Anzhela Novik from St Petersburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anzhela Novik the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2015-12-26 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anzhela Novik
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St Petersburg
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She contacted me, said she paid for my email threw a dating sight for some collage. conversation was all ok said she had passport ticket and was going to have meeting with embassy for visa. then getting on the plane.. right before this she said she need money to travel and her friend was sending it... then said she missed the flight because.. visa was delayed and need 3900.00 to traval, and this was russias rules not hers. and assured me she would give the money back as soon as she landed.. did some digging and she is working with a travel agent or some one in the travel agency.. to produce authentic documents for travel.. bording passes and recites..

hello my love Steven! Sorry for late answer. The hostel is now another girl and so I can not call you. And my phone is not showing mobile operator. Well, I have something. I forgot an envelope with a receipt for the tickets at the travel agency. Now I go there. Most likely you do not give information confidentially. but it is not important. Tickets fine. favorite I understand that I bothered you with my problems, and I am very ashamed and to your sister! I myself feel a fool! I ask trust me. me so hard one here. I would never dare to deceive you Steven! After all, we've been going to this meeting and this flight tomorrow. I can not lose you because of the money favorite! I am very sorry and thank your sister for help! I really appreciate your favorite! After all, you are my future family and I do not want to put the stamp! But I love you Steven! No one is now a visa will not change. I was at the Embassy today. The fact that all my documents and visas are ready. A suspend visa or for a shorter period of change are simply not possible. Only if re-start the design of a new visa. It is not a question of one day or one week. It will take a lot of time and costs of new money. This means that we will have to start all over again and go home. And we do not need !! because no extra money! Especially ahead of the holidays and the new year after all to change the rules and the order of filing. And my flight tomorrow and we have no time at all. Tickets are already on my hands. All you need for the trip is ready !! The documents, tickets, visa! But because of these stupid rules of the Russian embassy I do not get a visa. Now change the visa can not be! To do this I need to submit all the documents again and go home dear. And it is a long process. This will be a step back for us! and we are so close! we are meant to be together favorite! I was able to convince his girlfriend that will return the money immediately come to like you. I will give you and her money. It's just for one day. They will be safe. I persuaded my friend to give me a loan. But she will not be able to give all the $ 1700. She could only give 700 or $ 800. She received a salary today. She can give me 700 or $ 800. Beloved, I am also looking for options. But time is short, so it is easier to find the remaining $ 1,000. I hope you can help me? Maybe you can borrow from friends, too? My love, I am asking you one last time for help. Oh dear me very ashamed of it! I feel like such a fool. But I do not want to lose you dear. If you can not help me, then I will give you the money back and leave back home. Only me there is not expected. You are now my family and I do not want to lose you. I would not want more than to go back to Russia later. if it were possible, I would have stayed with you after the end of the visa. I understand that things did not go as we wanted, and I put you in the position of asking for help. I hate to ask you for help again. Cute. I ask you to understand me right and give me support in this. You are my beloved and I hope for your support. I love you and only for you here. If I had money, I would not ask you to help cute. I could borrow his girlfriend $ 700. But I do not know where to find the rest. I will be thinking the same way. But you are my hope Stevev! Together we can solve the problem of cute, but I did everything I could. Can you help me today and give some 900 or $ 1,000? I will return them immediately upon arrival to your favorites! Do not worry about it. I ask trust me! we'll be together, like dreaming. ahead of Christmas and New Year! After all, for me it is only desire! Being close to you Steven! We just can not turn back! We need only go forward. I've done so much for our meeting. I had been on vacation, and is ready with pleasure to spend time alone with you. I do not even want to remember how much time and money it cost me. All this paperwork, and every time there are different formalities. We are already at the last step on each other's Steven! I can already pick up your visa if you can help me. Our time is on the wane, and we need to resolve this situation soon favorite. I can not insist of course, but our meeting is now in your hands beloved. I only need to show the presence of me that amount, and when I arrive, it'll give you everything back. Do you understand me dear? My love, I wanted to tell you that if you have the opportunity. You can send their assistance through the post office "MONEY GRAM" ??? I do not have the extra money, even by taxi. every cent counts and the bank with "MONEY GRAM" is next. It will be more convenient for both of us and less time. I want you to know you are very dear to me. I am very serious about you. next to me is now a real man, you Steven. I never will have to experience such feelings. I am excited to check their email. I am very pleased, and I always smile when I see a letter from you. I imagine we'll hold each other's hand and walk together. You will show me the different beautiful places in your town. We spend time together romantically. I often dream and imagine us together. Ahead of us a bright future! Christmas with friends and relatives! Is this not happiness? Now I can go without it all! I cry about it ... You know, it's all so cute. I am thankful for our meeting. Because we did not give up and overcome all the obstacles together. According to the present relationship and should be, I think so. After all, if people love each other, they will still be together. I will not survive if it does not happen !! Lovely if you have the opportunity to help me now, we need to hurry. Tell me you can help me a favorite? I want to spend the first few days only to you! Round the clock, 24 hours to enjoy each other. Perhaps I have gone mad with love for you. Distance even more attracted me to you! I am so tired to be here alone. I need you. I will take your every decision as if it was not sad ... Now everything depends on you. Gently kiss you on the lips. * With love.. What's your favorite all Anzhella: *
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Date: 2016-01-04 | Name: YN | Email: hidden
I know when someone asked for money over the Internet it is a scam so I go along with it and have fun and give it right back to them the BS I mean and give them the sob story in the end I don't have any money right now LOL and that pisses them off so bad I love it

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