Nataliya Smirnova from Samara a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Nataliya Smirnova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2017-10-19 , financial damage US $ 250

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Nataliya Smirnova
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A very clever scammer. Claims to work as a school teacher. Speaks fluent English. Managed to scam me for passport and visa.

Hi, my dear xxxx. Thank you for answer. I was very glad when i got your letter. How are you today. What is the weather do you have? Thank you for picture! yes you're right a lot of scam on the internet! but not all lie. I have skype there is a Viber! we can talk to you on the phone in skype and see each other face to face. I'm real, write me your skype and I'll add you. not all lie! I am honest and I want to find my happiness. my number is Viber +79371188944. I am very glad that you are interested in me and we can continue our communication. I think you are an interesting man and we can find a lot of common with you. I wrote you that i am the teacher. You know when I was at school. After when i finished school, there was not any doubt for me and i began to study at the pedagogical Institute. I choose the faculty of russian languages. I want to give them good knowledge of foreign languages. My dream is real and i am the teacher now. I spend a lot of time at school. I try to take part in a lot of school arrangements. I am very like the organization of different celebrations with children. I can say that i am very glad that i choose this profession. What about you, dear? You to like your job! Do you like sport? What kind of sport do you prefer? I like aerobics and try to go two times a week to be in a good shape. I hope you like me. Because i like you and very want to continue our communication. I hope you are not tired of my questions. Kiss you. Nataliya. HI my dear xxxx was very pleased to talk with you yesterday in skype! I hope that today we also talk there. my dear you are right, Russian people have very developed family values ????and family morals. our family and respect are important. In the west, there is a lot of debauchery and there not to appreciate family values. I heard that when a child is born in the west, then he is told to choose the floor by himself whoever you want to be a boy or girl and write a parent 1 parent 2 is very strange and cynical. I think that the family is very important. You're absolutely right, you and I have much in common. and I have a feeling that I've known you for a long time. as a native of me. And I hope that you will become my family and soon we will meet with you. Yes, your wife did not work when she did not work so badly because she does not know how to provide for the family herself. I used to work a lot since my youth, since I have to support myself. You know, for it is really important that we are honest with you. It's is important in relations. To my mind, the most important of two people in relations love, respect and understanding. Two people have to trust each other and understand. It's very important to my mind. Of course the intimate life is important too. But even if you have good intimate love with your partner, but do not understand, in any case. Do you agree with me? Yes, every day routines. But you have different romantic times, go out with your partner. What i expect from my partner, i think i wrote it and now to tell the truth. I am not rich in a woman. I just want to meet and get the best of both worlds. Time will show. i went to the travel agency here and knew all about the trip to you. I have not the international passport, because you know that I have never be abroad. At first i must do it. It takes about 7-10 days. After i must get the visa. All documents costs 450 euro (it's for passport, visa, medical insurance, work of the travel agent and all documents). The nearest airport is in Moscow Sheremetievo, from where you can fly to you, dear. Write me, please what do you think. I am very want to see you. Answer me please your opinion. I am very wait the letter from you. Yes, I would really like to see your country and Edinburgh! so that you show me everything. I'll wait for the evening to talk to you in skype !! Kiss you! Your Nataliya.
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Date: 2018-03-27 | Name: Peter M Kaminski | Email: hidden
Hi, my dear XXX!!! Thank you very much for your answer. i was very very glad to get your letter. How are you today? I am ok. You know we are familiar with you not a long time, but with each day I understand, that I wait your letter with more impatience. You are very interesting to me and sometimes I think, that I know you already for a long time. Many people do not like to speak about their last relations. But I feel, that you understand me and I can trust to you. Besides I want that you know all about me and there are no secrets between us. My last relations with the man were finished about one year ago. I got acquainted with one man form my city and we were together during 2 years. We even begin to think about the marriage. But one day, my brother told me that he saw him with another woman, with my girlfriend. I didn't belive at first and when he came home i asked him about it. And can you imagine that he told me that it's truth, that he love my girlfriend and a lot of time with her. I was really shocking!!! I just couldn't understand why he didn't tell me so long time about it. And the most offence that it was my girlfriend. I was cried a lot, but then i understand that this man is nothing for me. After this i didn't meet with anybody and i decide to find my love in Internet, Who knows may be you my destiny? I hope everything will be ok between us, dear. I was disappointed with Russian men, as they doesn't respect the women. I feel, that you are good and kind man. I think, that men from another countries respect their women. I think that you respects women too. Dear,can you tell me about your last relations? If you want, of course. I want to know, what woman??s qualities of character the woman you consider important? What woman do you want to see in your house? What woman is necessary to you to create strong family? I hope, that you will not complicate to answer my questions. If you want to learn more about me, you can not hesitate and ask me. I shall answer your questions with pleasure. Nataliya.

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