Kseniya Ponomareva from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Kseniya Ponomareva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-02-18 , financial damage US $ 250

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Kseniya Ponomareva
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be carefull be carefull be carefull be carefull be carefull Hello my dear Friend!! I want to start my letter and an apology! I wrote my first letter to you from agency of acquaintances. Now when you have answered me my letter, I will continue to write to you from my personal e-mail address! You answered my first letter, I asked, which country do you live, and you want to know me ??? Do you remember?? this is my personal e-mail address this is my and only my fault that you did not get an answer fast! do not judge me harshly, my laptop is broken, I could not write you from my work. my boss constantly looking for me, I think that someone at work told my boss that I am using a work computer. Now I have no problem writing letters, now I work in a other office. I will write a letter to you every day, I want to know more about you! I say it's my fault, but I will try in the future, what would you get an answer, every day !! I will do everything to fulfill my promise! I will understand if you scold me or strongly angry, I deserve it! but please forgive me! can you forgive me? say yes or no? if so, I will be happy to receive your letter and to respond immediately. Maybe you just do not want to write woman from Russia, which wants to get acquainted with a foreigner!! Is that bad?? if I could not find a good man in Russia, I decided to find a man in another country!! Now I am happy that we have started a dialogue! I want to know more about you and your life! I hope that if I was born in Russia, it's not my curse?! Russia is now a lot of talk on TV and radio! speak bad Russian politics and many bad women from Russia but I can not be guilty for my country and for all the bad women!! I am an ordinary woman, and I want the ordinary female happiness! I can not be to blame for all the evil in this world!! I write these words because I want you to understand, I am completely open to you!! My working day is over, Now I write the letter from my girlfriend, it is the late evening now in Russia! Write me, I will answer all your words, thoughts and questions!! I promise!! I always do my promises!! Tell to me the reason why you do not want or cannot answer my letters? We can discuss all! I hope you will not forget about the ordinary woman from Russia!! you should know that I think of you!! My photo for you!! do you like me? Kseniya. Hello my new Friend! I am happy to receive your answer! I want to be sure and ask you to write to me, what name do I call you? Tell me, how would you comfortable, so I called you? I waited impatiently your letter, I am sorry that I could not write you a letter so quickly, now I am at work and I have a little time to write to you. I will continue to talk about my life, tell me, too, about your life, as I am interested to know you, and all that's going on in your life. What season do you like? I love summer! But now winter in Russia! In my town flows Hoper river, as well as there are many ponds and lakes. In summer, many residents of our city have a rest on the beach. Do you love a beach holiday? It is a pity that in Russia the summer lasts only three months. I am sure that in your country, the beach is a favorite vacation spot of many tourists. I like outdoor activities and sports. You know that I am engaged in fitness! I love to swim, and in his spare time go to the pool. What type of vacation do you prefer? I am pleased to read your letter. When I write a letter to you, I want to tell you everything that happens in my life. But I am very humble and I do not know what else to ask you, tell me more about yourself. I want to know you better! I am interested to know more about your life. It is a pity that the distance between us. I can not even suggest how far we are. In which city do you live? I can learn it on the Internet. If we lived nearby, we could meet in a cafe and talk endlessly. I sincerely hope that you maintain my dreams. I hope that one day our dreams will come true with you. do you have a dream? I have hobbies, I enjoy cooking! I really like to cook various dishes from it and I enjoy. I also have a collection of recipes from different countries. Since childhood, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother. You had possibility to visit Russian restaurants or ate national dishes of Russia ?? I would be happy to introduce you to Russian cuisine in the future. I am sure you will not refuse from my delicious dishes I try to check my email every day, when I work. Sometimes, due to work matters, I do not have time to check email. Be assured that I always answer your letter as soon as possible. Together with the letter I send you my video and photo. I hope you enjoy, so I am looking forward to your video and photos! I look will be waiting to read your new letter. I wish you good mood!!! Kseniya!

Hello! Thank you responded to my letter! I am very pleased! I wrote my first letter to you from agency of acquaintances. Now when you have answered me my letter, I will continue to write to you from the personal e-mail address! In truth, I do not even know where to begin my letter! If you do not mind, I will tell you a little about yourself! My name is Kseniya! The idea of ??‹??‹online dating came to me unexpectedly. My friend Valentina and I were sitting in a cafe and drinking tea. Valentina said that now the Internet dating becoming more popular among the people and she met her husband on a dating site, her husband is from Spain. Now they are happy! For me, they are an example of what you can find happiness in the Internet! In truth, I was very shy, and I do not even know what to write in the letter. I am not registered in the social networks, as me, it never interested! My friend suggested that I took advantage of dating agency. We went to the agency and I took up several profiles, but I decided to write only to you. You can be interesting, why I chose you?? I do not know, maybe I said the heart! all remains to be seen! Do you agree? I do not know how and where they get the information! For me it is the first experience of love on the Internet! If it were not my friend, I would never have dared to take this step! but now we can have a chat! I am a long time did not know how to write you, but I decided to take this step! Of course I was a bit confused and I do not even know what to write in the letter. I wish to tell you right away that I am looking for in a man. I look forward to your integrity and respect, because I am looking for love and a sincere attitude. It is important for me that the man was kind, attentive and responsive. I think you have these qualities! I think we have a lot in common! I want to talk about themselves, so that we can get to know each other! I live in Russia, and later I will tell you about their city Balashov. I never been married and do not have kids! I hope you understand me well and my English. I learn English from an early age! If you do not understand me, you can use a translator! You can look at my photo to see my physique. My height is 169 cm, weight 52 kg. I have many interests. I like everything new! I have a good sense of humor. I think in the future you will be able to see this. I was born on March 14, 1985! I am 30. My zodiac sign Aries. Which zodiac sign you? I will be glad to answer any questions that you are interested in. I am very interested to know more about you, about your life, and the interests of the country in which you live. If you are interested in our acquaintance, I am waiting for your letters and photos with respect, Kseniya. Hello !!! How are you? It's again Kseniya! I was waiting for today to see your letter! I had the certainty that you will write me a letter. You have sent me today the new photos!! Thanks for it! You know I always is happy to see beautiful the man!! I hope you write and send these photos only to me?? I always wait your photos! You did not read my to the first the letter?? I spoke to you! My girlfriend suggested that I took advantage of dating. She and I went to the agency and I considered several profiles, but I decided to write to you alone. If it were not for my friend, I never would have dared to take this step! My girlfriend has got meet with the husband from Spain, and I have decided to find the man from other country. I have addressed in agency of acquaintances and to me have given your profile. You have liked me! We will continue dialogue?? My laptop at home has been broken! My niece accidentally spilled juice on my laptop when watching cartoons! She was scared and did not say anything to me! In the service I was told that it can not be repaired, I will buy a new laptop when I get paid at work. Now I am at work, I prefer to write letters home from work. I hope it does not hurt to meet you and we'll find a way to continue the dialog! Now I will tell you about their work! I work every day except on Sundays, it is only one day off a week, but I am a hardworking woman, and it's not hard for me! On Sunday, I can not see your letter, unfortunately. I begin work at 09:00 in the morning. And I finish work at 18:00 in the evening. I work for a private construction company. My accountant. My responsibilities include delivery of reporting, calculation and remittance of wages, taking into account the costs and revenue of the company, as well as payment of taxes! I like my job. I work at a computer. I have a college degree. I graduated at the Faculty of Economics. I live in Balashov last letter I wrote to you about it. You can see my city in the Internet. Moscow is the capital of Russia. The distance to the city of Moscow about 701 kilometers from my town. Have you ever been to Russia? When I decided to get acquainted with a man in the agency of acquaintances, I considered the many profiles of men. But I wrote to you alone. It is difficult to explain my choice, because I get acquainted for the first time thus! Probably it prompted my heart that I should write a letter to you exactly. I used to trust your heart. important to me that the man was kind, sympathetic, and that he knew how to treat a woman right. after all, age is just numbers, important soul of man, his attitude and his feelings! I want to ask you about the sincerity and respect. I want to make our communication with you was based on trust. Now we just got to know you. I hope that over time the trust will be between us. In the future, I can give you my cell phone, but now I want to know you better, because the calls will be very expensive. Few will tell about yourself. I like neat and clean and for me it is important to be well-groomed and always be in good shape. I am interested in your life. Please do not forget to answer my questions. What do you do in your spare time? Do you like to cook meals? Today I send you my photo and I will be glad to see your photos in a new letter. I must continue to work now. Thank you for your attention! If you have a Skype, write it to me, I soon plan to buy a new laptop and make a Skype, I do not when you do not use it, but I know that many people used it and it is very convenient that would talk and see each other in real time. I hope that my letter was not boring and you enjoyed it! I wish you a nice and sunny day! Kseniya!
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Date: 2016-05-06 | Name: Phil senour | Email: hidden
This woman is a scammer

Date: 2016-08-31 | Name: Bengt | Email: hidden
I got exact the same email from her

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