Lilia Bikmuhametowa from Ufa a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Lilia Bikmuhametowa the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-04-08 , financial damage US $ 250

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Lilia Bikmuhametowa
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917 353 96 13
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I met this lady call Lilia Bikmuhametowa on a Dating Site call Fdatingdotcom. She lives in Ufa city in Russia as a Creative Manager for a Nightclub.
I met her online on Fdating on January 2018 and she still got her Dating Profile there!
I am 100% sure she is a russian scammer asking for a visa scam I have show this to my friend of my mine who thinks she is scammer.

Hello, ***))
It's Lilia from dating site) I hope you remember me and really interested, are you?) I am writing you as soon as I could. I am very interested in you and would be happy to start learning each other better. Please, know that my intentions are most serious. I am writing to you not for playing any games or having fun. I am writing in hope that you could be my love, my man for life... So, I am waiting for your answer soon, with photos!) And hope you will tell me some facts about your life.
Have a nice day, Lilia)
Hello, dear ***))
And thank you so much for your answer, I was waiting for it) I am very thankful to you for your wonderful photos! You such a nice and good-looking man, my type! I'd love to see more!)) I am very grateful to you for telling me more about yourself. It`s wonderful you are traveling a lot, it`s very interesting to see a lot of country and different cultures. Unfortunately I never was abroad but I hope I will one day)
Writing to you now makes me smile and hope, that you could really be that one for me... My intentions are most serious, ***, please, know this. Same like you I am searching for my love, for my man for life. And I will do everything to make my man and me be happy together) Now just a little about me to start from, ok?) I am 29 years old, born on the 26 of January 1989. As you can see from photos, I have chestnut hair, and very brown eyes. Always smiling and positive!) My weight is 59 kg, height 165 cm. Hope it is ok for you?) All my life I live in Russian city of UFA, Republic of Bashkortostan.
I live with mother and a older brother and he's son in a small but cosy apartment. My brother is divorced and now he lives with us, he's son is 1.5 years old. I love my nephew very much. Father left us when I was 5 years old. He simply ran from his responsibilities. So, my dad is not the best example of a man for me. But I truly believe that real men, gentlemen exist, caring, supporting, loving and respecting their women. I feel that you are one of them, ***. I really hope that we are for each other, and that you will not hurt or betray me.
Oh, and by the way, I also have a granny she lives in the village not far from the town but sometimes she comes to visit us or we go to the countryside) So, as you see we have some kind of good band in our family))) Despite our little one and only man, our little prince)) But maybe you could become a real king in our family kingdom???)))) LOL let's see, agree?) I`m very romantic, positive, purposeful woman! I know what I want in this life and I try to go through life with confidence! I believe that in life there are only positive events, and if sometimes some difficulties happen, it is only to make us be stronger and we have to make some effort to reach our goals and dreams. *** you can see, I'm an incurable optimist and philosopher) I hope you're not too bored with my words and with my long letter)
Now I will be waiting for your answer, ***) I want to know more about you, about your personality, your life, goals. And I hope to see more photos of you of course!) I am very happy that I met you, ***) Let's see if we are for each other)
Sincerely, Lilia
Hello dearest ***!!)
And again you make me smile and feel really pleased to see your letter) This communication is very exciting and important for me)My dear ***, thank you for sending more of your wonderful pictures. I loved a lot and hope to see more again) And thank you for telling me more about your life and family. Oh, ***, I see that you are very observant. yes,I have deleted my profile on the dating site because I saw that in general there only sex tourists who is going to make trips to Russia for having fun with local women(( I was very disappointed about this. Because I wanted to find there a man for serious relations and got to know that foreign men look only for free sex in Russia.
And when I met you,***, you seemed to be a different man and that's why I decided to keep communication directly with you and to leave that site because I was tired from that dirty messages. You know, ***, since youth years I have on big passion in my life, the thing which I love as much as I think I can love my beloved man!!! )))) It is dancing)) I was fond of dancing since I started to walk. And sometimes my mom tells me that instead of making steps I was making some dancing moves)))) But my mom always thought that dancing will never make future to me and that's why she made me enter to medical college)) I had to study in another town and I had to find some job there for earning some funds for food and some pocket money. I couldn't find out any other job for myself as to do the thing which I can best of all in this life - it is to dance) And I went working to the night club as dancer. Please, just don't judge me too harsh)) I never danced naked and never worked in the strip club. It was just a simple night club and in my country it is rather popular when at the disco you can see on the stage not only DJ but also a dancing team which makes a show) So, I hope you will not think bad of me but I really loved what I did. When my mom got to know this she was really mad. But in the end she saw that I really enjoy it and this job is also can be payed the same as a work of a nurse and she had to accept my choice) As you might guess I didn't work even a day as nurse but I got a diploma for making mom happy that I have some degree))
But several years ago I quit my job of the dancer. I got a knee trauma and already can not keep dancing the whole night. Nowadays I can dance only once a week in the dancing class for keeping shape. As for my current job I keep working the same night club but as executive manager.
Sometimes when I'm tired or when I'm sad I listen music and go to the dancing class where I can free all my energy and emotions) And after that I can return home and can light a candle and lay in a warm bath with aroma oils) and dream that one day we will be together with my lovely man, he will hug me and we will enjoy the warmth of our bodies and beautiful music! Oh, I hope I am not too open for the first letters, I just want to be fully honest with you, so that you could see not only my photos, but my inner world. I am just really tired of being lonely and hope to meet my second part very soon! I really want to love and be loved! I want to give care and attention and get the same in return! And I believe that soon it will be in real life! My heart tells me that I'm on the right way!! *** do you listen your heart? What does it tell you about me? I hope only good things)))
Will be waiting for your next answer impatiently) Wish you a wonderful day)
Your Lilia)
Hello, my dearest ***)))
Sorry for delay in answer again. But unfortunately internet connection here is so unstable(( I wish it to be better but it's not in my power to change this. Please, don't me mad at me. I am very serious about you and missed a lot our conversations) I am very glad to see your letter in my mail box)) There's nothing better for me nowadays as to open my mail box and to see an email from you there) You always know how to warm up my heart and to lighten my day in your lines))) ***, my dear, and I appreciate a lot your support and care about me. it is very pleasant to hear such warm words from your side. You know with every new day I feel like we are getting closer with you. I open more and more new sides in you and I like it very much. ***, you are very kind and caring man, you are full of so much love. You are real gentleman! And I must confess that I feel myself so lucky that I've met you. And if one day a man like you could be mine and make me happy I'd be the happiest woman in the world!))
***, when you wrote me for the first time, I felt it was the start of something different! We stroke a great friendship from the start, and if my premonitions don`t fail me, this friendship can become stronger and deeper... it`s all up to you now, because I have already surrendered to your charms!!
That`s right, my darling, it`s up to you now! I, for one, just want to be able to repeat and deepen the feeling I had with that first look! I felt butterflies when I saw you for the first time your letter in my mail box! I realized straight away that something bigger could happen between the two of us after that; actually, I am quite sure that we can establish a new and more intimate relationship, because a certain degree of intimacy, love and lust were unequivocally exchanged with that first look! I hope this first impression of mine will be confirmed!
Today it's a typical working day) I just got some free time and opened my mail to write you. And now I am sitting by the computer with a cup of hot tea and watch over the raindrops outside while writing to you. And to tell the truth it pushed me over some romantic thoughts...)) I was always dreaming to wander along the empty paths of some park kissing with my beloved man under the rain. Quite crazy and romantic at the same time, don't you think so?) And how do you see romance in relations? Would you like to make something romantic with your second half?
Oh, and by the way, unfortunately I do not use now smart-phone. It was broken and now I have to use my old phone and there is no possibility to use all these programs((( I hope it is not a problem for you? We can keep communicating through email and also talk over the phone. In case you want this too, here is my private mobile number to you- +7 917 353 96 13. You are welcome to call, if you want)
Well, that's all for today. Do not want to bore you. I hope to see your answer soon. And will be thinking about you 61 second in a minute) I will be thinking of you, ***.
Your Lilia,
Hi my darling xxxxxx! I did not call on sunday, what are you talking about???
I have just read your letter. I am sorry for not being able to respond quickly, there has been so many things to take care of!!! Today I do not work, as my vacation has begun.
Now I stopped by at my work to receive all documents from my director which will be necessary for me in the embassy. The director wished me a nice vacation. I have said good bye to my colleagues as well. They were joking and they made me smile a lot, it made my mood even better!!! I am very happy!!! I am happy that soon we will be together! I am sure, that this vacation will be the best vacation in my life!!!
xxxxxx, I wait for our meeting with a lot of impatience. Last night I was packing my bag for my trip to you. I have told my mom, that I will go to Moscow tomorrow. My mom told me, that she will go with me to the airport, from which I am going to take my plane to Moscow. My mom asked me to be very careful. She asked to write her a letter as soon as I will arrive to your country. I promised to send her our photos together.
If my father was still live, he would be very glad, that I have met such a man like you and that I am going to travel to you!!! It is very romantic! xxxxxx, I trust you, I do not doubt the sincerity of your feelings. But I am a little afraid as I never travelled so far... Will you meet me in the airport??? Already very soon we will be together with you. Tomorrow I will arrive to Moscow. I promise, that I will write you letters every day, and to tell you all the news about the official registration of papers. Your support will be necessary for me! I will be absolutely alone in Moscow. Moscow is a very big city and I will be on my own.
I am sure, that our feelings will help us to be together as soon as possible!!
Today I will buy a new laptop, so that we could write each other letters, at the time while I am in Moscow, while the visa is being prepared. I think that you understand that the laptop is necessary for me so that I could write you letters and inform on all news. I did not manage to connect my mobile phone to an international telecommunication as it is a difficult and long process to do, and I did not have time for it at all! I think, that if it is necessary, I can find a way to call you from Moscow. I very much hope that everything will be alright!!! My darling, I occasionally removed some of your letters, please, write me again, which airport should I arrive to???
Also write me your full address, phone number and full name again, I will write it all down to my notebook.
It is very important, do not forget to write it in your letter! Now I should leave the computer. I do not work today, and I cannot stay long behind my work computer. I will go to the airport to buy tickets to Moscow. I miss you! Our meeting will make us the happiest people! I want, this happy moment to remain in our memory for all our life!!!
When we will meet, I want to cook many various meals for you every day!!! I will surprise you with my meals and I am sure that you will love them!!! Yesterday already I was packing my suitcase and I am sending you some photos!! I also want to say that I really want to be with you right now!!! It is a very special feeling!!! I hope you don't mind!!!:)
I want to tell you that I trust you completely!!! I dream of our meeting so much!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are dreaming of it too!!! Kiss you many times!!!!!!!
Your Liliyn!!!

Hi xxxxxxxxx!!!
I write you from Moscow! I rented a room in an apartment. The owner of apartment is a very nice woman. I will write you the address where I stay: Novomaryinskaya ul, dom 11, Moscow, Russia,109341
xxxxxxx, today I visited the embassy and the airport. In the embassy I have filled out all the papers necessary for getting a visa. I like that in the visa center there are a lot of very nice people working and I even saw the council, he went by in a corridor and seemed very nice but very serious person. I got help absolutely with everything. I have handed in all the necessary documents and also made photos for my visa. Now I am waiting for my visa to be given to me. I have met a girl and asked her how much time it takes to get a visa. She said that now they make it very quickly, as there are a large quantity of people applying and the embassy is working very quickly.
In the embassy they told me that I shall have 2 airplane tickets. Tickets are necessary for getting a visa. As I was explained,the employees of the embassy have to be sure in the exact dates of my arrival and departure from your country. I thought that I could get the tickets from the internet,but in the embassy they told me that now it is very strict rules about tickets and I have to possess original tickets with me so they can be approved by the embassy.
It is one of the main conditions for obtaining a visa. I was very surprised with these rules but they said it is very important for me to get a visa quickly. I was also explained that there are a lot of people that are being dishonest with this, for example showing tickets from internet that are not valid or even do not exist. Because of these cases now the embassy made it more complicated to avoid such cases. Today I visited airport "Sheremetyevo-2" and looked at the prices of airplane tickets to you!The tickets variety is very large! Darling, I think we need to hurry up with getting the tickets, because the embassy is waiting for me now and they have to approve my dates of travel to you! The main criteria for choosing the tickets was the price. I had to find the cheaper tickets. The employee of the airport helped me with the choice. I looked at the prices for this month.
The cost of the ticket is 1280 dollars.
xxxxxxx! As I wrote you before I didn't want to ask you for any financial help! Though, I purchased a laptop and came to Moscow by plane from Samara, also I have a lot of expenses here, in Moscow. Now I have not enough money to get the tickets.
I paid all the fees for the visa in the embassy and also for the medical insurance. I also paid for rent of a room in advance. Now I have very little left and it is necessary for me to live in Moscow until I get my visa. Are you able to help me to get the tickets? As I already told you that I have to get them in Russia. Today I visited a bank to find out how I can receive your help quickly, because I need to buy tickets and go to the embassy to get the tickets approved. Not too far from where I rented a room there is a bank "Sberbank" and there I found out about a system for transfers called "Money gram".
The employee of the bank told me that it is safe and secure to receive your help by money gram. Now I will tell you all the information that you need to send me your help: full name: "Liliyn Bikmuhametowa"
address of the bank: "Sberbank" Russia, Moscow, Proezd Lugovoy, dom 12, 109652
After you will transfer me the help, the employee of bank will give you confidential number mtcn, as I was explained in the bank. You should write me this number mtcn so I could receive your help. I hope that you have understood everything. When I can receive your help?
Also in the bank they told me that there are many systems for transfers like "money gramm". I wrote it all down just in case to my notebook, because I couldn't remember this any way.
But Money gram is closer to where I stay in Moscow, so I asked as much more about it to write you the details! Not every person can receive the visa to your country.
My visa is already in the process of registration. I am glad, that I managed to begin the process of registration of the visa. In the visa center they told me that the sooner I come back with the tickets, the sooner they give me my visa! It can be done quickly if I make all in time. I hope, that we very soon we will be together!!! Now I imagine our first romantic dinner together!!! There will be candles on the table, I will prepare a delicious dinner for us, you will open wine, oh how I dream of it!!!!!!
I am very very tired today, as I had a very difficult day in Moscow. It is a huge city. Please don't leave me without your letters, as I am alone here and I need your support every day! I think of you always!
Unfortunately I wasn't able to put skipe on my laptop, I didn't know that I have to put it myself to the laptop. I am not too good with electronic devices, especially when there is nobody to help with it.
I hope you are going to teach me how to use it when we meet, ok? Today I have seen a beautiful place in Moscow, called "Red Square"! I have made you a photo and video, to show you how it is like in Moscow now! I hope you like it!!! I am waiting for your letter with great impatience!!! Now I will take a bath and I am going to relax after a long and very intense day and after my trip to Moscow!!! I am so exhausted but at the same moment I am so happy that soon we are going to be together!!!
I kiss you my darling!!! I very much hope for your support!!!!!
Your Liliyn
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Date: 2019-09-09 | Name: JohnDoe | Email: hidden
I met on Fdating too.
I told her everything about me where I live in USA and then she told me about her where she lives and works and then she tried scam me US$1280

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