Galina Danilova from Moscow a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Galina Danilova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-03-07 , financial damage US $ 376

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Galina Danilova`s added scammer photo Galina Danilova`s added scammer photo Galina Danilova`s added scammer photo
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Galina Danilova
Tatyana Kolesnikova, Faina, Marina Pavlova, Elena Zorkina, MARINA MIHAYLOVA (Angel)
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Is she the russian scammer? For receive your money, she used this Bank Account
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Asked for 376 dollars from me to come to the US. Said she had all other money necessary to get here. Really believed she wanted come here to better herself go to school, college with my help.
So I sent the 376 dollars to her. Haven't heard a thing from her since she picked the money up.
One message from her of several plus x-rated pictures not necessarily her for she left her face out of them.

Yes, I understand that asked you for help though told you that had all the money for the trip. But please, understand my problem. I have has sold a fur coat. But this money is not enough for the ticket. I don??t know where to take the money. I hope only for you. Nobody can help me here. I don??t know anybody here in Moscow. I didn??t know I had to buy a two way ticket. $976 is a cost for the ticket there and the return ticket. Your government asks to have a return ticket for the case my visa is inspired or I am not able to enter the University. They do it because they are afraid of the immigrants. When I checked the cost of the ticket they told me the cost only of the one ticket. Do you understand now why I don??t have enough money for the ticket?
I am still in Moscow. And I have spent lots of money already to stay here. Everything is very expensive here and my money is limited. Please, understand my worries and help me. I have already paid part of the money for ticket not to be sold to another person. I have left 300 dollars that is why I ask you to send me money. I ask you to send me only $376. 976 dollars is a very reasonable price. And if I don??t pay the whole sum of the money for the ticket then I will loose all the money that I paid for my ticket to be reserved.
The other problem is that my visa is given to me only for 2 months except of 3 months. I don??t know why they did it. But that was the decision of your Embassy. And they even didn??t explain me the reason. And I can??t wait. That is why I should come as soon as possible and enter the University. If I have my visa for longer time then I could stay here for more time and try to save money. But I have no time.
I ask you to help me but don??t ask you for a present! I will come, enter the University and give you the money back. I will work and will be able to give you it back. I don??t want you to think that I want to use you just to move to your country. I hope that you will understand me and will send me the money. There is only thing left before we meet. There is only little step left. So please, think and send me the money. It is only 376 dollars. I don??t think it is much for the opportunity to be happy. I think we will be able to be happy with you. But you should do this so we could meet with you.
I tried to prove you that I am real several times already. I have sent you a list of paper with my your and my names. But why don??t you want to believe me? I have sent you also the copy of my passport. Why don??t you still believe me?
I am going to try and prove again that I am real.
I am going to attach you the copy of my visa. And I want you to understand that I have only serious intentions and I am really going to come to you. I don??t play any games. I am going to get your money in Moscow with my passport ( I have sent it already in my previous letters ) and with my visa. If I am not real I would not be able to get the money! And I really want to come to you.
Please, believe me and send me the money.
I hope that you want to see me and will send me the money. I already wrote to you that you could send the money to any office of Western Union or MoneyGram in Moscow. Please, send the money to my full name. I will be able to get the money without any problems.
I made a copy of visa by scanner.
But I can't send my pictures now as I am in Moscow now. I have no here a camera.
I don't think it is a problem as soon I will come to you and you will be able to see me in real life but not at the pictures.
P.S. My plan? I should arrive and enter the university till May, 1st.
To me will submit only documents to any university enough. And my visa will prolong after that for 5 years. It will prolong for all term of study. I shall work. I shall work prior to the beginning of study. So I can pay my residing there and study. Now you understands my plan? In the first days I can live in campus.
The university will give it free of charge. Therefore I can live in campus and meet you in your free time. Or I can live with you.
If you want it. I want it. It to solve to you!
Rod, Understand the main problem! I have to pay my visa by tomorrow! tomorrow is the deadline. If the money comes in, they will refuse my visa and I will no longer be able to come to you. If you sincerely want to see me, then you will enter my difficult situation and help me. I ask you for only 300 dollars. I know that this coronovirus made a lot of noise. But will end soon! Doctors say that in a week everything will be as before. China is constantly shown on TV. All the hospitals that opened because of this fucking virus have already closed there. It will be the same everywhere in a week. But the problem is that I can??t wait a week. I have to pay my visa by tomorrow! And I can only rely on you. I contacted WU, MG and RIA. They send money without problems. they did not close. You can visit any nearest office to you and send me money. or you can do it from home through their sites. They said that it??s not difficult. I think you are smart and you can handle it. Just please hurry. My time is running out. You must have time to do this today or tomorrow, if you are really waiting for me. I hope for you. Elena. I already wrote to you- You should send money to Novosibirsk for my name. My full name - ELENA ZORKINA. ELENA - this is my name. ZORKINA - is my last name. I already wrote to you, my address- Number apartment: - 9, Name street - Timiryazeva 91, City - Novosibirsk, Region (state) - Novosibirskaya oblast, Zip code - 630082, Country - Russia. AND - You can send money through Western Union: URALSIB, Nikitina street 62, Novosibirsk, 630008, Russia Or You can send money through MoneyGram: EUROSET, Bolshevistskaya street 521, Novosibirsk, 630083, Russia Or You can send money through RIA: NOOSFERA Yadrincevskaya street 16A, Novosibirsk, 630099, Russia
Commentary of our visitor(s)

Date: 2019-05-28 | Name: Kevin | Email: hidden
She tried or is trying to scam me. She even wote to me under two different names, but same letter. Glad I found her picture here. Thank you. Never sent her ant money, she told me it was on a student visa.

Date: 2020-03-31 | Name: roderick jacob | Email: hidden
I knew it's a scam and I told her so. I didn't send money. I was not really surprised when I saw the same picture on this website which she sent to me as well. She finally gave up and she said that she sold her fur coat and she has all the money so she'll come to me in a few weeks. She knows nothing about me and I know noting about her other than she wanted money for a visa. Thank you.

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