Irina Motovilova from Kazan a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

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She appeared in our database from 2016-04-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Irina Motovilova
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This woman has deceived after 7 months of acquaintance

I am going to the airport. Today meet again. I love you. I am taking a gift from his grandmother for you. 03.18.2016, 21:20, "jan1962" : So thank you for that 12 hours 5 minutes Town in Budapest at the airport, more please What is a terminal arrival for me to get through the parking lot. ** Pi. March 18, 2016 21:14:22 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** Good evening, I am sorry that I write late that previously were not possible. I am fine tomorrow flight to Budapest. I love, I love you 💏 17:59 18 March 2016 jan1962 : Is everything all right, I am sorry I am impatient !! ** Pi. March 18, 2016 16:23:50 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** Write me soon, I have in the bank right now 13:38 18 March 2016 jan1962 : ok baby ** Pi. March 18, 2016 14:35:16 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** Thank you very much. I run to the bank, then immediately at the embassy. Currently, it is necessary to capture everything. I will write later. I love you. 03.18.2016, 14:01, "jan1962" : > MoneyGram number is 47146522 > 1104 dollar > >> ** Pi. March 18, 2016 12:47:43 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** >> >> Yes, I find $ 100, you still do not spend just a tour >> >> 18.03.2016, 12:30, "jan1962" : It is based on 1107 dollar we hope will be enough money! > ** Pi. March 18, 2016 11:39:59 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** > > The time difference between our countries is two hours. That is why I said that we must hurry. I am sure we all have time. I love you. > > 18.03.2016, 11:09, "jan1962" : >> Dog Send Money may proceed 11 30 our time >> ** Pi. March 18, 2016 10:56:15 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** I am not crazy, but you have to talk sense. Spending time. I must show the money and get all the documents in his hand. Then confirm the ticket again, and tomorrow I will look for you in Budapest. 18.03.2016, 10:19, "jan1962" : > Well now finds love to do when the embassy is open and you can send me a copy of your Russian passport Ludo for asking! > >> ** Pi. March 18, 2016 10:06:14 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** >> >> I am glad that I have quite enough money to eat. I am saving, I go on foot >> >> 8:36, March 18, 2016, jan1962 : I have already money in himself! > ** Pi. March 18, 2016 08:58:22 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** > > Yeah, with a Russian passport > > 7:04, March 18, 2016, jan1962 : >> But the sooner we Parfémy TIME so we quickly agreed, beer passport you have hope in yourself ?? >> ** Pi. March 18, 2016 07:56:43 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** Good morning! I understand your concerns and experiences. The documents are at the embassy when I have money, I will get at hand, and I will send you a copy. I love you. Now I have to take the room at the station. I will write you later. 18.03.2016, 07:21, "jan1962" : > Good morning, when before that I will send money 1,000 euros to account MoneyGram I thee Poslené hard conditions or the nshnevas or not I have to do is I want you to send me a photocopy of your passport your see, that's my condition. I wish you a nice day. > ** Sun. March 17, 2016 12:31:49 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** I am happy for you and for us. I love you. Too. 17.03.2016, 11:27, "jan1962" : > I am glad you happy at work I am in a good mood ** Sun. March 17, 2016 11:02:06 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** >> Know, for me money is not important. you're the most important person to me. I am grateful to fate that brought us together with you. We talked for a long time and finally our day has come. Saturday, March 19. > 17.03.2016, 10:59, "jan1962" : Thank we can write all day and even night Staci which 1,000 Or .. >> >> ** Sun. March 17, 2016 10:50:08 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** > This is very good news. I was sure that you do. You are a strong man. > My grandmother gave me a gift for you. >> 17.03.2016, 10:44, "jan1962" : >> Sending you a good report I have yet equipped for tomorrow morning at 1000 euros is not enough Or we have to get 100 > > ** Sun. March 17, 2016 09:58:03 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** I feel that you are very angry with me, but I am not to blame. My departure from the airport Sheremetyevo. >> > 17.03.2016, 09:55, "jan1962" : > Where the airport is from WHERE you for accommodation, we will try to get the money dirty which obstructs us understand? ** Sun. March 17, 2016 09:49:50 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** >> I did not understand your last two letters ((( > 17.03.2016, 09:06, "jan1962" : How far do you have airport I will get the money Curse !! >> >> ** Sun. March 17, 2016 08:44:27 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** >> Myself in a big and unfamiliar city. I do not have a single friend. I fear >> 17.03.2016, 08:10, "jan1962": >> Good morning that I think do not fight very beer Internship solution than to do when you are unknowingly got to do in this situation will put you life flax vyriezme SKU something out .. > > ** Sun. March 17, 2016 06:29:56 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" <@ yilinna01> ** Good morning! I really did not sleep well, I cried a lot. I have a headache. I am very disappointed. I see that you are hands down. My departure will be after 2 days. Do you have time to solve this problem. Remember that not spend money. The money will be returned back to the airport in Budapest. I wish you a good day. >> > 16.03.2016, 20:58, "jan1962" : > Now I go from a friend I do not have good governance can I borrow money until April 6 because beer has a term deposit in the bank sooner can not withdraw money forgive me if I let you down beer I did not takyto pressure on me, My cause is hopeless Stuck !!!! ** St. March 16, 2016 16:49:54 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** > I will be waiting for your messages. You not have to tell his friends the truth about what happened to me. People are envious and simply will not rescue. > 16.03.2016, 16:44, "jan1962" : > After going 2 robot pal which will inform ** St. March 16, 2016 15:30:40 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** > Tomorrow Thursday, and that means we have to hurry. I love you > 16.03.2016, 15:14, "jan1962" : I love you too will not give you leave to take though Kolkata. > ** St. March 16, 2016 14:24:48 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** >> You will, I am sure 100%. > I will never leave you. I love you. >> 16.03.2016, 14:01, "jan1962" : >> If I do not pan out so > Forsaken me ?? ** St. March 16, 2016 13:47:06 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" Forgive me, I was very shocked. I am sure that you will be successful. On Saturday, I will give you all the money. 12:42, 16 March 2016 jan1962 : We will try to > beer does not promise, because it's up to me Parfémy pull, beer away we agreed a month ago What visa remembered. ?? Let asks friends. ** St. March 16, 2016 12:48:07 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** My documents are ready, I can not change the visa. Visa since, for 90 days. If I cancel a visa, it is not certain that I would have a work visa. The Embassy may think that I want to stay forever in your country. And then I can make a blacklist. And that is the European Union. Schengen countries include many other countries. I will not be able to visit these countries. Try to borrow money for a period of 2-3 days. I know it's possible. You're my clever man. 16.03.2016, 12:40, "jan1962" <@ jan1962>: Hi equipment loan lasts two weeks I do not have a position from whom why do not want to arrange a work visa ??? ** St. March 16, 2016 11:42:51 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** I want to remind you that it is not necessary to spend money. Money should show only. This ensures that I do not need money to Slovak. It is a law that I can not break. My documents are ready, just show money. I will give you all the money in Budapest on Saturday. Money should show only. You can borrow money for 2-3 days? 15.03.2016, 20:41, "jan1962" <>: Hi my Irina today I have the worst day of my life writing This extract cry !! From what I do I take so much money !! I have a bad feeling losing you, I gave you 400 euros, beer Este 1,000 do not. I have no luck at least kebyže Money in love Please understand me know that I love you and I sparavim čokolvek that we were on the Consul spolu.Takže are idiots Este and even travel agency which was to inform you about a tourist visa That should be on the money they thus knew well .Ja of equipping fast work authorizations when you send me the documents I will handle this work permits does not need to show Money Russian customs how many Ukrainians do u nas do with the problem why we have discussed this before about tým.Ja very afraid that when the That money herbal varieties beer lose you what to do, tell me please what? I do not get them from where !!!! The work permit is that you're going to earn money for themselves abroad when those making our company confirmed That you our staff to give you a visa. At the invitation of my name's not on flax visit? Maybe fate does not want us to as we wanted beer I hasten konať.Viež removing all that you will ensure the livelihood CZ everything we therefore want them to be confirmed by my signature that goes to me I already know what to do I am very despairs, the day I Este life had !!!! I love you always will be sure to equip !!! ** Sun. March 15, 2016 13:41 23 0300 - "Yi Lin to Z" ** Hello love Jan! I love you more than life. You get me the most important person in my life. I believe that together with you we will be very happy couple. My heart tells me that the only one who would have in this world. Safely I arrived in Moscow in nine hours. The truth is very tired. Jan, today I went to the interview 10 hours visa. From the station in Kazan in Moscow, I went to the consulate. I do not have to stand in line and I was immediately invited for an interview. Because I have already signed up. In an interview I explained the laws and regulations of your country. I need to know in order not to disturb them. Then I was given a formal document outlining the rules of customs clearance and visas. I was asked to give an extract from the work of my salary for the last three months. Consul looked at very carefully with the help of my work and told me that I have carefully read one item from the visa rules. I carefully scanned the document and read the whole point, he said. And I have asked to explain this point in more detail. He told me that my salary for the last three months is very low. With such a salary not my visa. On my salary for the last three months, it is clear that I can not feed and live in your country. So he told me what I have in hand, which will ensure that I will not be left without food and shelter in your country. I told him I had no money at all. When he heard that it is, then I removed my visa in my eyes. Then I realized he did not want a visa. I tried to explain to him that when I come, I will live with you. Will you provide me with accommodation and meals. I was told that it plays no role. According to the rules I have to carry cash. I am going to the country as a tourist on a tourist visa. He said that everything should be done in accordance with rules and regulations. I was told that I was with him must necessarily be in cash. It needed the money. I can not be without a visa and will not be released at customs in Russia, as well as leave in your country. Without this money it will not leave me in Budapest. Dear John Act money provided for all governments. For Russia, leaving to another country for an amount in cash of $ 1200. I asked them to explain to me why it is necessary to have so much money. I was told that my visa is framed by three months. Therefore, the sum of cash in the amount of $ 1.200. I said that I have no money, and never has been. Then he asked me if I do not have much money, why should I apply for a visa for three months. I replied that I am going to get acquainted with you. He ignored me. I asked why I advance no one talked about money. I explained that these rules only say in an interview with the visa. I started with them, cursing and screaming, because I believe that they did not properly inform people. They asked me to calm down. But I could not rest, because we have to fly with you on March 19, which is Saturday! My flight yellow card for Saturday, March 19 John, I have suspended the issuing of visas. I must show cash. That damn bureaucracy. In this sit only one embassy bureaucrats. I do not believe that when I come to you, then I will not need anything. I said that I will live with you and you provide me with all necessary. You will provide me with food and shelter. I said that I will live with you. I say that we love each other and want to be together. Without that money, they refused me a visa. I begged them to give me a visa. As he is waiting for me, and I came to you on Saturday! I promise you 100% that arrive by the deadline. I begged them to give me a visa because I really want to keep my promise to you. But he did not listen to me. I was told that I could not go against the law and rules may be due to this problem. I was told that a visa will be issued only when the show $ 1,200 was told that we can provide your bank account to cash or traveler's check. I must show the money at the customs office at the airport in Russia and the Slovak Republic. Caution is introduced, to a base in another country did not stay there without shelter and without food. Do you understand me? Previously, when the visa is issued without the cash, there have been many cases that Russian women were leaving for other countries and can not afford to stay for the night, even the reservation. Ate healthy food is not on the street. And some of the girls to earn money for a return ticket to the country even went to work as prostitutes. Such cases were very much when Russian citizens were in trouble in a foreign country. Many Russian citizens abroad who came were penniless and not knowing what to live in a foreign country. They lived on the streets and in cellars. Many Russian citizens arrested for theft. People did not know what to live in a foreign country, and began to steal in the markets and shops. Such cases are many and varied. Therefore, the Russian government has introduced and these rules. The Russian people, and especially women, do not fall into such a situation. And as for the reduction of crime and prostitution. In many countries, many Russian women who work as prostitutes because such situations. After these explanations, I understand why the government introduced such rules. I do not know what to do, because he - the second, I can not get a visa. I must acknowledge that I have money in the office at the airport before boarding. Now I am in Moscow and can not even imagine how I am and what I do. In Moscow, I have close friends. I have no one to ask for help, but you. John, I want to be in this world to you. I love only you !!! I love you sincerely. I want to be with you. I believe that when we are together, I bet you the happiest couple in the world. John, I can not live in this world, if not next to me. Understand, my heart belongs only to you. If we are not together, then my heart will be broken. My love, I ask you to help me in this situation. Because I do not hope in anyone other than you. > >> Can you send me money? I will not spend it on anything. I will give you your money in Budapest. I will not spend a dime. I understand the need to show them only to obtain a visa. Without this money will not give me a visa and do not miss out on the plane at customs. I ask you to tell me exactly and specifically, can you help me? Can I count on your help ???? Can you send me $ 1200 ??? If so, then you need to do it as soon as possible. I have to fly out to see you on Saturday. Therefore, it is necessary for me to send money to March 19, so I could get them. This is the law and I can not do anything against it. I ask you to leave me in this difficult a situation I want to be with you. You have no idea how much I want to be in your hands. It is my greatest wish. I am sure that in your hands I will be fine and I will be perfectly safe. I understand that I am now very difficult, I am all alone in Moscow. I am not one to turn to but you. I am afraid that because of those wretched money our meeting with it may be postponed indefinitely. I hate it. I am really looking forward to meeting you. Many times I can not imagine how you pick me up at the airport with a bouquet of scarlet roses. I went to you with a very good mood. But today at the embassy, I messed everything up. I do not know what to do. I look forward to your help. I hope you're currently $ 1.200 and you can send them to me. But you can do it? I ask you to do this depends on our meeting. We have already done a lot for our meeting. We had to go through many difficulties to arrange our meeting with you. I do not want to be with you, our efforts were in vain. Dear John, I apologize for what my way to cost you a large sum of money. But the money just show get a visa. I do not need to spend. I need to be seen.
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Date: 2018-02-07 | Name: Jason Day | Email: hidden
Also known as Maria Krusteva from Kazan. BEWARE.

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