Mariya from Samus, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Mariya the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-02-16 , financial damage US $ 250

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Samus, Russia
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Does not pay attention to your questions in letters. Rides your emotions until she thinks you are ready to help pay for her attempt to obtain a tourist visa to the USA with your help through a travel agency.

Hello my dear Michael! How your mood today? I hope that with you all is well. My mood is good today. I feel like the lucky one. I have the new products. Today I have treated me in the message. I realized that it is necessary for me to travel to your country. I want to open some documents. Michael first I wanted to make all the documents independently. In the message I have explained that if I am going to open any document for foreign travel itself, so it will take a lot of time. There are as a as a month. I must begin in my city official registration of papers here. Later I have to go to Moscow for confirmation, and, later, to return to my city, to continue the registration of papers and then to get them. It takes far too complicated just a lot of time. I have offered to treat the travel agency. The travel agency will help me to get all the information and that tickets to open, it is much faster. I was very happy. I have said that the travel agency, all documents can prepare about a week. I have a good travel agent found, which is located in my town. Today I went to this travel agency. I will tell you in detail what me to have to arrive in your country. Especially, I will get the visa. Now I will tell you what documents you need to collect for the successful reception of the visa. First, I want to pass international open. It costs 200 dollars. The execution of the international passport takes about 5-7 days. Then I have to go the medical visit and, obtain the medical information. This medical information will argue that I am healthy and I can leave Russia. I should bring the medical information to the travel agency. The full medical survey and obtaining medical insurance costs 240 dollars. I should also give information about my work and about my place the travel agency. I can quickly make I will not have any problems. I will also bring my 4 photographs to the travel agency. These photographs for the visa should be specific and are made by the Visa standards. If the photographs will be done wrong so they will not be accepted. I can make these photographs in the travel agency for free. If I am going to get these documents, I will take them to the travel agency. Later, when they check, they will send to Moscow in the main visa services. The visa costs $ 105. I should pay the consular fee for the visa 125 USD. the time will later tell me if I have to drive to obtain a visa to Moscow. I can get the visa only at the embassy in Moscow. The trip to Moscow costs 75 dollars. I need to be in Moscow about the course of 2 days. As in the flow of these 2 days, I want to go through the interview at the Embassy in Moscow and get the visa. Likewise, I have to buy the tickets on board the aircraft. The cards are 1195 USD on board the aircraft. It is the value of the return tickets. I want to return tickets, and buy later, they show in the message. It is necessary for the successful assertion of the visa at the embassy. In general, the execution of all necessary documents for the trip to your country will take 7-10 days. After that I will be fully ready for the journey to your country. I shall also pay the travel agency for its services 150 USD. I hope you you understand me. In my present letter, I have tried in detail to tell you all about my trip. I hope you have understood everything. The total value of travel forms 2090 USD. Today I have concluded the contract with the travel agency and has the deposit made 450 USD. I had little savings that I saved for the new refrigerator. For me, our meeting is very important. For our meeting I am ready to go to the great sacrifices. I signed all the necessary papers. Now the agency is fully care for my trip. In the travel agency, the professional lawyers work. They will provide for the preparation of all tickets. Nice, I realized about the visa of the bride K1. I have said what to get the visa of the bride very complicated. To the visa K1 it must get a lot of time. you have to wait from two to 6 months all the documents for the visa K1 prepare. If I with the representatives of the Embassy I have said to get the visa of the bride, I should your country, and later only visit to hand the documents to the visa of the bride said. There is the obligatory point for applying for the visa of the bride. The visa K1 to get very complicated just takes a lot of time. Today I have concluded the contract with the travel agency. They will help me to come to you after the tourist visa. In the travel agency have told me that the easiest way to your country, to arrive, how to arrive to the tourist. I will fly to you as the tourist, after the tourist visa. It much faster and cheaper than to fly to the visa K1. I think you understand me. Today I signed has concluded the contract with the travel agency. I stayed there but to still pay 1640 USD. It is the big money for me. But I really want to organize our meeting. Money comes and go away. I believe that in life there are things it is more important to many than the money. I appreciate our relationship and I wanted to develop it. It is the happiest holidays in my life, because I will see you. Tomorrow, I will meet with my school friends. You should give me 1640 USD. I spoke of my school friends about it already, that I will take with her the money for the ride back to your country. My school friend has agreed to help me with the money. After that I can pay my journey complete. I hope it will not take much time. I thought that my trip much more will prove complicated. But the travel agency will help me. It will not be so complicated. I wait our meeting with impatience. I am very interested in you. I hope to get your letter soon. I will keep all events up to date. The hugs and kisses. Your Mariya.
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