Marija Danilova from Pitljar a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marija Danilova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-02-18 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marija Danilova
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Her first request was for $462 and i sent $500..Her next request is for $2800 i have a full file and will make a report to the Russian Authorities..She has been at this at least since 2009. I have seen other reports of her.

Gary I went to a nearby city to find out how you can help me so I can get your help! I was looking, and find a Money Gram and learn how you can help me! In Money Gram told me to write you my full name and write the my home address. My full name is Marija Danilowa My first name- Marija My last name- Danilowa My home address - Russian Federation,Yamalo-Nenetskiy region, 629647, village Pitljar, Rechhaj 12/2 Nearby town Money gram address - Russian Federation,Yamalo-Nenetskiy region, Shuryshkarskiy District, zip code-629650, city Shuryshkary, street Pobedy, 10/1 To get your help I was told that you should inform me- Your full name, address, the exact amount of the money transfer and the reference number from 8 numbers. The only way I can get your help. Gary I need to pay 462 US dollars and hope that you will soon be able to help me and I will be in your arms! I love you Gary ! Very very much looking forward to our meeting! I am waiting for your Kiss! Your loving Marija Marija To Feb 11 at 4:01 AM Gary I am very pleased to receive your letter! I am happy that you were able to help me! I love you! I will try to get your help and now go to the next town to get your help! I will try to answer in the evening when coming from a neighboring town, after receive your help !! I love you Gary! Your loving Mariya next letter asking for $2800 Marija To Feb 15 at 5:30 AM I do not know how to begin or what to say to you. I am just in shock right now. I do not know how to be. I can not imagine how I was not told about this. Why did not warn anyone. I never thought that this could be. Gary I wake up in the morning. Wash. All done. Makeup. All check. Everything had to happen. I went, and get a visa. All documents. All is well. And the weather today is good. And I went to the airport. And, suddenly, I was waiting for this rule. I was told that I should have in the Travel check or $ 2,800 cash. I was shocked. I did not know what to say. The girl at the airport when I registered on the flight told me about this. I ran all learn. It turns out, really have such a rule. I almost did not keep the money. I just do not know how and what to do. The plane tomorrow. I was everywhere. Everywhere I went. I write a statement. And I was told that the rule for all. I must have the money. I am obliged to show checks or cash. On my name. Because when they check all the data about me. It turned out that I did not have any property. I quit my job and do not have property. I do not have anything. And most of all I want to immigrate to another country. Our country can not afford that to its citizens from going abroad. Or were criminals. I was shocked. Gary I said, what are you going to meet me. I said that I will live with you. Then I was told that you had to come here. Doing paperwork at home. At the checkout. And then they miss. I am just in shock. I do not know what to do. I do not know just where to go. I will try to find a phone and call you. I hope that you'll be near the phone and can answer me when I call. I asked with Customs to call you and tell all. What could they be sure that you will meet me. But they said it was not necessary. And they are not supposed to talk on the phone. I do not know what to do. I was in a Money Gram. They said that if you can help, I will get your help. And checks can also buy. And all will turn out. It is only necessary to send two parts. You can not $ 1,500. For example, in 1400 and 1400. But I do not know if you can do it. What am I supposed to do? How and where to live? what to do with the ticket? What to do then? When will we meet? Gary I do not know what to do. I feel so bad. I just have to show these checks, or money. But I can not do anything. I do not have the opportunity to show the money. And it hurt so much that I can not be with you. Just because I can show that I have the money. How to be? What to do? I stayed one night in paid accommodation. What to do then? Where to go? Where to Stay? Where to bathe? Where do and how to live? I went to you and wanted to be with you. But what will happen now. I ask you to find a way to help. It is only necessary to show that money, and I can get on a plane. Just show you, and I will be with you. I hope that you will be able to do it. We need to find the money for a couple of days. That's all. I will come and give you everything at once. I hope that you will be able to do it. I love you Gary!!!! I will wait for your letter to the Internet cafe. If you do not respond, then to find a way to call you. I ask you to help. And succeed. I promise you I love you Gary!!!!! I have everything ready. It is only necessary to show that money, and I will be with you. All out. I ask you to find them on a couple of day. That's all. I will come and give immediately. And we will live as dream and everything will turn out. I am sure. We need to overcome this obstacle, and we'll be together forever. I love and adore you Gary !!! You are my only and best man in the world !!!! Your Marija
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Date: 2016-03-10 | Name: Matt | Email: hidden
She tried the same bullshit with me. She used the email, and contacted me on OkCupiddotcom

Date: 2017-07-13 | Name: andrew | Email: hidden
been writing back and forth (email ) for about 5 weeks, similar letters to the one above, details about visa , passport the same, very suspect though, she told me a town name which I accidently erased email and when I asked her what the name of the town was she came up with every excuse not to tell me, I must have asked 6 times so I presumed she had forgotten what she had said and thought id check. I also received the same photos as shown above on her page, she tried to tell me her village did not have phones yet she has email??? wjch uses a phone line , she was using with me, she finally asked for money so I told her via email I knew she was a scammer , I had seen this website. she hasn't given up though and she said she was travelling to Moscow to ring me. amazingly I got a call from her tonight and she asked for money and said she would email me the details which she did 10 min later, she needs $452 almost the identical amount she asked for in the letter posted above, the phone call did come up as Russia, I am in Australia, so she is still at it, I am glad this website exists I found it when I did a photo search on google, the exact photo I put in was the one posted at the top of this page and this website came straight up, she is using the name mariia. so be warned guys

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