Anna Tolchek from Ukraine, Zaporozhye a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Anna Tolchek the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-03-13 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anna Tolchek
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Ukraine, Zaporozhye
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No info
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a.k.a: Anna Tolchek, Ganna Laro, Anna Laro, Hanna Tolchok Larivna, Anita Tolchok Larovna, ?“?°?????° Laro , ???????° Laro , ???°?????° , ???????‚?° She is a professional SCAMMER... She is a girl with a lot off atributes and she uses them all, she is beautifull, smart, inteligent, speaks great English, is very good actres and knows to use here emotions to scam you. Please beware off her. I meet her on NATASHA CLUB site online-dating-ukrainedotcom/ , first she was extra nice, and we even talked on phone a lot every day, then it started, first she and her mother need to pay for gas bill, then they were sick, and as a normal perosn u try to help??? But this is bussines for them, after few months we cam to VISA and Passport SCAM and as i wanted to meet her i send money for that to. A month before she would come to visit, she dissapeard. I tryed calling and after some time she replyied that she is sick and in hospital. Because i was crazy in love i bought a ticket to Zaporozhye and took a trip there, my hotel called all hospitals in county and off course she was not in, later friends i made in Ukraine found here VK profile and off course she was not poor and sick. To all men travel to Ukraine and meet people there not on internet, Ukrainians are great and kind, and complete opossite then these SCAMMERS. I lost total off 1600?‚, but not sorry for it was just so sad it took me months to get over. So this is for all men to save u!!!! She uses: https://vkdotcom/anna_laro https://vkdotcom/id274578780 https://vkdotcom/id225769776 Her pictures: https://vkdotcom/nataliya_moroz More about her: https://youtubedotcom/watch?v=KjnNQUcca7k Her real name is: Hanna Tolchok Larovna

2. Hello again dear... Will try to explain you situation fully... About two weeks ago I started to work at a cafe...I don??™t know what to do with my job my boss is not a very decent person, I don??™t want to tell you all the details??¦but yesterday I came home crying??¦really??¦I??™m a decent girl and I can??™t stand disrespect??¦I??™m not looking for a new job but I cannot leave this one before I find a new??¦because I need to help my mom??¦situation is terrible here, people don??™t have money to pay for gas and price for it is really fantastic??¦we went to the market with my mom to buy some food like potatoes etc??¦it??™s shocking??¦ I don??™t know what to do, I was studying so hard and diligently and all this for nothing??¦as even with a nice diploma I cannot find a decent job??¦ I??™m crying all the time, I see how hard my mom works but she cannot earn enough money for us??¦as now people have to pay for gas more than their salary is??¦ I would go to work anywhere??¦but there is no decent job??¦I just hope I will find some work also at cafe but with a decent management not such like my boss now??¦.it??™s really like black line in my life??¦even that mobile broke in the most suitable moment??¦when I cannot buy a new one??¦ I really didn't want to complain you know me..Just got used to solve everything myself...I thought you just reject me...and will be afraid to deal with it together with me... wishing you a good night... Ani... 1. Hello my baby!! Hello my wonderful man! Your letters warm my heart...I feel so secure and comfortable near you...Just don't know how I can live without your support.!!!You are such a good man! Thank you baby!! My tel number is +38 066 467 466 9 you can write me in what's up) we will be more connected) You can't help my mother and friend unfortunately. I am trying to do my best to them. I am helping my mother with money when I am modeling..and trying to earn some for pills to my ill friend. And now I need to make also passport because mine is not valid unfortunately already((( but Don't worry I am a strong woman I can handle with everything baby! kissing you baby so tight!!!! yours princess;)))
Commentary of our visitor(s)

Date: 2016-04-01 | Name: Erik | Email: hidden
Last month i have posted a scam report about this girl Anna Tolchek, but it is not true, because i hired a detective agency in Ukraine and they found out that she is realy sick and hospitalized... That is why i would like to ask you to delete my scam report. Please fell free to contact me on my mail... Please delete the upper report! Thank you!

Date: 2016-05-04 | Name: Ders | Email: hidden
report is legit, she is working i guess with others in kind of organzed ring. Cities i can mention belonging to this context are krivoy rog, odessa, dnipropetrovsk as well. I know someone who got regularly into hospital too, but even scammer get there too... And in my opinion these group is straight out of hell. Fucking brilliant, you are about to catch yourself sucking the bullshit up again even if you are sure that they are even more worse than you could imagine. Perfect acting, masquerade, and without any scruples.

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