Natalya Tikhonova from Miass a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalya Tikhonova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-07-23 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalya Tikhonova
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She contacted me from out of the blue and used a novel approach in making the first contact. She sent a picture of a woman in a red dress with a sound clip of "The Woman In Red". I normally would not respond to this but I just had to respond and tell her how unique that email was.
She stated that she would like to know about life in America and I responded that she should have wrote to a university professor of social science. I informed her that I did not think any harm would come in just writing to her from time to time about my life and childhood. It was not long before she wanted my address and phone number. This despite the fact that she had already stated that the phone she had was from work and she only had internet access during her breaks at work. She worked in the office at a truck production in her town of Miass (Russia).
I am still writing about my childhood and she is writing about how her life has changed after contacting me. She is much happier and her family has noticed the difference in her mood. Now her letters stated getting more personal as well as the pictures she is sending me. I never asked her for pictures, nor did I ask for any personal information. From my point of view we were pen pals and nothing more. She was talking about taking her vacation and coming to the US to meet me. She had asked for my information and I had gave her none of it. By this time I have concluded that she is not looking for a pen pal ... what she is looking for is a sucker to send her money. Next thing I know she is on vacation and is on her way to Moscow to make arrangements to fly to America.
She writes back that she has a tourist visa and has paid for all the paperwork but she has ran into a problem. She does not have the savings to pay for the plane ticket but the lady at the ticket agency told her that I could help her out by sending her a MoneyGram for seven hundred dollars to pay for the airline ticket. This is it ... we finally get to the truth. I write back to her in Russian and hear nothing back. All this is happening while Russia has a firewall in place blocking Google and Gmail due to the TeleGram messenger service dispute in Russia.
So despite the fact that she gave me an address in Miass to write to her at, I do not really think she was in Russia. All her communication was via gmail and she could not read Russian. I thought that I had deleted all her letters but then I found some of them in Conversation History of my email account. I have since read other scammers emails from this site and her emails sound so similar to others off of this site.

Hello,Terry !!! I am very glad to receive your letter now. You forever in my heart, you have filled with its love, you force to fight it more strongly. Which I test feelings to you are fine, I when was not such happy! You have presented to me love, you have filled emptiness in my soul, I am grateful to you!! I know, that you my man whom I waited all life, you became for me sense of all my life!!! You have presented to me a new life, you have shown, that in this world there is a love! Terry, I am waiting for our meeting with great impatience !!! Are you waiting for our meeting? Today I have important news for you. Please, my dear, be attentive. Yesterday I called the embassy in Moscow. Now I know all the information that is necessary for me to travel to your country. First of all, as you said to me that I should visit personal message in Moscow to begin process of official registration of papers. I said that it is not a problem. Already my vacation will start tomorrow and I can start official registration of papers at any time. As they have told me that for travel to your country, I should visit Embassy to fill out questionnaires. It is necessary for me to wait for the approval of my trip. I should show the inquiry about the marital status, the inquiry from work, the statement on the payment of all taxes as well as the passport and the photos. Today I will try to get all the documents. Terry, as they told me that I do not need the invitation from you because my visa will be "Tourist". If there is a need for the invitation, I will tell you about it. I decided that the hotel will be expensive ... I chose a variant of the room rental in Moscow! I will choose a cheaper option when I arrive in Moscow. I should pay for the registration of the visa, and since I have to pay for consular collecting and an additional payment for the registration of questionnaires. I asked about the cost of plane tickets, but the girl in the embassy could not answer my question. When I am in Moscow, I will visit the airport to get the prices. Today, after a phone call with the girl from the embassy, ????I thought a lot about our first meeting. There are sincere relationships between us and I am assured that our relationships will grow. I want to know that our feelings are mutual. Terry, I have to be sure that you will meet me at the airport. I hope you too, like me, wish our meeting. I have a feeling of joy that has appeared since the first day of our acquaintance. The feeling of loneliness has disappeared from my life and it is nice for me to know that there is a person in the world who thinks of me. Yesterday I went to the store and bought a small gift for you, it's perfume. I am sure that you are comfortable. Darling, you do not represent how I want to meet you, I want our meeting to be memorable. I want to be the most beautiful for you! I had no relationship with the man more than 3 years, I could not find that only one thing that will be on my mind for the soul. I believe that there will be a great passion between us and we can construct beautiful love! I want it so much! This meeting is the big step to our relationships. I listen to the heart, and my heart says we will be happy together. Please tell me your thoughts !!! I do not want to lose a day from my vacation !!! Our meeting is the best way to get to know each other better. I miss you so much and think of our first meeting :-) I kiss you,Terry !!! With love Natalya!

Hello, Terry !!! I am very happy to receive a letter from you today! Have you had anything new in the last few days? I hope my answer does not wait you wait? I read your letter with a smile! Every time I read your letter, a smile appears on my face! Your letters help brighten my daily work and my loneliness! I think of you very often I started to notice that I fell asleep and wake up to think of you! I've never had that kind of thing. You have given life to the new feelings that I have! You changed my life! I have news for you! I found the information that I needed to travel to your country. The message is not in my city. There is a visa center in Chelyabinsk. The embassy and consular section of the embassy is located in Moscow. I can not apply for a visa in my city, even with my foreign passport. I have to apply for a visa to travel to your country. Embassy officials told me that I had to apply online and send it to the embassy. Then I have to register for an interview, and then I have to go to Moscow to buy tickets and get a visa. Terry, I hope you like the idea of ????our meeting. They also told me that not everyone can get permission to travel to your country. Together with the Embassy employee we decided that the visa "Tourist" would be the best visa for me. With this tourist visa, I can easily come to your country. Under the visa "Tourist" I can freely move around the territory of your country. I will spend 30 days in your country, what do you think about it? I think that this time will be enough for us to get to know each other better. Do you agree? Representatives of the embassy told me that my visa will be ready in 10 days from the date of application. During this time, I would rather live in Moscow because I can be invited to the embassy at any time. I have already collected a list of documents that I have to give to the Embassy in Moscow. I can not believe we will be together soon. We can talk endlessly and look each other in the eye. Terry, because the embassy official told me he might need an invitation from you when I go to the embassy. Can you give me an invitation if it is necessary for me? I'll write to you when I need your invitation. While this is not correct. Now I will call the Visa Center in Chelyabinsk or Moscow to find out more and more. I have to know the cost of the documents. I know that I have to pay for a visa of about 40-50 dollars, as well as for health insurance. I have money! I also have to make an appointment with the embassy. I hope the information I am writing now really appeals to you. I'm sure nobody and nothing will interfere with our meeting if we both want! Do you agree? I told my mother about my decision, and my mother fully supports me! Mom is happy for me, my mother is glad that I met a decent man! my sister asks me, as soon as I fly to you, immediately send our photos together. You make me happy! I will finish the letter! I have a lot of work, before I go on vacation, I have to finish all things at work! I'll wait for your answer tomorrow. Kisses only for you !!! All my love, Natalya!
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