Evgeniya Egorova from Inta a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Evgeniya Egorova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2014-12-04 , financial damage US $ 250

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Evgeniya Egorova
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She starts the conversation pretty smoothly, but after some weeks she wants to have 450 euros to pay for her trip to Finland, in my case. She instantly drops the amount to 250 if you hesitate. Failing to pay that money makes her passive aggressive. Her e-mails have no paragraphs and the line breaks are all messed up. I found her from POF.com where she pretended to be from Norway, but later on changed this information. She will ignore any ideas of visiting her in Russia. She uses a fake address which is not recognized by Google Maps or any program. This address does not exist: Inta. str. Leningradskaya 15 apartments 12. 169848 That street does not exist.

On 26 November 2014 at 21:00, Evi wrote: Hello my dear ******. I am very glad to read your letter. I am very excited because we have problems with our meeting. Now I feel very lonely and helpless. I really want to make our dreams come true. But until everything is done and paid for I can not come to you. It is therefore necessary to find a solution now. I am very pleased that you want to help us to be together. Together we can build our relations. I carefully read your letter. information that you wrote did not differ from the information I received in a travel agency. To come to you I need to get a visa. To obtain a visa must fulfill mandatory requirements. To obtain a visa I should definitely buy tickets to both sides. The cost of plane tickets to Helsinki and back from 206 euros. Train ticket costs 5 euros cheaper. I do not care how to get to you. Tickets that you pointed out to me cost about 200 euros. I can not say exactly because it is necessary to take into account the dollar and the euro. We can save 5 euros. If I go from St.Petersburg to Helsinki by train. The next requirement is to obtain a visa to book hotels. The cost of the hotel for about 40 euros. Or do I need to have confirmation that I will stay in your house. To do this I need to have an invitation from your official sample identification plate. A copy of which must be submitted to the embassy and the original must be me. Plus, the copy of the document confirming the ownership of the property. Document that proves that your house is yours. This copy is also necessary to provide the embassy. I can not stay at the hotel. It is a necessary formality for obtaining a visa. I need to confirm that I will be where to spend the night when I arrive in Finland. The cost of the visa fee of 60 euros. Medical insurance is 45 euros. Medical insurance is necessary in order that I could go to the hospital for medical assistance during a visit to Finland. Suddenly I become sick or injured while traveling. I will give a certificate of insurance for 30 000 euros. I am completely healthy but it is a requirement for all. Without health insurance can not get a visa. I also need to do here is get the flu shot. For assistance in obtaining documents and visa in a travel agency have to pay 40 euros. The money they charge for their help with paperwork to obtain a visa and help in planning a trip. But it's a lot cheaper than to go to St.Petersburg and apply for a visa on their own. Visa is issued within 10 days. You can also request to issue a visa to an accelerated mode for 3 days. But then the cost of the visa fee of 70 euros. If you apply for a visa as usual. Accommodation in St.Petersburg 10 days will be expensive. The cheapest way to get to St.Petersburg to go by train. The trip takes about 44 hours. therefore come to apply for a visa and come back. Then go to St.Petersburg for an interview and a visa is not possible. Will have about 5 days from 10 to spend on the road. Moreover, additional costs will fares. Train ticket costs 75 euros. I need to buy tickets to both sides. It is therefore necessary 150 euros. Use the airport in Syktyvkar bad idea. I need about a day to go there by train. Then have to wait a plane and fly to St.Petersburg. If everything is correct I can arrange to get to St.Petersburg little faster. But it will cost more. I would be more convenient to travel by train directly. When I was invited for an interview. I have to go to St.Petersburg. I do not get a visa when you first visit the embassy. Decision to issue a visa will be taken after the interview. This can be interviewed the day or the next day. Only after this will give me a visa. You may have to wait a few days. It depends on the workload of the embassy. Many people travel for the holidays, and may be delayed. Accommodation 4-5 days for an interview and visa costs at least 200 euros. It is based on cheap prices, supply and use of public transport. Of course there is still a lot of different small cost. Such as bedding in a train, unforeseen expenses for meals, luggage storage and more. I wrote to you about the cost in euros. Probably you know that there is another currency. Currency exchange amount to get a little more. I can refuse the services of a travel agency and save 40 euros. But then I have to cook most all of my documents, to submit my documents to the embassy and to agree on the date of the interview. Then I have to prepare yourself for the interview. In the travel agency every day to help people get visas. They know what is asked during the interview and that you must answer. They would help me prepare. I did not have to do a lot and nervous. only to come to St.Petersburg at the right time and at the embassy to tell the prepared speech. I think 40 euros is not a big price for getting rid of a lot of work and stress. Finland is part of the European Union. Now all the requirements for entry are taken seriously. This may be due to the political situation. because I really need to provide a lot of information about myself, my work, income and property be owned me. Just return tickets are required as a guarantee for the return of my back when my visa expires. But regardless of that, I want everything to go well. Do whatever is necessary and quietly come to you. So what to add to the sum of the costs necessary trip that you wrote to me. You'll get some of what I wrote you. I learned all about the trip for you and how I can really come to you. It is clear that the 800 euro is too large sum. I can be about 450 euro. If you find the same amount that I will not have problems to come to you. Now I can only hope for you. Because our meeting needs only the two of us. What amount you can help me now? I learned about the value of the cost will remain unchanged. I think the trip will be cheaper. Maybe it's not a big test from God. That we must overcome to be together. I hope that you will soon write me. I will look to the future with hope. Hope that soon we will find a solution and you can meet me at the airport. Can you give me a hug and never let go. Gentle embrace. your Evi
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