Olga Varlamova from Kirov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Varlamova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2015-03-18 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Varlamova
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This person has scammed me out of ??2767.00 with elaborate excuses about visiting me and getting married and then an excuse about 'Customs Inspection" money and on the day that she was supposed to arrive in UK she made another excuse saying that the customs at Moscow would not let her fly because the exchange rate of currency meant that she did not have enough money to support her whilst in UK

Hello my love Peter! I am very happy to see your beautiful letter! I always become a good mood after reading your emails! My dear, I really want to be with you and I am looking forward to this day! This will be the most beautiful day of my life! Today I came back from the travel agency, but I was very upset when I heard a very bad news! I do not know what we do now darling. I hurt a lot to tell you about it. All my travel documents ready. My beloved, I was very happy that the day of our meeting is at hand, and we'll be together, but it is not all that is needed for my trip. Today at the agency, I learned that I have to before leaving the country to pass the "customs inspection." It is a pity that I learned about it only now. My dear, I am very upset. my dear, maybe tomorrow I will have to cancel a plane ticket for you. Now we have little time, so I was able to prepare for this test. The essence of the test is that I will have to show them some of the money that I will need to stay in England. I should have 2267 pounds to fly to England. When I found out about it, I am very disappointed. I can not find the money. Today I was told that I should be sure to have the money with me, since I am going there as a "tourist", and I need money to live somehow. This money will I need to stay. My Peter, I need the money will be in 2 days, so I am going to go to Moscow tomorrow on the train. I will have to show this amount of money on Thursday in Moscow airport before his departure. Do not misunderstand me, my beloved Peter, this money will have to just show up! When I show them the money, they will miss me on the plane, which flies to you and soon we'll be together. my dear, I will give you the money back as soon arrive to you on the plane, the money I just show and remove them to his back. I love you Peter! We have together with you decided that we want to be together you in England and we did almost everything for this. Our meeting will take place soon and I am very glad to know that. I do not need anyone but you, you're the most important person in my life! I want to spend my whole life with you. My dear, I do not know where I get the money. I understand that this is a very large sum of money, but without the money I just do not get to you. 2,267 pounds - a huge sum of money for both of us. I have never earned so much, for me it is a fortune. I do not know what I do now and I can only rely on your help. I am very sad. I ask you dear, to find the money. My dear, I can not even know whether you have this amount or not. I beg you, my beloved, if you have such a sum, I ask you to please send them to me as through Money Gram. I will get your money and pass customs inspection and then arrive to you in England, and I will give you the money. We will be together with you and it's the most important thing. We will be happy forever! I am sure of it! And on Thursday, I will show them the money at the airport, and then get on a plane and fly to you. It seems to me that this is the only way out of our situation, because I can only rely on your help. I hope that you will be able to find the money to help me. I hope you, my beloved. I will wait for your answer with impatience. We have very little time now. I urgently need to see your answer, because I am very worried. I now have a very bad mood, and I have a very bad headache. My dear, please try to find the money so that I could come to you on Thursday. I love you Peter! You're the best man in the world. With your love Olga.
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Date: 2015-07-20 | Name: olga kleyshava | Email: hidden
i got scam the story is very simuler to this leter above this email...finaly there got out of me 5000$ us in 5 times in smaler amounts //first western union / 4 sumes by money gram for visa,hotel stay food ,maging beaten rape ..hospital expences. there steel request.. want 800$ us for same hospital apendicites operation ..unpaid account there is also a lady by the name avgeniya romanova ther was a mobil phone 7 (937)118 76 07 only reaceved msm massiges from olga hope you can cach this scamer ..i only stop sending money after a head to get bank loan it was not just sex ,she claim to be a mental student on a schoolership internship to impruve her study in australia good dental service for 6 months stay in this country,,claiming that the university will supply fund for her upkip in australia montly to reacev the sum of $2750.00 i was to help find login in my house or motorholme i have reacev a phone call from western union tell me that i have been scamed at first i did not belive it.. i do now.. also i was in need to have a lot of dental work on me it all hapen in a bed time for me dentaly.. as think are im leting your organisation know about my downfol my email is ..thom0499@gmail.com..in case you want more information at the moment all i have is photo of her passport last night i made a report but my wife accidently areise that report now i tel you im'not very good with computers especialy when ataching photos to emails my wife find out.. now im in hot water with her ..see if you can stop this scamer if you want next time return email i will atach the photos that i have my name aldo tesa melbourne australia 3107

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