Oksana Bondarenko from Odessa a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Oksana Bondarenko the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2017-06-21 , financial damage US $ 250

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Oksana Bondarenko
Oksana Shavlovskaya or Bondarenko
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I met this girl on Mariya-Club (an awful site, review below and elsewhere). I wont call Oksana Oleghivna Bondarenko a woman or lady as these are beautiful creatures with great integrity. Her chosen name on the site was Extremely_Hot. She wasn??t, far from it, and nor was the rest of her profile accurate. I found exactly the same profile, word for word, associated with someone else on another site, so I assume she stole it. The conversation started out very well but quickly turned sexual. We exchanged letters quickly, which as it turns out is good for the site, agency and Oksanas earnings. I later discovered her interpreter may have written at least some of her letters and sex is a common topic on Mariya??Club that clearly hooks men in and no doubt encourages spending. We agreed to move off site and that??s when Oksana told me she didn??t write the sexual content of her letters and she was shocked to read it. It seems impossible for her not to know as the letters were in her sent mail box, the structure of the letters flowed as if the same person had written them and she didn??t query my responses to the sexual content in her letters. It could have been she wrote the letters in tandem with the interpreter to stimulate more replies, or all of her letters were completely written by the agency. Which meant she was renting out her photos and stolen profile. Offsite the tone of her letters changed radically. It was like talking to a different person. More depressed, lonely, negative, manipulative and controlling. She looked nothing like her stunning 6-7 year old photos, which she told me on site were just one year old. It took 2 weeks for her to finally write to me off site even though I had paid for her details with her permission. Clearly clinging to every last letter she could earn from and letters went from 1-2 per day to 1-2 per week off site. As well, I suspect, she had to think of excuses for all her dishonesty whilst on the site. Eventually I got tired of the nonsense and did some research and found her listed on a couple of scammers sites so ended the conversation. Speaking with other guys who have met her I realised she is a neurotic and callous liar as each of us had a different version of her life. Her father is dead, he is alive, extensive overseas travel, no overseas travel etc. Crazy, crazy stuff and possibly some sort of mental or social disorder. Search her name and you will find her listed elsewhere. Not only lied about many things but sent photos which weren??t of her. I don??t know what she was setting me up for but she asked for a fur coat after just 4 weeks, something she asked the other guys for. Must think all western men are stupid. Callously ripped off another guy after getting engaged, keeping the ring and hiding behind a cowardice silence. Whilst engaged to him she then talked to another guy about marriage and tried ripping him off. Clearly avoid this insane girl and site. If you see her on any site refer it to her scammer listings to get her removed and keep her in Ukraine. She is an example of what all men dread when dealing with dating sites in Ukraine. Review; Mariya Club is just as dishonest as the above scammer. After discovering Oksana??s scammer listings and bringing it to the attention of Mariya she told me Oksana hadn??t broken any rules. So its ok to lie, send false photos, not write some, or all of her own mail, steal someone elses profile and to be a known scammer on Mariya-Club. I still have all the correspondence from Mariya, if there is such a person, for verification. Worse, Mariya said she doesn??t do any back ground checks to see if the ladies are genuine and that she doesn??t give any credibility to scammers sites anyway. Her explanation was she knew of someone who was incorrectly listed as a scammer. Whether that is true or not, it certainly doesn??t explain the global problem of scammers, thank you for your depth and wisdom Mariya. When I asked for a refund she refused saying she only provides a platform and service and it is in the Terms and Conditions. There was nothing in the T&C??s, even though much of it is illegible, written in the worst broken English. Clearly the lowest level of service and a site to be avoided. She doesn??t care so long as she is earning money. And clearly a stupid and naive business decision as I stopped spending on the site and my wealthy friends avoided it. Hopefully everyone who reads this also will, so she has lost more than her tight fists clung to and hopefully this and other reviews undermine her dishonest business The site is everything that epitomises the corruption of Ukraine and this industry. AVOID IT!!!! Appalling experience, appalling site, no integrity and handled in a small minded and typically corrupt Ukrainian way. 6 months after saying the scammers profile was deleted it was still on the site showing as 'Not Active'. Probably unavailable to me but still talking to other men telling them her lies protected by her agency and the site so they can all earn money. Or maybe waiting for the right moment to activate it again. Primitive, dishonest, and what we all hope to avoid. Steven Australia stvn1009@yahoo.com

Perhaps you want to make a surprise, but you can ask what you have in mind? Today we have the snow fell (I am very hard to bear the cold (I love the heat! I do not know how you relate to the natural fur, but only he can save our weather. Because of the damp feeling in the street minus 20)), the town on the beach!) I don't know that you're prepared, but I want you to know I am a girl of practical, but in no case a branch of mercantile! If you share my idea, I find it easier to say what I want and what I dream! This concerns you as well, probably when people had together they can give something without thinking, this refers to the size of the color and smell! But I will not be with a man just for his gifts. But it is important to ensure that a man could family, woman and children, if they want to! Stephen, your opinion is important to me!
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Date: 2019-03-14 | Name: Paul | Email: hidden
I spoke with this girl on one of those sites. Forget which one. Some time ago now. I remember she contradicted herself and said things that didnt seem real. The site removed her and wouldnt tell me why. Seems like a good thing. Looks like some poor soul gave in and got her that fur coat. Poor guy. Wonder how he feels now.

Date: 2019-04-19 | Name: Kevin | Email: hidden
Hi Paul, I dont understand the last part of your post? I also have my experiences with Oksana and dont condone anything dishonest these women do. Over time I have come to understand we are all losers in this corrupt industry. Merely pawns. The dishonest agencies and sites are the biggest fraud. Next are the women from this impoverished and corrupt country, and surprisingly, some males. These same women, driven in some cases just to pay the electricity bill, are used by the agencies and sites and have to operate under their rules. Often the agency writes the letters and the women get listed as scammers after probably being paid to rent their photos.. They may unwittingly pay a high price later. Many good Ukrainian men are not interested in women who have been dishonest (and maybe listed online) and if they cant access western men anymore, these same women have to lower their expectations and standards and a Ukrainian man is not everyone's first choice. They can be indifferent, harsh and often have a lack of money. Infidelity and drinking are surprisingly common. Many considerable compromises may have to be made. Everyone loses except the site owners in a billion dollar industry. A poor definition of winning. Having spent considerable time in Ukraine I know good women who made a stupid mistake when they were younger, like most of us, and regret it. There are only a handful of honest sites. Stay off those where a 25+ year relationship is possible, the photos spent too much time in Photoshop and your inbox fills with mail everyday from young beautiful women. That is the bigger scam. You forfeit any right to complain if you continue. Oksana shouldnt of done the appalling hurtful things she did, but in my experience is otherwise fundamentally ok.

Date: 2019-04-23 | Name: Paul | Email: hidden
I will try repost the photo. Some interesting insights and advice. What do you mean she is fundamentally ok after everything that is written here.

Date: 2019-04-28 | Name: Kevin | Email: hidden
Paul, initially I didnt see your reply above my post. Now it makes sense. Having known her for a considerable period of time and seeing both her dark and her good side, that is my opinion.

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