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She appeared in our database from 2018-03-27 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Malinina
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Kazan - Nizhny Novgorod. I met this girl in online dating website targeted towards Muslims. We communicated over a period of 3 months in Whatsapp before she asked for money. She claims to be from Tatar ethnicity and originally from Kazan. She says she is an accountant in an orphanage in the city of Nizhny Novgorod but she is also a drawing teacher in the same orphanage. She comes across as someone who is looking for a serious relationship that leads to a marriage. She likes to talk about love and building a foundation for a happy strong family and how she will do whatever it takes to build this future. She doesn??t communicate during the weekends because she says there is no internet in her mom house where she spends every weekend. She says her English is very bad and therefore she is not comfortable to have voice chat or video chat. After first month of talking, she claimed her phone stopped working and that the spare phone she started using couldn??t make new photos or video. When I offered to visit her in Russia, she mentioned having a valid visa to US and being able to travel in 1 month time. She mentioned that she needs to stop in New York to meet her uncle (Awani Massoud) who will give her enough money for her to live in USA for months. On her travel night, she said her flight was cancelled due to snow storm in JFK (which could be true) but this is where she asked for cash money to stay in a hotel until her next flight. When I offered to book the room online for her, she insisted that I sent the money in cash and this is when everything just fall apart.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [1/26/18, 2:41:32 AM] Olga Malinina: Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah Mubarak [1/26/18, 2:41:44 AM] Olga Malinina: Have a beautiful blessed Jumma! [1/26/18, 2:41:44 AM] Olga Malinina: how are u? [1/26/18, 2:43:31 AM] Olga Malinina: My main job is an accountant in an orphanage. But I am also a drawing teacher there. I studied at the art school 4 years. I studied at the accountant for 5 years at the university. In my free time I also do drawing. It's more like my hobby. I also studied designer clothes. I design all my clothes and sew myself at home. I also do a manicure. I passed the training. This is a small amount of my earnings. So I do not have free time almost never. Of course I get tired sometimes. But it gives me pleasure and additional income. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [2/5/18, 12:43:26 AM] Olga Malinina: Today and yesterday is the strongest snowfall. the whole city is in traffic jams, cars are stuck, people can not get to work on time. a lot of fallen trees. this weather is not very often here. Today I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning. I visited my mother in the village. we cleaned the snow for more than 1 hour. then I went to my city by bus. we were driving almost 2 hours. I got home and went to work. I got to work almost an hour and a half. this is a whole adventure. the bus several times stuck on the road. but people came out and helped to push out our bus. I'm not sure I could correctly write everything in English. but I hope that you understand me. )) [2/5/18, 12:43:32 AM] Olga Malinina: I could not write to you because there internet very bad. Probably you could see that I in online. But I could not write to you. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [2/7/18, 10:35:39 PM] Olga Malinina: Assalamu Alaikum Mubarak [2/7/18, 10:35:57 PM] Olga Malinina: thanks for your thoughts, feelings and words [2/7/18, 10:36:07 PM] Olga Malinina: Love is very important to me. Love is a very great and multifaceted feeling. Love of parents, brothers and sisters. I have married the person. Our parents knew each other. They wanted this marriage. Now I am not assured that I loved him. Allah has prepared for each of us his own way. But I believe that my love is waiting for me. I sincerely believe in this great feeling. [2/7/18, 10:36:15 PM] Olga Malinina: You had experience of relations with women through Internet? [2/7/18, 10:37:08 PM] Olga Malinina: I like to listen to the Tatar music, classical, Arabian ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [2/10/18, 2:04:06 AM] Olga Malinina: I had communication with men through internet.. But it was not long ... to be honest I was disappointed at first in the relationship through the internet. But I tried again. I hope that I will not be disappointed again. One man asked me naked photos. But I refused him. Then he started to tell me bad words and threatened me. The second man was not serious. I did not realize it right away. The third man spoke of love. But it turned out that he communicates with three or two girls ... that's how great I had the experience of relationships through the internet. Probably I have written the superfluous. But I wanted that you knew it [2/10/18, 2:04:58 AM] Olga Malinina: i'm sorry that I have not written to you yesterday and have not told happy Jumma. I had problems with mine internet or my phone. [2/10/18, 2:06:18 AM] Olga Malinina: I think that my mom will not mind if we get married. for my mom the main thing is that I was happy. this is the most important thing for any parents. I have a visa in the US. If feelings appear between us, then I can come to the US [2/10/18, 2:08:19 AM] Olga Malinina: here Muslims study Arabic. I want to learn this also. but I do not have enough time now to attend the Arab class ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [2/12/18, 1:26:25 AM] Olga Malinina: Assalamu Alaikum dear Mubarak [2/12/18, 1:26:33 AM] Olga Malinina: How are you? I hope that you are well and Allah protect you! [2/12/18, 1:26:34 AM] Olga Malinina: I hope, what you do not object, if I name you dear?! [2/12/18, 1:26:46 AM] Olga Malinina: You missed me?I think of you very often [2/12/18, 1:27:00 AM] Olga Malinina: I have very good mood today. This morning when I have woken up, have thought of you! I very much liked thought on that that I have found the you. I think of you even more often every day. It lifts my mood. You really became more close for me. Whether but I do not know well it??? I start to test warm feelings to you... That you think of it. [2/12/18, 1:27:08 AM] Olga Malinina: This night I had very interesting dream. I sat on the bank of the big lake. There can be it there was a sea. Around there was only a sand. I sat and looked at water. Suddenly on my shoulder someone's hand has laid down. At first I very much was frightened of it. But then I have felt heat which proceeds from this hand. Then someone has started to iron my hair and to speak me good words. I was very happy. I wished to turn my head and to look the person The person which was behind me. But I could not make it. But I felt that this person very gentle and wants to me is kind. To me it became very quiet from these thoughts. Then I have heard alarm clock and have woken up. [2/12/18, 1:27:16 AM] Olga Malinina: I have told this dream to my sister. She has told that all dreams have certain sense. I thought of this dream all the morning long. I have understood that it has dreamt me not simply so. I have understood that I require the close person for me. I require the person which will give to me warmly and tenderness...
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