Elena Payurova from Rybinsk, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Payurova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-11-20 , financial damage US $ 250

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Elena Payurova
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Rybinsk, Russia
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This girl scam me, with a fake Plane ticket, and entry visa to Canada.I have her passport information, IP address show that she is in ST Petersburg, i did talk to her for more like 4 months, all emails from her are from one IP address, witch belongs to St Peterburg, some post office. She take from me 3000 dollars to proof to the customs on St Petersburg airport, that she has money to stay in Canada for some time. she told me that all money she will return to me when she arrive in Toronto Canada.You can read her emails witch i did sand it to you, that she got the money and never show up.

Roman, my hero! I so am excited now! I regret that have kept you waiting my letter, I could not write to you earlier. I cannot express all my emotions now, my heart as if breaks off from my love to you! Roman, now I am in an euphoria condition because already so soon we will together!!! Roman, you can believe in it??? We at last will be together!!! At last I can look in your eyes and tell to you all my feelings and show you my emotions and my love to you... Roman, today I visited western union, I worried a little but all was good also I could receive your help. After that I visited the airport, I could choose flight to you. My flight will be tomorrow. I will arrive in Toronto Pearson International Airport 26 october 20:10, Flight: LO45. I will have connections in Warsaw. I will use Polish Airlines. Roman if you could hold now my hand, you would feel as I is excited now... My fingers shiver when I write you this letter, I cannot constrain my emotions now! I always trusted in us, I always knew that our love can overcome any barrier on a way to our happiness and now between us does not remain any barriers! I will already fly to you tomorrow and I can look for the first time in your eyes... Oh, Roman... If you knew as my heart fights now... My heart as if escapes from my breast... I cannot wait the moment when I will appear near to you, we so long went to it and at last we will be together! I with impatience will wait your lines to me. Yours and only yours, Elena Roman, my love... I do not know how to me to tell to you all it... To me it is very bad now... I could not enter aboard the plane... To me it is very terrible and sick now, I do not imagine that to me to do. I need you, your embraces are necessary to me. I cannot describe words all pain and excitement which I have in my heart during these instants... Roman when before my flight remains approximately two hours, I was at the airport. Me have plundered there... I never imagined that it can happen with me. I was very careful in everything, but these people have taken away our dream! I write to you and I can not stop some tear... Before flight I have entered into a toilet, I have not had time to understand anything, the woman which was there have knocked me on the head and I remember nothing that was further. I have recovered consciousness in ambulance. All the day long I was in hospital, with me the police spoke, I have written the application for a robbery. But I do not remember even appearance of those people, I do not imagine that the police for us can make. . In hospital to me have told that I have received a serious head injury and have given me a medicine, to me have told that some more days at me will be ill and be turned a head. To me it is very terrible. Just now I understand that could lose you for ever, could lose my life... To me it is very bad now, I do not know that to me to do, I feel as if the whole world has turned over and is incited against us. Roman why the destiny puts barriers before us? Why all this nightmare happens with us? I do not understand that I have made bad in this life that now so I suffer! I cannot suffer more all it... Is better I never would recover consciousness what to suffer now, what not to bring suffering to you... Excuse me, I am guilty in it... To me that I can terribly meet those people again, I do not imagine why people can be worse than wild animals... They have broken our dream, they have killed my heart. . Roman, I cannot stop some tear now, your help is necessary to me, I was tired also to me very painfully... I feel me very lonely and the most unfortunate now... Why in this world so it is much malicious? Why our feelings should suffer from it? I was tired, your embraces, your caress and care are necessary to me! I cannot suffer this feeling of despair any more and fear... Roman, I bring to you only a pain, I do not know that to me to do now... I do not understand why all this nightmare happens with us... All about what I dreamt to do it you happy, to see your smile every day sew lives, to feel that our feelings every day begin more and more, become brighter with each instant, with each our kiss and a touch. But now it seems to me as if the whole world has turned to a nightmare, I cannot clear up from it, I can not make anything... To me so it is sick now, so terribly! I do not understand that happens now, you are necessary to me. . Roman, I have no forces, I cannot settle into shape after an attack of these malicious people. Roman, never in life I faced such aggression, with such cool aggression from people. It seems to me they can take away life from the person, without reflecting. It very much frightens me when I think of it, I cannot stop some tear. During these instants I would like to hide in your hands, to feel me in safety. But I alone now, I as if am vulnerable and defenceless... I do not know that to me to do what to calm down, I cannot suffer more all it... Roman, you love of all my life, you are necessary to me most of all, it is more than air! I do not know that to me to do and how to be... Your girl Elena
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