Anna Eresko from Novosibirsk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anna Eresko the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2015-12-14 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anna Eresko
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Wrote letters for months. In end she wanted Western Union funds for visa/tickets/passport. The second I said no she was "over it".

Hello love Andrew. How are you today? I hope you are fine. Unfortunately I have not got a photo here my parents. :( I Loved Andrew, I am glad that you're willing to help me. I love you and I want to be with you at Christmas. I hope that we will be together soon. Of course I will give you all my data. and I hope you can help me. To send money you need to find WesternUnion. my full name: Anna Eresko. my address: street Sverdlova 21, Novosibirsk, Russia, 630007. I hope for your help. I hope you did not let me down. Do not worry, I can do everything, and you do not need to communicate with the agency. The fact is that no one should know that I am flying to you. It is very important! if you know about it in the agency or immigration services, they will simply be a large loss. I will not give a visa, if they know that I am flying to the man. I myself will do all the necessary documents, and you just need to help me pay. Today came to me, my friend Svetlana and her son, and invited me for a walk in the park. We Svetlana friends since childhood. Yesterday was cold, but today the weather has changed and become much warmer. We sat with her for a while, drank tea. All this time Svetlana asked me about you. I told her that you're a very good and decent man, I am very glad I found my love. To be honest, I did not want to go for a walk, my health was not very good. I stayed at home and missed. Miss you loved Andrew. I really want to be with you and are very worried about you. Every minute I am with you in my thoughts. And I know that I am crazy about my love for you Andrew. I sometimes think that my heart can not take this loneliness. I mean, I always feel lonely when you're not around. Only your letters brightens this loneliness and give me the strength to live and wait, wait for our meeting. Oh my God, when will this happen? I already can not live without you. Every time I go like crazy, run, fly to Internet cafes for one purpose only. Seeing your letter! And at this moment to be with you. Being and talk to you at least in his mind. When I read your letters, I always imagine your voice. I always imagine you standing next to me and talking to me. And every time it ends as soon as the end of your letter. But again and again I imagine you and I do not want you to go away from me loved. I think that I am crazy. Gone mad with love for you, my Andrew. When we came to the park there were a lot of people. I am sorry that I can not with you just walk down the street. If you were with me, then that day was 100 times better and more fun. Yes, very sorry that you were not with me. I really miss you. And it is very painful for me to love you, and not be able to see you, kiss you, hug. But I stand all this. And I will be safe for you. I am only for you and no one else. Because I love only you, my Andrew, and I do not want no one but you. Again, I have to go. But I look forward to your response. With this letter I am sending millions of its hot kisses just for you. Your Anna
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Date: 2016-07-11 | Name: Ricky | Email: hidden
Ricky, I am glad to see your answer. To me it is pleasant, that we are identical in search, and that you as search for serious attitudes. Now we can start to learn more about each other. Ricky, I am assured, that dialogue with you will be very interesting to me. I would like to know everything, that you are ready to tell about yourself and about the life. Ricky, I am very glad, that you will not ask me my naked photos, I so am tired from it. I am glad to learn about your intentions. I very much would want that we with you have continued our dialogue and learned each other every day more increasing. I think that you very good the man. I very much love children, and I very much would would like that you have told to me a little about them. Thanks you, for that that you have told to me more about yourself. It was very interesting to me to read through your message, and to learn more about you. I think that you very interesting the man, and I very much hope that we with you can continue our dialogue and we shall learn each other every day more increasing. Ricky as I to you already spoke me 29 years. I was born 24 July 1986. Ricky, when your birthday? My growth of 173 centimeters, my weight of 52 kgs. As you can see on a photo I with dark. I adore to read, listen to music and to knit. I like green color. I live in Surgut. It is to Siberia. I not when was not married, but had relationship in the past. These attitudes have ended more six years ago. It was bitter experience, but I have taken many lessons for myself. After that, at me should what attitudes with men. Already during one and a half years I work in a social service. The essence of my work consists in improvement of conditions of a life of pensioners and children from unsuccessful families. My work responsible also takes away many forces, I often should be nervous and experience. But when I see results of the work, and I feel that I benefit people is brings a smile on my person. And in general, I always try to smile. Many people think, that I very happy person, but actually it is far not so. Often when I come home from work I feel loneliness. It seems to me that the loneliness and happiness is two non-comparable things. I would not have not enough number of the strong person with whom I could, feel myself as the small, fragile girl. Ricky, I would like to meet the man with which we madly would grow fond each other. That our love would be similar to flight from which grasps breath, and bewitches spirit. I trust all heart, that I shall meet such person. In fact love this the most important in a life! And I do not trust, to those people who speak, that the love passes. The love is eternal! It dies only then when loving heart ceases to fight. And what you think of it Ricky? You

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