Marina Milyaeva from Saransk a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Marina Milyaeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-01-31 , financial damage US $ 250

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Marina Milyaeva
Marina Malinina, Marina Nikolaevna Novoselova
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Marina Milyaeva from Saransk (Russia). I am 36 years old and right now I don't have anything of what I wrote. I was close fortunately in the past, but the man broke my heart ! I have to trust the person with which I all life. . I don't know you very much, but I can tell you, but I would love to tell you how I feel .. We are far from each other, but this did not prevent our acquaintance and I believe that in the future we will be able to meet and create a joint future. I'll send you some pics with my mom the same photo as we were sitting in a cafe .. I with impatience will wait for your answer , I wish you a nice day , yours Marina My dear , dear .. I need to gather my thoughts to write you a letter ... I started to drink tablets , it's a sedative because my nerves are suffering Honey , you know my meds make me calm .. Love , maybe you just want to send me 200 euros ? I'll pay for everything , all the documents and visa , I will do that .. I'll come to you and prove to you everything in my power to prove it to you .. I want to be with you , you'll see it .. kiss you. Here's my address and Bank account . Russia , 430012 Saransk, Republic of Mordovia , street Baumana str., 45 Beneficiary Bank: ???Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation???(PJSC), Moscow, Russia SWIFT: RUDLRUMM Intermediary Bank: DEUTSCHE BANK AG, FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY SWIFT: DEUTDEFF Correspondent account in Intermediary Bank: 100 9477134 0000 Beneficiary Customer: NOVOSELOVA MARINA NIKOLAEVNA Account number: 40817978106219550940 Good day my dear .. In the morning I went to the dentist and treating the teeth at night pain in the tooth , but it's all good , next visit no sooner than a year .. Really I have little desire now to yell at you :) but I relaxed because I have good mood and I don't like fighting .. Let's start with what I wrote to you that I will be able to get a visa in Moscow , and from there to fly to you , I hope that you remember , if not , I'm not to blame .. About my brother , honey , you answered your own question ,he can't help me because he bought a car , he pays the loan , the money buying the car was a loan ..we Have good relationships , very warm and close , but I know what to ask him now money is not the best situation .. Girlfriend which works in travel Agency it will begin to do the documents , after I make the first payment , advance payment , visa will I get in Moscow visa application centre .. Honey , I can be you have more than a month , even more .. still my visa valid for 90 days , so we'll have time ..I think that during this time when we are together we can decide what to do next .. I thought that then I'll go back to Russia to talk to my mom that I'm moving , then I wanted to sell the apartment and move in with you with money . Honey , you need to be easier , I think about you and it makes me feel better , but when I see your letters , I want to pounce on you and tie your hands and say, "stop , please" I'll just come to you and prove to you all .. I want to go to bed , as headache after the treatment of the tooth .. Wish you a nice day ,waiting for an answer .. Kiss and hug.. Marina !

Initially she told me that she is employed, she works a lot at a VW dealership in Saransk. First she told me that she rents a small apartment, then that she actually owns the apartment with her mom, then that she wants to sell the apartment after she leaves Russia. After she gave the address I checked using google maps and guess what: that address shows a house under still under construction. She claims that she has a brother that's a cab driver, and he bought a brand new car ( a Polo). Pictures of her shows that she is a client of restaurants and bars in big mall type shopping centers. Then she's starting to complain about hard life in Russia, about lack of money for travelling visa and other expenses, though her pictures show an elegant dressing style including furs, dresses, expensive shoes, etc. Highly unlikely. She asked for money transfer under a completely different name (Novoselova). Also her age was different than she said in e-mails, and her passport was faked according to graphic experts. At a certain point she stopped communicating for a long time and then send a few lines in which she said she is depressed and she is using medication. She insists to use only one ID photo (fake passport) and she refuses to supply other photos with documents like: work ID, driver's license, regular russian ID, etc... Classic visa money scam after all...
Keywords: 36 years old. Lives in Saransk: A few years ago divorsed (that man broke her heart). Now for the first time in life get acquainted by the Internet - And you are the first with whom I communicate! Wants to communicate via e-mail because she has a bad internet connection? Works VW Saransk car shop showroom. Owns one brother. He is a taxi driver. Bought a new VW Polo today (later he mentioned that she had a sister). The profile information on the dating portal is different of that what she speaks later. But letters about love are good and passionate :)
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Date: 2018-03-06 | Name: paul | Email: hidden
She is a known scammer. Good letters at first then she complaints about lack of money though she claims she's employed by VAG group (that's a contradiction in terms!). After a while she is asking for money. Has a different age/name in the passport, and the passport itself is fake! (passport photo itself is Photoshop-ed, according to graphic experts). Also the serial number of the passport corresponds to a different region than Saransk. Her private number is suspended and she calls from hidden number (claiming that she's calling from a postal office). All is a bunch of BS. She's a pro scammer!

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