail from her.

Hello my love John! How are you? My treasure, I do not know what you write. I do not know what words here you can still pick up. I have nothing but disappointment ... Huge disappointment and pain. My prince, I do not want to write to you about it. I do not want to bring you this pain and suffering ... But yesterday I was so happy. My treasure dreams I was with you. But I do not deserve happiness and love. I can not be happy! But why because I suffer you? Why did I bring you so much suffering? I want you to be happy! My prince, I could not come to you ... Why? Why, John? I do not know why the fate so cruel to me. My prince, I am the source of all problems and unhappiness. My treasure I am upset ... Now I can even end up in jail. My love, I will try to explain to you the situation. But I am very upset and scared. I was at the airport. I gave all my documents to the registration desk. They were ok. Then I gave all my luggage for inspection. Then I was approached by an employee of the customs department. He asked to go to a separate room. And he began to check my bag. My love, in my luggage found an old ring. It's a family heirloom. This ring from generation to generation passed. After the death of my mother, I took the ring itself. And now she was with me. And I took it on the road. I could not even imagine that it will be a source of new problems. John, according to customs regulations export of religious values ??is smuggling. That is a crime. ring can not be exported from Russia ... It is a cultural value and it can not be transported across the border. Illegal import and export of cultural property from Russia is punishable by law. The general procedure for the import and export of cultural goods across the customs border of the Russian Federation is governed by the Law of the Russian Federation of 15.04.1993 N 4804-1 "On Export and Import of Cultural Property." ring first it was necessary to bear in the declaration, and before that to prepare the documents to officially take her out of the country. Such things are not properly executed documents of the Russian export is impossible. And I did not know. rather know. In the tourist agency warned me that can not be exported from the country of cultural values. But I had no idea that the ring may be a cultural value. for me it was the usual ring. My love I am all upset ... I was immediately removed from the flight and removed from the list of passengers. I could not write to you before, because I was questioned by the police. I have all seized all the documents. besides, I took all the money. they believe that I am doing the illegal sale of antiques. and if the money that was in me - it's profit from the sale. so all confiscated ... they also asked about you. they think you are a buyer of this ring. I tried to explain everything. I said that coming to you during my vacation. and you're my love, my soul mate. But all my words were not heard. It amounts to the interrogation report. Soon there will be consideration of the breach. And everything will be decided in court. My love, I am very lonely and scary. I do not know what the court will decide. I do not know whether the chance to see you! I pray for our meeting! After all, we do everything for our meeting! And I blame myself for the fact that there is still not able to fly to you. My heart suffers from the fact that we are not together! Honey, I am one in Moscow. I was released on bail pending trial. I later have to come to the police station and get a subpoena. I will write to you if I have the opportunity. After all, I have no money even to take a room in a hotel. All the police. I know that you are now very worried. I worry less. I am very scared. I hope that this is not my last letter to you! your Elena
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Date: 2014-10-21 | Name: Martin Jensen | Email: hidden
I too have been corresponding with a woman called Elena Kanateeva. But I have different photos of the woman. But the letters are the same. But my girlfriend has been sentenced to a women's colony for 2 years for smuggling. We are in the process of locating her, but haven't had any luck with the court system in Cheboksary where she was in court (presumably). I have a friend who is trying to find what court she was in at Cheboksary, but there are no records so far that a Elena Kanateeva was ever in court or was sentenced. So that is what I have so far. Thank you for listening.

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