Irina lapushka from Kupyansk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Irina lapushka the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-04-24 , financial damage US $ 250

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Irina lapushka
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Meet at FDating: She starts with nice letters, tons of pictures, after some time, "we want to meet". Everything "sweet"! Then, but I don??t have a passport yet. Yes, I can aks how much it is to get one. She came back: An international passport is 400 USD, but I only earn 70 USD a month, what to do? She needs financial support! - I told here, that it is not true that a passport costs this amount, and is available for 870 UAH (Ukr. Hyrnia), then it starts being "unfriendly in the mail!" You don??t know nothing about how it works in Ukrainia, do you think I am a lyer, blablabla. She offerd,you cancome and we will do all this together, then you can see that I am true (even if I would fly down, she would go with me to some of her scamming agencies, who would tell me a passport and "sepcial" services would cost this amount of money. She gave me here smartphone number, but she told me I can "only" ca?? her from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (she told me, she works in a school! so how would she be able to have telephone conversation during school lessons) and in the evening I can not(!) call her, because she has a second job as nurse! - What a stupid staff!

Hello dear Daniel ) Today we have a very rainy weather! I am come to work and realized that I forgot an umbrella (I still got to stop me so much soaked by heavy rain, I certainly do not like rain, but you know when the street rain so fresh air and the smell of spring and flowers!) Tell me what is your weather like today? Perhaps you have in the city is sunny and warm? )) I would love to be right now next to you, so that you felt sorry for me and hugged and said that together with you I am not afraid of any bad weather)) Yesterday I read your letter, but unfortunately did not have time to answer because I had a lot of work. I then decided to go to work passport agency and ask them what I need to travel abroad! Workers at the passport office told me that I have to start to issue an international passport to fly from the Ukraine to Germany! To obtain a passport I need two photos, a photocopy of my Ukrainian passport and an identification code! I have all of these documents! But I was told that due to the difficult situation in Ukraine is very carefully check all the documents, and therefore this procedure is now paid and it may take about 2-3 weeks or more for longer! I am so disappointed (((I can not wait so much time, I want to be with you, not in a month, and as soon as possible! I talked with employees of the passport agency and they told me that they could make me a passport more quickly in just 7 days, but I need a little more to pay! There do urgent passport it will cost $ 400, and if you wait a month it will be released in $ 350! As you can see the difference is not very big! But, unfortunately, this is a very big money for me! I even Do not know what to do! I need to talk with my family! But we have now in Ukraine financial crisis and our salaries are very small! For example, my salary for the last month - about $ 70. And I do not have such a large amount of money now! I am a little upset, because I don `t know how to solve this problem, how do you think what we can do to solve this problem? Because I can not get you this information from my Ukrainian passport (you been right at you previous letter)! I ask them the same ! And after I get passport I will call to Embassy and ask them what documents I need for visa! Yes it will be easy to have meeting in Turkey for example because Turkey don't need visa! It is really good news) I want to be with you, I want to kiss you and hug! I want to give you all my love and tenderness! You're the more and close to me man! I do not really believe that I can find love on the Internet, but it proved possible! I found you and I want to see you in real life and tell you about my feelings! I want to share with you all the secrets and tell you about my life! This is currently my greatest desire - to be with you! I kiss you. Your Irina
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