Olga Isaeva from Vologda, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Isaeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-06-28 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Isaeva
Popova , Olga Popova or Belova
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Vologda, Russia
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I am glad to receive your letter. And I hope that we can learn each other better. To be honest, to me it was not so trusted that you will write to me. Because as you probably have understood, I badly speak in English and I can't always express the thoughts correctly. But I hope that you understand me and we won't have problems with it. But I want to tell to you that I have well understood you. As you know, I am lonely woman, and this loneliness have forced me to try to find the man through the Internet. It was difficult to me to make the decision about it because I know that on the Internet there are different situations. For example, there will be good moments when people get acquainted, meet and marry. There are bad moments also when some people have simply a good time, deceive and other. So I very carefully concern it. But for some reason, when I have looked at your profile, that you at once seemed to me the serious man and that we have something the general. I tell it now on the first impression. But I will not come forward. The future will show that will turn out from our acquaintance. I am right? Now I want to tell to you a little about myself. I am 30 years old. I was born on July 27, 1985 in small settlement, near to the city of Vologda, Russia. Now I live in Vologda already almost 14 years. After leaving school I have come to this city and have went here in trade and food college. Has finished it by a trade the seller and all life I work on this speciality. Now I am the selling assistant in lingerie shop. My height of 167 centimeters. Weight of 51 kgs. On a horoscope I am Lion. Now I live alone in apartment. I spend the basic part of time on work, and at leisure and I spend to the days off with friends or one in apartment. I like to spend time walking on park, sitting in cafe at a tea cup, cooking food, reading books, listening to music and many other things. Sometimes I visit mum. She lives in my native settlement. In a family I am one daughter, and I have not brothers and sisters. Unfortunately my father has died 5 years ago, and now I still had only mum whom I love very much. I finish on it my letter and I wait for your answer. I hope that to you all is clear from this that I have written. I want to be frank completely with you and I want it from you also. You know, I always tell that I think. And if I something wasn't pleasant to you inform me on it at once. I think what better at once to stop correspondence if you don't want to get acquainted with me further. But I hope all the same for the best and I will wait for your answer. Olga. PS: I write you from other mailbox because your letter got to spam. I don't know in what a problem, but I ask you to write me on this email. ???????????????????, Joaquim. ?? ?????????? 11 ????? 2016 ??., 19:53:34: I have received your answer again. In the previous letter I have written to you about the last relations that you have understood that I am afraid in our acquaintance. All problem that I such woman that when I once will be mistaken in something I start to be afraid that again there was no it. Am I making sense? In general on character I try to say always that I think, and my friends say that it can sometimes prevent me. But I think that wasn't present. You know, your letter gives me self-trust which didn't suffice me long time. And I am grateful to you for it already. I do not know why, but so it is easy to me to communicate with you. Usually I not such frank with those people whom I badly know, but with you all differently. And I don't know even why? Can be because I feel understanding of which didn't suffice me in your letters. I am very happy nevertheless that we continue acquaintance. Now again I write to you while there is time for work. Today for some reason not so it is a lot of visitors in our shop. I do not know even why. But it has given the chance to relax not much. As you know, I work as the selling assistant in shop of lingerie and we have all for women. This work is pleasant to me. I can't tell that I always dreamed to become the seller, but the most important thing that work was pleasant. Do you agree? You know, in the childhood I dreamed to become the singer, but dreams come true not always. But if very to want, it will necessarily come true. Do you agree? (I don't mean to become the singer:) I work 6 days in a week from 9:00 till 19:00 (with a lunch break). So I have enough time for personal needs. Earlier I worked in shop jeans and sportswear and have got used to wear clothes which are convenient for me. Actually I like everything very simple and convenient and I also adhere to it. Some people like comfort, a glamour.... But I want to tell that me it didn't interest never. There is such phrase: who has more, but the one who needs the smaller is rich not. So I try to adhere to this phrase and my relation to life about the such. You know, I had for a long time a thought to get acquainted through the Internet, but I wasn't ready to it. And now, when I have understood that is ready, I write you this letter and I am happy, what exactly during this moment I have made it because I have got acquainted with you and to me it is very easy with you. I don't know why, but between us there is a mutual understanding and still something... I can not tell now what exactly. But I start to think often of you and your letters. It is time to me to work again and I hope to receive your answer again. If I can't write to you at once it means that I am busy, but I will do everything to find free time and to write to you more likely. I wait for your letter. Your Olga.
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Date: 2016-07-27 | Name: jsoares | Email: hidden
her adress and phone n?? 60014, country: Russia, city: Vologda, st. Mudrova 7-27. +795799771xx.

Date: 2017-05-26 | Name: robert | Email: hidden
how much did she take you for she trying to scam me wright now same name;Olga Lsaeva addres 7-2 Gromova st ORSHA BELARUS

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