Anya Molgan from Nikolaev, Ukraine a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anya Molgan the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-01-28 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anya Molgan
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Nikolaev, Ukraine
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I registered on a dating site and the first day I received a message from a girl almost 30 years younger than me. By the second exchange, her messages had style to lament her fate: "I have Anya hairdresser I live in Nikolaev in Ukraine, I am not rich. I live with my grandmother " "I have not boyfriend, no family, only grandmother" She lives alone with her grandmother, she work as a hairdresser and manicurist, and obviously life is very hard to her, it's funny to talk in the second sentence of owner financial situation .... Of course she never left her country, but she would like to visit Switzerland, and the question if she had an international passport, of course not, and she gave me the price directly: "It is Approximately $ 80-110" already, I know the cost of an Ukrainian biometric passport, so of course I understood what she was trying ... The fish are biting ... So I gave him my address on the pretext that there was a lot of fakes who ask money for it to send me pictures of her different of the site. And for me, that I can check if the photos do not come from another site. Upon receiving her mail: Bingo! their email address is already listed on a scam site but also on other sites, but under a male name ... Aha ... it's very strange ... I thought this person was actually MAN ... So I started to play ... I write about messaging dating site : "Oh, I have not received anything ... Why you send nothing?" "Send me with another email. Perhaps there is a provider problem " :)) she : ?? Yes I sent one? ?? and sends me another message Surprisingly the content of the 2nd message is the photo of her national passport and just said his name in Latin letters on the message: ?? My name : Anna Molchan" can be for me to know who to send the mandate Western Union ??. (the passport was written in Ukrainian. ???????? ?????????? Ganna Molgan or Anna or Anya Molshan ... I imagine that Western Union employee is not very teller looking at the Cyrillic spelling of names when the warrant is written in Latin letters ... As long as the code matches ... Hooray, I know her real name, I quickly looking Cyrillic writing and all its approximate equivalents and there I fell on the VK profile Aniuta Moltchan, exactly with the same photos. Bingo! All very interesting ... I continue to play ... "But I have not received anything, how? you're not serious. I think you're a fake ... Send me a message with a real email address that works !! " Perfect, my system works I now know 3 email addresses of she (or he) uses: and I said again, "nothing works?? Give me your Skype or Viber, and it will work! " Result: Skype: anna1231320 and mobile number: 380 639 975 941 but then she told me to haven??t a camera on Skype and she speaks very bad English. Weird not having camera when you have a smartphone iPhone 5 or maybe 6 as in her photos on VK ... I made other parallel research and found out that it uses multiple addresses, and his friend Oleg Markievich, which in turn also seeks to raise money on gay websites (same emails, same IP). The address is also used on multiples Skype. Here is the information collected : Mobile phone: +380930495770 and +380639975941 Skype Names used: anna1231320,, Mark.mark739, oleg.markovich1, markovich881, elena63635, markovich1211, Markovich-an, goran.markovich1211 and certainly more ... Coincidentally, she told me not having camera and after threats denounced as fake and that she was a man, she turns on the video to show her true colors !! The accused has shown its true face for I think she is true for send her money ... But unfortunately all the crooks are real, they are not robots))) Curiously she deleted her profile on the site LUVFREE.COM, but I think they will come back soon ... Result, she is the person on the site Vkontakte : Anuta birthdate 20/03/1991 https://vkdotcom/id113817590 His accomplice Oleg birthdate : 12/11/1990 also has a VK profile: https://vkdotcom/id141823713 Be careful with these scammers?? See the many addresses and emails, they do not seem to be at their first attempt?? Even young people who believe it is easy to steal money by pretending feelings of love to people ...

IP Address: Hostname: IP Country: Ukraine IP Country Code: UKR IP Continent: Europe IP Region: Mykolayivska Oblast IP City: Nikolaev
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Date: 2020-04-13 | Name: Stan | Email: hidden
When I got married and said I can't contact her anymore, she threatened to e-mail everyone of my friends on Facebook and tell them what a horrible guy I am.

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