Tatiana Yurtaeva from Kineshma a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Tatiana Yurtaeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2016-11-29 , financial damage US $ 250

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Tatiana Yurtaeva
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It is the same girl that some describe as Anastasia or also as Tatiana, to this day she continues to write me in the hope that I send her the sum of 600 u$d, I attached a photo of her supposed passport

I am so glad that you have answered me my friend. I didn't expect it. I have received the letter not from Russia for the first time. But truly I believed that you exist. I didn't think that it's possible. I am little worried. Forgive me my English please. I may make mistakes. Therefore I use the translator. I do not even know from what to start a conversation with someone who is not from Russia. I think necessary to begin with the most important. From acquaintance. My name is Tatiana, I am 32 years old. I was born on August 30, 1984 in the town Kineshma. This city is located on the banks of the Volga River. My town is very small. Here I was born and studied until the 11th grade at the local school. I got a higher legal education in the city Ivanovo, which is not far from my town. I lived there in a hostel like everybody of visiting students. I studied 5 years. I don't know what to add about myself in the first letter. Maybe you ask me questions which interesting you? I will answer it with pleasure. I don't want to seem to you persuasive, but I want to hear your voice. Can you give me the phone number with the code of your country where I can call you? I will call you in the next days. I very much want to receive the letter from you again. Now I need to go. Have a nice day!!! Thanks for your letter once again. I am looking forward to your answer and send some of your photos!!! Tatiana. Hi again my dear friend Oscar !!! I am so glad you answered me. I doubted very much that you will want to write me again. I was afraid you could not understand my previous letter. But now I saw your answer and smile on my face ... I am all shine with happiness!!! I want you to know all about me. I will be the most sincere with you. I live in the one-room flat with the sister. My family now - it's only she. Her name is Ekaterina. I am sending you photo of her with me. My father died 17 years ago. He died in military operation near the city Grozny. I loved him very much. He was a real man. My mother suffered very long time, and therefore she had the heart disease. Her heart not sustained. Mother died 15 years ago. All rest time I lived with the sister and grandmother. She was old and she died when I studied by 5 course of university. It is a pity that they are not present with us ...... I hope someday we will meet again. In the meantime, life goes on and I have to be strong. Perhaps you're wondering why I am not looking for a man in my town? The majority of people I meet do not want serious relations. I tried to communicate with men from Russia on the Internet too. But they are all very vulgar. All of them asked naked photos, offer money for sex with them. Everywhere depravity, lust and cheating. It isn't so easy for me to find time for communication in the Internet. And I don't want to spend it in empty. I hope you have good intentions, and you're ready for a serious relationship. I am tired to be alone. My years spending in vain and I am not getting younger. I want to start family. Tell me a little about your life ... tell me about your family, about work, about how you like to spend your free time? Hope for your quick answer!!! Regards, Tatiana!!! Good day my dear friend ! How was your day today? Today my day was very eventful. I really want to tell you about my work. I am a hairdresser. I make hairstyles to people every day, I like to make people pretty. And most importantly, they are leaving me happy. Photos that I sent you this photo from my work. This is my work team. We are very friendly team. All the girls I work with has long been married. They often tell that for me it is time to get married too. I always tell them this joke, saying that my prince on a white horse still did not pick me up...)) Today at work, I made hair for bride. I know this girl. She and her boyfriend decided to get married. I am very happy for them. She is a very nice girl and I hope that they will be happy all their life. Of course, I want to work in my profession which I studied in the university. But career of lawyer is very difficult to find without a certain acquaintances. That is why I got a job as a hairdresser. But the last time I embroiled in my work. I believe that every profession is useful. I communicate with the people very much. When I make them hairstyles I am talking with my clients. We laugh, tell funny stories from life. Because of this, I have a lot of clients. What can you tell me about your work Hans ? What is your job? I am interested in everything about you. I will wait for your answer. Your friend Tatiana. Oscar I am very glad that you responded. I have a good mood. I am very happy that now I have friend. Today was difficult day at work. As I already told you, I work in local hairdressing salon ... I always have a job there. People want to be beautiful and I like to make them beautiful. Moreover I need to pay the bills for the flat in which I live. But sometimes money is not enough and I have to earn money with my hobby. I make manicure for people. Nails for girls - this is a very important part, you know :) I am sending you a photo of manicure, which I made myself. Some women asked to cut them, and then make the nails. I like my hobby. It is nice to see how person is changing. I am in love with my work. I was invited several times to work in the luxury salons. Said that they will pay a lot of money. But money is not main thing in life. I believe that money spoil people. I hope you have the same opinion. Now I have to go to work. Client will come after a few minutes. I need to prepare the workplace. I am finishing the letter, and this makes me feel sad. When I write a letter to you, as though you are close to me. And now it's time to say good bye to you ... See you tomorrow, my dear friend. Tatiana. Hi, darling Oscar... how are you? I hope you are fine!!! I am very worried about you. I can not stop thinking about you for a minute. Today there was a nightmare at work. Now I will tell you everything. I came to work and I had to stand outside because one hall in our hairdressing salon caught fire. As we were told, wiring caught fire. It's unclear how it happened because the owner of the salon recently changed all the wiring and made repairs. Firefighters arrived and blocked the road. It was early in the morning. It is good that nobody was there and no one was hurt. It was very scary. We just finished cleaning. Moved all stuff that survived in another hall. Our clients who signed up for today were coming and we asked many of them to come tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a lot of work. Now I have to work in the next hall, until the burned hall will restore. Tomorrow will be a very hard day. I will try to write you at lunchtime if it will be. Or, after work day. I am sorry I wrote a little. It is a pity that there is no time to write you more. Yours Tatiana. Hi my kind friend Oscar ! I am very glad to read your letters. I am very interested what is going on with the person who is far from me. I am fine. After the fire our working team became even more united. We have eliminated all the consequences of the fire. We are continuing to work calmly now. I very much want to to meet you in live. I want to tell you so many things. I want you to know all about me. I want to tell you about my childhood. Know, that I never tell it somebody. For me this is a very painful subject for conversation. But I trust you. I had a very hard childhood. As I told you in my previous letters, I very early lost my parents. It was very difficult without them. All my friends in school had parents. I felt lonely. I felt thrown ... Some boys at school teased me for it. Children can be very wicked. Because all of this, I cried a lot. I had a few girlfriends. As a result, since school I still had only one girlfriend. I really appreciate communication with her. She always supported me. We communicate with her very well even now. Photos that I am sending to you now, made by she. Photographing - it's her hobby. I am grateful to her that she is doing it for me for free. Sorry for this digression. But I will never forget my childhood because it was very difficult for me. I will do everything so that my children will not have such childhood. My children and my future husband will be the happiest people in the world! I will do everything for this!!! I don't know why I am telling you all this. But I wanted to share with you what I have in my heart. I feel better... You have become very dear to me ... I trust you!!! I will wait for your next letter. Your Tatiana It's nice to see your letter Oscar ! I am pleased to communicate with you. Such feeling as if we've known each other all our lives. I began to trust you. You're probably wondering why I don't have boyfriend? I had a boyfriend when I was studying at the university. We had everything well, we loved each other. He took care of me: gave flowers almost every day, indulge me with gifts. We studied at different study groups but he was always near and helping me. After graduation I went to get job in my specialty. But as I wrote, I was unable to do that. Some time later everything became different. When I started working in a hairdressing salon he began to jealous me to the clients. Because there are regular clients which are recorded at a certain time. But I loved my boyfriend, and somebody was not needed to me. He did not believe me and we constantly quarreled about it. Therefore he often offended me. He even hit in my face several times. I don't know why he did it. I am tired of all this and I silently went away from him. I do not know why I tell you this. Even my sister does not know all this. I tell you this because it is easy to me now. I found you and let my past go. Hopefully in the future this will not happen again. I will not tolerate such humiliation again. Tell me more about your past relationships? I want you, too, become sincere with me! I am sad at heart now because I have to go home ... When I write you a letter, it seems to me that you are near! See you soon :)!!! Tatiana. Hi My dear friend Oscar. How was your day? I very much like to read your letters. Smile appears on my face from your words. As soon as I read your letter, I immediately imagine you. Remember I told you that in a hairdressing salon where I work was a fire because of bad wiring, and we worked in one hall. Today my day was even more interesting. Fire inspection came to us today. Fire Inspectorate said that soon our hairdressing salon will be closed for repairs all wiring. They also said that in such conditions is still very dangerous to work, so better to stop the work here for the time of repair. Our boss said that soon we will not work for one month. He also said that he will pay for the missed month to us. I am very happy about this news, because I had no vacation for a long time. This is good time to have a rest. Well, I told you my whole day. I hope you will like my letter. You can consider me intrusive? but I want to see your new photos. Send me your photos for me. I am sending you some of my photos. I will wait for your letter tomorrow. Embrace you fondly, Tatiana. Hello my cute Oscar ! Not a day passes that I do not think about you. I began to wake up with thoughts of you. I often imagine you beside me and dream about our future. I have not been such that I think about someone all day long. Sometimes I think I am going crazy because of it. I have not experienced such feelings for a long time. You have take your place in my heart and life. We know so little about each other, but it seems to me that I know you all my life. I am grateful to fate and the given case that we know each other. I remember that I was terribly nervous when wrote you my first letter. I was afraid that you understand my thoughts and intentions wrong. But now I see that we understand and feel each other. Do you feel it? Perhaps it is our destiny. You just think about it, we live thousands kilometers away. We speak and think in different languages, but this did not prevent us to get acquainted. I want to know you increasingly. I want to be worthy of your attention. Perhaps this letter will seem to you too outspoken. But I can't keep these thoughts in my mind. I look forward to your sincere response. Your Tatiana. Hello my dear Oscar. I hope you are not too loaded by my last letter. Today, my sister went for a walk with boyfriend. I would also like to take a walk with you. Last time, I rarely have dreams. Maybe you will not believe, but today I dreamed you. In the dream, we walked through the park, there were plenty of trees. You hugged me. I hardly remember what happened there. When I woke up, I forgot it. But I remember the feeling of joy and warmth from the meeting with you. I woke up at five in the morning and then could not sleep. I am trying to remember the dream completely. Today, when my sister and I had breakfast, she said that I changed very much. I became a little talk with her, constantly sitting thoughtfully at the window. And the smile on my face. I began to think less about work. She asked me with a smile: "you're in love with someone?" I was very surprised that she asked it. I was very surprised that she asked it. Is it really so catches the eye? I began little talk with her. I always dream of you. I guess I fell in love with you Oscar !!! I keep thinking about you all the time. I imagine how you come to my city. We're together !!! But then I start thinking that you're far away from me. And perhaps we will never see each other. Tears appears in my eyes from that thought. I am completely alone and only your letters warm my heart. I am very glad that you came into my life. I want to believe that you are my destiny, that we are made for each other !!! I am sorry, I am so frank. But I have no one to share my feelings with you. I wrote this to you and I was relieved. Now I would like to give you a hug and kiss. I really trust you. I hope you feel the same feelings for me. I would like it !!! Please do not play with me. Tell me the truth always. I look forward to your response and your photos. Your Tatiana. My sweet Oscar, I am happy to see your letter! My knight, I can imagine how you hold my shoulders and whisper the words from letter and I am tenderly melting in your strong manly hands. I want to tell you that most of my life I was afraid of frankness. I was afraid to show people my weaknesses and pure feminine soul. I always had the feeling that others want me to use somehow. Maybe it's all because I grew up without parents, and I have a feeling of insecurity. I had to be strong all my past life. But now, I think it's time to relax and trust the feelings that enveloped me from head to toe. With you I can feel myself like little weak girl. I will be your kitty. But, if you want, I will be lioness for you. You are my true credible feeling and I dream to go with you for a bright and light for us the path of life. Every moment, your silhouette standing in front of me and gave me the hand, entails me. And I give myself completely to you my prince. I am ready to fall into the abyss of love, full of pleasure and freedom. I believe just now in the existence of true, genuine happiness. I want to shout to the world how much I love you !!! I can not believe I am telling you these words. But I can no longer hold back the cry of my soul! Therefore, I confess to you - Oscar, I love you! I am tired to keep this secret. If you deny me and you do not have such feelings for me, tell me now. I hope I can handle it. But, if you have the same feelings for me, do not hide it! Please do not kill these emotions, tell me what your heart says! If this is a mutually for both of us, we need to take steps to meet each other. I can not wait forever! I am not the kind of girl who would hide the inner world and wait for some kind of action from the man. You has rushed into my heart and captured it forever. Tomorrow I start the paperwork for the flight to see you. The Chief gave us the money for the month of downtime at work. Plus I have some savings. I think that this will be enough for the trip. I can not be just pen pals, I am sure you understand me. The distance between us is killing me. Tell me your exact address, where I go. I am waiting for your answer. I won't be able to sleep tonight .... Your Tatiana. Hi my dear prince Oscar. After you told me your address, I went to travel agency in my city to learn all necessary for flight to you. I bypassed many travel agencies and found the most optimal variant. I was surprised how much cost for trip to you. But in travel agency which I addressed there were cheapest prices for flight to you. My love, the employee of the agency gave me listing of the prices for flight to your country, my darling. I send it to you: tickets from Kineshma to Moscow and back by train 30 dollars (1880 rubles) foreign passport = 55 dollars (3500 rub) the consular fee for the visa = 240 dollars (15300 rub) flight tickets (to you and back) = 630 dollars (40000 rubles) the photo 5*5 on the visa = 10 dollars (630 rubles) obligatory insurance on departure the abroad - 94 dollars Total cost - 1059 dollars. My dear of all this sum I have only 450 dollars. This is all my savings. As I spoke I have very small salary. From my salary I pay bills for flat, for transportation to work and food. With my salary it is very difficult to save up a lot of money. My love I asked all my acquaintances and colleagues money to borrow. But all refused to me. Everybody I know has problem with finance. In our country crisis. I don't know any more where to take money. My Oscar any more keeps nothing me in this city. My sister already adult and she understands me. I feel lonely without you... I want to be only with you. To be close to you, to wake up nearby, to embrace your shoulders. My dear every day I represent our life together. As I make for you breakfasts, I see off for work, we walk on streets in the evenings, remembering as everything began, as our history began. But because of this money all our dreams fall. I don't want to allow it. I hope you too... My dear it is a shame to me to ask for help from you, but more I have nobody to ask help. You can help me? I don't have 600 dollars. I understand that it is very large sum. But without this sum we can't be together. The other possibilities can not be, because now is the perfect time for a meeting! I very much hope for your help. We do it for the sake of our future. I wait for your answer. I love you. Your Tatiana. Hello my love Oscar !!! I could not sleep last night. I thought about you and about our meeting. I was very worried that we will not see. I can not survive the separation from you. But now, after reading your letter, I am happy!I see the seriousness of your intentions about our future. You're the real man. I am glad that you can help us to meet. We'll be together, I am happy !!! I will be with you soon. We will see and feel each other. I want as soon as possible to be in your embraces. I want to hug you and never let you go. I wish that you will always be with me. I do not want to seem stupid but I do not know how I will be able to get the money. I never faced this situation. Do I have to go to the bank and find out everything in the bank? Tomorrow I will find out everything. I am sure that our love will help us to overcome all difficulties. I remember as I was absolutely young girl I Alexander Green's story read "Scarlet sails". I thought that it can't be. But now I have believed in you, I believe that you are my Gray, and I am your Assol. You have rushed into my heart and have taken it forever! We must be together! I believe in our bright future!!! You are my Love!!! There are so many thoughts in my head now. I really can not think about work. All my thoughts are only about you. You must know that you are always in my mind and my heart. I miss you and love you. I am yours! Tatiana ! Hi my love Oscar !!! How was your day? What weather at you? I began to think last night what to take me things with myself? I want to look good to be pleasant to you. I worry before our meeting with you. I very much want to be pleasant to you. I don't want to disappoint you. Today before work I went to SBERBANK, on Street Lenin 7. It isn't far from my house. I asked them as I can receive money from other country. Whether they asked me I have a cash card. I told that I have a debit card of their bank. There to me my salary is charged. They checked its data. Also told me that on my card only the money sent in my country can arrive. In order that money from other country arrived, I should do other bank account. Opening of this account requires time. And we can't wait as it is already time for me to pay for documents. The worker of bank told that they in bank have a system, the quickly of money transfers of MoneyGram or Western Union. She checked and told that in your country MoneyGram or Western Union is too. You should go to bank and to learn everything. I was told that you have to know full information on me. I send you data: Kineshma city, street Maxim Gorky 46-12, the postal index 155800, my full name - Tatiana Yurtaeva. Explained to me when you send money, you will be told, what should be transferred to me data that I could receive your money. The sister asked to give you greetings. She is very glad that we will be together. Frankly speaking I am in the seventh heaven. I and you we do our dream by reality. I asked in bank about the credit. I wanted to obtain independently the credit and not to ask for help of you. I filled in the questionnaire for receiving the credit and waited for the decision. But in 40 minutes the employee of bank reported that because of low wage I have low credit rating and I can't utilize the credit. I was upset. Because I wanted to organize our meeting independently. Now I understand that without your help we won't be able to be together. I love your courage. I am proud of your mind. To from your tenderness. I like your romanticism, passion, ability to surprise, please with surprises. It is ready to love you eternally! You are my ideal ?? became for me air which I breathe every day! I very much wait for your letter! I love you, your Tatiana! Hi my love Oscar. Thanks for your substantial letter. Was to read me such tender words very pleasant. This letter you warmed my heart. My soul wants to sing, the mood became the best. I am very happy, but to me any letter won't replace our meeting. I want to look in your beautiful eyes and to express you all my feelings to you. I won't have enough words everything to transfer, and I will make that you felt how strongly I love you. I will kiss you gently. At night in a bed I will give you the best pleasure. You will be at peak of happiness. We are adults and I won't hide the inclination to you, as to the man. Every day my love to you to become is stronger. I don't represent the life without you. It is a pity to me that it is impossible to occur at us. I blame myself that didn't make everything as I wanted. At me it didn't turn out to finish all trip. I now without work. I know that we will be together soon. My prince I am glad that we will be together soon! You correctly found my house. It is so lovely. The bank is not far. Therefore I can receive very quickly your help through the Western Union! I ask give me your urgent phone number. I have to call you when I am at the airport. Because I the first time leave Russia and I worry a little! I miss you. With love, your Tatiana
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Date: 2017-02-27 | Name: Giuseppe Santini | Email: hidden
She contacted me on 20.11.2016 and I concluded the attempt of fraud for 400 euros yesterday 18.12.2016.

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