Natalya Kozlova from Inta a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalya Kozlova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-08-02 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalya Kozlova
Oksana Mekone, Irina
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Inta is a town in the Komi Republic, Russia. After many letters (included) Oksana was asking to send money so she could make the trip to the visit me in Colorado. I had told her that since she was a surgeon she could afford to make the trip in another month on her own expenses and I would provide for her when she arrived. A latter letter I sent indicated hat if she was a scammer looking for money I would not be sending any and she shouldn't contact me again. She stopped sending communications that day. Though others should know.

From admin. The last photo was taken against on this background. This is a very rare beauty salon (by name "Versenia") located in Kirov, Russia. So, if this scammer real girl, he live in Kirov. Or this photo was stolen.

Dear,I have read your letter. I wish to tell, that heard about many people who got acquainted through the Internet, then left in your country. What was with these people??? Men met them, then took away the passport. What did they do with these girls???? They sold them in sexual slavery, beat them, held in a cellar, scoffed... As a result - thousand broken destinies, thousand lost girls, thousand unfortunate relatives which search till now for the native... Though someone builds on it business. Someone receives huge incomes of sale of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think of it???? Our TV very often warns us about dangers of acquaintance. We since the childhood of the mass information always tell about difficulties which can arise at visiting of your country... You are not the maniac???? You are not the seller of the live goods????? You are not the souteneur??????? Certainly you will tell, that you are not any of these people. Certainly you will tell, that you the good person. But all will be found out it only after my visiting, after our meeting!!!!!!!!!!!! When I gathered in your country,I listened to own heart.
My heart said to me, that you the good person. I when to whom did not listen. I listened to own feelings. Why you try to doubt me constantly?????? In the world many crimes are made. But it does not say that I am the criminal, it does not say that you are the criminal. You understand me????? If someone from your country used girls for sexual slavery it does not mean, what you were connected with this person????? I correctly speak????? If someone from Russia has taken advantage of your kindness and took from you money it does not say that I also wish to steal your money.
I correctly think???? I gathered in your country. I carefully prepared for our meeting. I realised all dangers which can be in your country. But I risked for the sake of own happiness. I ran risks for the sake of our general future, for the sake of love. Because I understood, that differently it is impossible. If we think of dangers then it is better to sit the at home, it is better not to get acquainted with anybody where not to go.... You understand me?????? I once again wish to tell, that our relations are under construction on trust. I trust you, you trust me!!!! Only so it is possible to construct love, relations, a family, happiness. I hope, that more you will not torture me.I wait your answer. Your love Oksana

Lovely , I read your letter and my tears drip on the cold keyboard of the computer, I do not know what to answer to you. I am very much upset, such change of our dialogue, but I did not think, what is it will touch me. I so was pleased last days, that all goes well and we be speed we can together and now I really do not know that to me to make, my mum has prepared to you gifts and I have bought that for you, but I am afraid that all my dreams of speed meeting now have failed in to be gone, tomorrow I should pay the second payment in agency and what I there shall say?
That my lovely man does not trust me from behind it, I am afraid that on up to me will laugh simply, but I want to say to you, that I was honour and frank in the letters to you, I have tested many disappointments in the life and at last was sure that has found the man, by which test the present feelings, lovely I want once again to say to you that I love you, earlier I did not know that is possible to test the present feelings to the man communicating with them only with the help of the letters, but I much read about it in the literature, and now understand why all over the world appreciate Russian literature, lovely I has written poem, which has lighted you, I shall try to translate on English Hi my love, hi You have not learned, and it's I Your love has come to you Searching so there are a lot of years, you one And I here, I shall not leave And you sit down I should much tell, to you about that as I love Though what for I do not want, to prove to you love You see you see Though it is necessary look, eyes close and in this complete darkness By hand me mention You hear this knock It is hearts are knocked on paradise And a door you do not close And better it is wider than them open Lovely excuse, but I can not continue, because my eyes are completely filled with tears, lovely I am afraid of tomorrow's day, I shall lose all my money and there will be a complete fool before agency, I do not know as I shall go through tomorrow's day and whether I can go through it, I shall wait your letter tomorrow, before that how to go in agency. Thousand kisses. Yours Oksana.

Dear Hello how are you What is going on in your life Do you miss me I miss you a lot. Tell me everything!!!!!!You make me sad letting me without any news from you and any attention and any specifics. Please don't judge me strictly but I am waiting for any sign of your attention. please write more specifics in the next letter - I will be waiting for it with great impatience...Your woman,Oksana

Honey Kim, Dear Kim,i was very glad to receive your letter.My visa is available, but I can take away her only after i shall buy the ticket in your country. Tomorrow or after tomorrow,i shall buy the ticket in your country but only after to me inform from travel agency,and will tell, that my documents are completely ready.For arrival to you.I every day think of our meeting with you.I know how it is to be thinking about someone all the time,i have felt that as well.So then I try to keep myself busy doing other things and it helps.I guess that's how I've been able to get along all this time without somebody special in my life.I keep myself busy with study, with friends.I have become used to it now, but not entirely.Some times i get along doing chores around the house,listening to music,or helping other people with their problems.It has been so many times that I wanted to be with someone.So as time went on, little by little I had to learn how to not feel lonely.But i have also learned that it's not all that possible. And in the same way I try to avoid getting hurt, as it has happened to me before. And that too is not all that possible.On the other side I have seen other peoples mistakes and I like to think that I wont make the same ones.
I try to think of many possible results,I like to be cautious and to think ahead, but I have learned that as careful that i may be,there is always something that can go wrong. So why should i continue to hold back and not live my life like others, by going ahead with what my heart says and being as cautious as possible,right? We are only human and imperfect,all I can try is to do the best I can, with the person that best fits my way of thinking. And it would seem so strange that I could find such a person on the other side of the planet. Imagine if the Internet didn't exist, I would have never known about you and I would probably continue to live the same way forever.
There is only so much happiness that one can achieve alone, but I would like to think that I could achieve so much more with you.
It would be wonderful to stop dreaming about it and make it come true. So at the same time, I also think about what would be needed to make a relationship work and how to provide for as much as possible.It's not easy when other pressures are felt in a relationship.So if at first we should decide to take this beyond what it has become so far,i think it will be like awaking from a dream and trying our best to make the dream come true.Like i said before,there is a lot to talk about, a lot to learn and understand.
The feeling of love is great, but it takes little bit more to have a place to live, to be healthy and have a family.I know that these are subjects that can't be decided or solved in a week, but the most important thing will be addressed,how well we get along.
There is one thing that i know for sure,i like you very much and we will have a wonderful time together.Your words in every letter have shown me that we think the same way,so i truly believe that something great and long lasting will come out of this.I think about you every day and wish you were near me already.I will just have to be patient and wait for that moment to come true. P.S My dear I prepared for you a gift. Very much I hope that he to be pleasant to you. With hugs and tender kisses,Yours Oksana!!!

Darling Kim, My dear, you forgot to specify to me the airport. I ask you to write me your nearest airport as soon as possible. Dear Kim,i was glad to receive your letter.Thanks you for all given information.Today i have arrived to Moscow. Dear,I am in Moscow. You know,Moscow is very expensive and a big city.
Today I did not find the way to my hotel.I have helped people as they told me to go. I had very nice walk along Moscow sightseeing yesterday so I??d like to calm my nerves and I??d better to go for a walk again.
I am very tired,and could not write to you is a lot.Darling Kim,i informed you some times that cause me to Moscow on interview Now I near Embassy the USA in internet-cafe.I write to you the letter and i worry.I think,that my destiny tomorrow is solved.Hope to me give the visa and I can meet you.It will be the greatest day in my life!!It's a pity,that i cannot write for a long time.Because I am very strongly tired.I hope,that i can soon write to you about results of visit to Embassy.If I cannot write from Moscow I shall write from Inta. With love yours and only yours, Oksana!!
I'm so glad that you care about me, I am the happiest girl in the world! Dear xxxxx today I was also at one of the offices MONNEY GRAMM to ask how can I receive money help from my dear man from and they gave me the following information that you should write in the form of transfer my name and second name - Natalya Kozlova - also the destination where to transfer money - Inta, Russia.
My data:
Name: Natalya
Surname: Kozlova
Country Russia
City: Inta
Street: Mira
House: 15
Apartment: 24
Postal code: 169840

So after sending the money you should inform me about the amount expected,MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number),your full name,the place you send your funds from exactly you've written in the form of transfer. xxxxxx,how are you doing,how is your mood in the eve of our nearest meeting?Thousand of kisses in return to your generosity my love xxxxxx devoted to you fully, Natalya!!!
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