Irina Shurygina from Pushkino a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Irina Shurygina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2017-04-04 , financial damage US $ 1300

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Irina Shurygina
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Irina Vladimirovna Shurygina city : phuskino moscow region country : Russia I??m single without childrens, 54 years. Work by airport Barcelona work since last september gmail contact 3 times by Western Union total 1120 ?ぎ to irina V S. nom ask for 700?ぎ more

Let me ask you a few questions, I would like to know more about you. How old are you? When your birthday? I am 27 years old, and my birthday 10 - September. What do you look for in the Relations? I look for trust, understanding, love, honesty, I want to divide good times and bad times together without fear that the world could deceive us. I would like the relation which will be based on love and trust. What your full name? My full name - Irina Shurygina. What interests you Most of all? Anything himself, God is interesting to me, he awakened interest to life. sounds of children at game. What main qualities which you look for in the woman? The main qualities - Honesty, Love, Trust, all this leads to Success in the relations. the man whom I look for, is independent, love, care and my best friend. I want that it could express the feelings to me openly and with passion. I want to be to it the beloved and the authorized representative. How you Survive, I mean that is a source of your income? ? I work at beauty shop. I do manicure. How you have a good time? I play billards, I swim, I dance (I dance a point, salsa, I studied stripplastic), I read, I look movies or television. I like to read, listen to music, to look comedies, I like to meet people. I love walks in the wood, a camping. What you does raised? The smile of the man, touch of his lips along my neck, its kiss to look as he sleeps, and to see his eye when he will see that I nearby. that me doesn't raise, it is incorrectness and any disappointment. You will allow me to call by telephone and if yes, write phone number? Yes I will allow you to call to me. that you have to make, ask number. Though it is phone - mine mother, but I too use it. What forces you to be upset? dishonourableness, outstanding promises or promises which don't make any sense. You want some children in the future? I have no children and would like them in the future. Why you are lonely? I am the only thing because there was no person to take my heart. What feelings during loneliness visit you? To be lonely is the most sad and lonely thing which ever happened to me. You are disturbed by an age difference? You are ready will move for love? The distance and age have no value. I am ready will move for love if it brings us feeling of integrity and safety. What for you LOVE? Love for me, ability to tell that you weren't right, to accept mistakes, and to cherish the person, with which I. To love it means to be happy. what girl you see near yourselves? I would like to see near myself the man who has respect, kind, loyalty. I would like to know that I for it the whole world, it am ready to protect me and to give safety which I need. You have a belief? yes I have a belief in god. You - are religious? yes You love public proximity? I like to hold hands, going on streets I would like to have a hand on my waist. Kiss and to embrace. What do you love and what you don't love? I like a decline, sunrise in the morning, I love the nature. I would like to see the man in early sunshine, I would like to see his face early in the morning after night of passion. I don't like racists. Dishonourableness, deception. what at you favourite food, movies and colors? My favourite products - pizza, fish, and ice cream. I like movies which do me happy and happy. I like Star Wars Movies, Westerns, Rain Man and my favourite colors are violet, blue and red. The man in a black suit is chic. :) You like sports? I like all sports meets. My favourites - soccer, tennis, figure skating, figured swimming. You like to swim? I like to swim You will send me a photo for the display? I will send you photos, for the display. I like to sit at a fire with a glass of wine, beer, or soda, observing the evening sky, eating the cooked food at a fire. with someone special, forces you to feel romantic? You would listen to old stories with an intrigue? What does romantic night for you? I would like to organize it soon with you. I also would like to have romantic nights with you, with a bottle of wine and sitting having nestled to each other on a sofa. I wanted to mass your shoulders, to make massage because I want. You ever met or your country, Russia spoke with any online? Don't hurry with the answer. Gentle kiss, Irina Irina Sh 16/12/13 per a usuari mi amor. Voy a ir a la cama. ??qu?ゥ est??s haciendo? Necesito ?ぎ 700 mostrarlo al aeropuerto. Lo traigo de vuelta. y necesito ?ぎ 100 para reparar boleto. Acabo de comprar un billete, que es barato y por lo que tengo que pagar. mi favorito, si usted puede enviar ?ぎ 800, lo que pude esta semana. ??Qu?ゥ piensa usted? Ya te dije que los ?ぎ 700 que no pasar??n. Hi my beloved Daniel, I know that you worry for our feelings to each other. I ask you don't worry for my feelings to you. I want that you would know: my love to you won't abandon me never. I any more don't represent my life without you. my feelings to you take now the main place in my heart. our love has no borders and the sizes. I love you mine!!! to me still never it happened the similar. now I started believing in true love. earlier for me it was strange that some people endow very many for the sake of the darling, sometimes at all without having anything instead of this victim. because of love in the past wars began and truces appeared. certainly it is now difficult to find such strong love, as in former times. but the true love still is in our world. I very much worry that now for many people money, the power and entertainments became the main thing in their life. but I know our world isn't hopeless. such loving people as you and as I will sometime rescue this planet, and all people will start living love and good. our love is capable of a lot of things. I am sure that it will be able to approach us. I dream to nestle sometime on you my dear and to kiss you. if my dream is fated to come true, I already never will release you. we forever will be together. I want to say to you always that I very strongly love you!!! for me there is nothing more in the world except you. I can't concentrate on anything, except my dream. I believe that it will be carried out soon. but it is very weak, we have to help it. I think in our forces to approach our meeting. I am ready on everything for the sake of it. I went to bank and there was a huge turn. I long stood and then approached in a window and to me told that the program doesn't work. I went to other bank, it was necessary to go at once to this bank, there were no turns and everything well works. I went to agency and I took away the visa. I paid for the ticket. Everything is ok. Moscow - Barcelona terminal 1 departure - 14:35 30.11.2013 arrival - 16:05 30.11.2013 flight - SU-2514 Aircompany - Aeroflot Russian Airlines I will go tomorrow to the airport, I would like to check all documents and to learn about rules. I never was in other country earlier. I am very glad that the destiny decided to bring together us with you. I will be always grateful to destiny for this gift. I will wait your letters my darling!!!!! your small love Irina Today was a crazy day. How am I tired. To the airport, I reached in two trains. Arriving at the airport, I went to the cashier airline confirmed to me that I have a reservation. I just have a reservation number. I have a reservation number and passport. this number and the passport, boarding pass is issued. I was told that all is well. Then I passed the information window. there was a girl, she was kind, I asked her if I can take with you, how many pounds, I was told that the luggage should not exceed 20 pounds. I'll bring a lot of times souvenirs. I asked about the procedure before boarding any aircraft. she told me that to pass customs control I should have money for each day of their stay in Spain. I do not understand this. I was shocked. I asked what money? She told me you did not told the embassy that you have to have the money to arrive in the country where you are going. I began to learn more about this living wage. She told me everything clearly explained. The Russian Federation does not release the Russian citizens to another country that does not carry a cash or travel checks for each day of stay in the country in which you go. And in order that I could proiti customs control I must have money. One day stay, she told me, in your country will be 50 euro, respectively, I appeal to you food for 38 days. I was told that I should be in possession of 1900 euro. After all this, I learned I told her I was going to meet a man and he will be and I'll live with it. She said it does not matter, I said it does not matter? She replied, and suddenly you do not meet with this man, then he is cheating on you or something else unforeseen situations can occur that you do then there is no money. What you will live. Therefore querido I need to have a 1900 euro, otherwise I will not pass customs. Dear it is a fact. I myself was not happy to hear it all. I need 1900 euro, you can find the money? Since I do not have this capability. I only want the money for customs control and all. As we'll see you I'll give you the money in hand. The money I will not spend, I'll just show them and put it back in the bag and then later, after my plane landed, I'll give you the money in hand. I will not need the money, because you were there. Here is such sad news. I need that money will be prior to my departure . My flight on Saturday. need to address this issue. I do not know. I came home all upset. If you sent the money today, I would have paid tomorrow, Monday, I would have gone to Moscow to the credit bureau, on Tuesday I could get credit. I could go to you on January 15-16. I'm afraid the bank may not have time to give me a quick loan, if you have the opportunity please send me 700 euros. 300 euros I bring back. I'll go to you until January 22. then I'll go to the bank and take a loan and send you money. What do you think?
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