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She appeared in our database from 2017-05-14 , financial damage US $ 250

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Alina Nikifirova
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Richtige Betr??gerin

I love you A Alina Fr 31.03.2017 16:03 Posteingang An: Sie haben am 03.04.2017 17:21 geantwortet. Evernote My dear, ! Thank you for your messages. And I understand your experiences. I love you very much and I'm happy that you now live in my heart. You are my dearest person. Today I was able to solve the problem with my flight to you. I am very grateful to you that you helped me with organizing our meeting. I got a visa. I have a visa and I have tickets. As you know, yesterday in the travel agency I was advised to get a written confirmation of the absence of any debts in the territory of Russia. This is so that when passing customs control at the airport I was not denied crossing the border. So, last night, I went to the police station, the bailiffs. This is the body that controls in this area. Ramadan, I wrote a statement that I was given a written confirmation of the absence of debts. This morning I received an answer. The answer that the girl gave me was unexpected for me. I was told that I have a duty to the bank. I was in shock. The girl explained to me that I have a mortgage obligation to the bank. I knew about it. But I did not think that because of this I will have problems. I have a ban on leaving Russia before full repayment of my debts. After these words, I almost lost consciousness. Now I will explain to you in more detail. The fact is that my parents' apartment was purchased under a mortgage program. I signed this contract about 4 years ago. The fact is that the bank refused a loan for my parents, explaining this refusal by their age. Then I already lived in another city, had a good job. Dad asked me to help them with the purchase of an apartment. I acted as a borrower in the bank. My parents themselves, regularly pay this loan. I think I told you about it. For this reason, I have never bothered this mortgage. Ramadan, I needed only to formalize documents in my name. And it turned out that the borrower in the bank I, and my parents pay out the loan. But the bank does not care who pays. I think that all children could do so for their parents. How could I refuse to help them. After all, they gave me a wonderful education, gave me housing in the city of Kovrov. And I could not leave them. After I was informed this news. I called my dad. At that moment, I was in a panic. I thought they did not make payments. Now, when I write to you, I'm just as ashamed that I tell you such news. I asked the pope to leave the job, and insisted that we go to the bank together. Ramadan, we talked to the bank manager about how to withdraw the request for my travel ban. The manager said that the amount of the balance on the debt is 287091 Russian rubles, that's about 4800 euro. This news was not the most pleasant for today. I'll even say more that she was just disgusting. The bank manager showed me the payment sheets. According to them, the maturity of the loan should end in March 2018. However, he also added that we can pay the entire amount at the same time and thereby pay off the debt. Only after this, the bank will withdraw, its ban on leaving. Now, I'm desperate, Dad can not pay the whole amount now. And I do not have such fabulous money. He has the opportunity to pay monthly for 30,000 rubles. This was his payment, and he regularly fulfilled these obligations. Ramadan, I do not know how to tell you about this. You've already done a lot for our meeting. You are my man, and I must tell you the truth. More than anything, I want to be with you. Still, I'm uncomfortable asking you for help again. I do not even know how you will react. But please do not scold me. To me it is very bad now. But I have no idea what to do. My dad promised that he will be able to transfer the amount of payment to you, and will give all the money before the end of this year. But I can not ask for your help. I am ashamed. My dear, now I'm very nervous. Today I have not had dinner yet. I hardly came here to write you these terrible news. Please dont be mad. Please forgive me for telling you this nasty news. But you're my favorite man. And I can not hide it from you. Please, no matter how you react, write to me. I love you. Very much. Tonight I will talk to my parents. I hope we can do something. I am now a little bit angry with my parents. But deep down, I understand that it's not their fault. Nobody thought that someday I would fly to a man in Germany. I love you. I hope that you will understand me. I love you so much. Kisses. Your Alina.
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