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She appeared in our database from 2018-09-12 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anna Moskvina
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I'm pretty sure I'm getting scammed. She has a very strange way of writing to me, calling me "prince" or "teddy bear", or something else. We have been writing emails since early May and the emails started off as "mere friends", then kicked it up a notch to "lovers", she apparently "fell in love with me" and wants to "be my wife". She claims that she paid for visa and tickets using dollars...and that she will be on her way to come and see me, or so she says.

Hello my dear Brian! Please forgive the delay in writing, today I could not write to you sooner, but I really wanted to do it. Because I have very good news for you! But first I want to say that I'm very happy to hear from you so soon. I I missed you and waited for the moment when I could write to you. Don't worry that you couldn't text me yesterday. Thank you for your beautiful letters. Now about the main thing, I'm very worried now, you won't believe me the wig on hands, my hands are shaking. I'm worried because I was at a travel Agency today and now I have travel information for you! I insanely happy, I'm like a little girl who opened a gift for Christmas. You are my gift and very soon I will be with you! You're welcome write down this information and keep it safe. The travel Agency printed out my ticket details. Departing, 28 September from Moscow (Domodedovo) to Cedar Rapids (IA) (Cedar Rapids Municipal Arpt) 05:40 ?? 07:55 Moscow (Domodedovo) - London (Heathrow) Flight: BA236 Airbus A321 British Airways Stop: 4h 30m 12:25 ?? 16:40 London (Heathrow) - Dallas (TX) (Dallas Ft Worth Intl) Flight: AA81 Boeing 777-300ER American Airlines Stop: 4h 10m 20:50 ?? 22:50 Dallas (TX) (Dallas Ft Worth Intl) - Cedar Rapids (IA) (Cedar Rapids Municipal Arpt) Flight: AA4113 Embraer 175 American Airlines I'm very excited now because it's important for me to get an answer now. Tomorrow I have to inform my consent for this date and travel the Agency will book these tickets for me. I hope this is a good time to meet. Brian, will you be busy? You can come and meet me at the airport? Can you tell me any information we need to find each other? What will you be wearing? I will find out you, but I don't want to take any chances and I want our meeting to go smoothly. My heart is now full of joy and happiness. All my thoughts on our meetings, because now I have to pack my bags and I don't know what to bring. Sorry, you're probably not interested in hearing about this. Because for girls all the clothes in the closet-very important! Tomorrow I will also go to my parents, I need to take some things from my parents ' house. I'm also going to my friend's. The cost of tickets is 632 dollars. I need to pay 430 dollars. I'll pay the rest of the money soon. My girlfriend promised to help with the rest of the ticket price. I'll go to the other. And now there will be only one difficulty-you will need to pass an interview at the Embassy in Moscow and get my visa. Don't worry, it's a formality. and all will pass without problems. Soon we will see each other and make all our fantasies a reality! I love you and only you, my gentle and beautiful Brian!! Brian, I'm yours forever. I love you! Your Anna. Hello my love! Brian, I'm glad to get your letter today. My dear, don't tell me you're being selfish. That's not true. You you take care of your mother, and that's very good for her. But you also need to think about the future. We can change that. If we persist work, then you can choose any life you want and I will be happy to be a part of this life. But there are some bad thoughts presently. I don't know how to start my letter because I have some bad news. I went. to my friend and wanted to take the last money for the trip that my friend saved for me. But I can't take them now! Last night, my friend's husband came home drunk. And this morning, when I came in, that money was gone! Her husband spent all the savings they had. were! And also spent the money my friend wanted to give me. Her husband plays poker and spent all his money last night. I'm excited and embarrassed by it. My friend is very sorry, apologizes. But it's not her fault and I understand her. She's in trouble now as much as we are. I I do not know what to do, because I planned and put all my last efforts on this money. And now I don't know what to do. I I do not know what will happen now and I hope that I can find additional money from my relatives. Tomorrow I'll go to a travel Agency and I may have to postpone my flight to you for a few more weeks or maybe even months. This time will be enough, to get all the money I need and fly to you! I hope this bad news doesn't spoil your mood today. I'm depressed and upset today, but all my thoughts are about you. I knew., that our meeting will not be easy and we will have to fight to be together. Brian, I love you with all my heart and I promise we will we will see each other very soon! I have many fantasies and a thirst to fulfill all of them with you. Now I have to go home, for a lot happened today and I need to rest a little. I'll tell you tomorrow all the news I have. I love you my darling! Soon we will be together, and no barrier will prevent our happiness! Your Anna. Hello my dear man. Brian, I'm so happy to see your answer. It's sad that you feel like you're not ready for our meeting. If you you think that, we'll never be ready for a meeting. You don't have to go into the virtual world every time something doesn't work. I was really afraid you'd be upset about my letter. To sorry I don't have any good news for you today. I don't know what to do with the trip. I went to a travel Agency and I looked. options, I primarily wanted to postpone the trip to get extra money and pay for the tickets. But the travel agent said to me that I can postpone my trip for only one week! I thought that I would have enough of this time, I went to my family today, also went to friends. But no one can give me that amount. I'm tired, I'm ready to scream, because my soul is torn apart. These the thought of letting you down hurts me so much! I love you and I just wanted us to be together soon. No need to rush., please forgive me for this. Now the worst option for us is to lose these tickets, because I can not return the full amount for tickets I paid for. And start hoarding again. I won't be able to get enough money so soon and I'll have to give up mine tickets, save up again. But I'm afraid because it will take a very long time. I'm at a loss, I don't know how to be. I feel like stupid fool, because I Packed 2 suitcases, I Packed my things and told everyone that I was flying to my man very soon. Only a few weeks separated us. Sorry for all the bad thoughts today. Brian, without you, my life is empty, I'm ready to fight, but now my hands are falling. Why is it so difficult, why not just fly to you, without these material problems... I love you Brian!!! Please excuse me for this bad letter, I did not eat today and did not sleep last night and was very tired. I'm probably gonna go home now, maybe tomorrow I'll have an idea how we're gonna go from here. Please don't lose hope. I love you! Your forever Anna.
Hello my dear and beloved man. Tim, how are you today? I am very happy to receive your letter today, it is always pleasant to me to read your words, to listen to your imaginations and to enjoy communication with you! I would definitely like to see your apartment. You don't have to make it clean to impress me. It would be nice to see your life. You know I'm sure the apartment you can learn about the person much more. You can learn his Hobbies, his lifestyle, his thoughts. Probably sounds very silly? It's raining all day today. The clouds in the sky and quite cold. But the thought of you gave me strength, because all my thoughts about what I will soon be able to read your letter. Even the weather does not interfere. Despite the weather in my soul is light and the sun is shining! I'm always happy to read your letters, they bring me a smile, because it's nice to know that thousands of miles from me there is a man who this moment is thinking of you. You've completely taken over my heart. I so hope that very soon we will not have to dream and we will be able to fulfill all our dreams together. We'll be together and be the happiest couple in the world. Tim, I need you most of my life. All mine. love is just for you Now my days are very long. I wait every day when I can come and write to you. Every minute without you like eternity. Even at work, these thoughts haunt me. I feel like I can't live without you. I feel like a silly girl because that I have such strong feelings. I've never felt this way before. Perhaps these feelings are deceiving me? After all, we haven't seen each other. I don't want to disappoint you, I don't want us to hurt each other. I am an optimist in this. I believe we can be together, and we'll be fine. I feel it in my heart, and I know it's real. I hope these words don't scare you., I hope you're ready to see me in the future and be with me. I don't want to impose my feelings on you. I want us to talk about any things! It's new to me, I don't even know how to describe my feelings to you, because it's hard to put it into words. As much as I wanted you saw my eyes that you looked into my eyes, you could see in them the fire of feelings for you! You stole my heart and now I belong only you. You are my angel who came down and gave me a second life. I lived a long time working and saw nothing else. Children are happiness and I am proud to have found my calling from life, but there are things that can not give me a job. I miss having a man who will with me, who I can rely on, who can hug me when I'm having a hard time, calm me down when I'm upset about something. It was. tiresomely. I've often thought about the meaning of life. I wonder what your life is all about. Good job, nice house, kids? Or eternal love, love that survives even death! I don't know, that's why these thoughts depress me all the time. I often think about the fact that I am 33 years old, that half of my life is gone. I'm a single-minded woman, but I've lost my purpose in life, I want to find it. If we're together, our meeting will become a reality I want us not to miss the chance to get to know each other better, to be together and to show our feelings for each other. I'm not afraid to take risks and I'm ready to fly half the World to see you. We accidentally found each other and it seems that we are only connected the thin thread of the Internet. But I know our bond is strong. I always try to be sincere with you, and I know that you've also opened up to me. soul. I can promise you, and I want to say a few words now. Tim, I promise you: I will never hurt your heart. I I will always be honest with you, and I will always love you. My feelings are real, they come from the bottom of my heart. You're a lot to me mean and it's not just empty words that he writes you a woman from Russia, it's more than that. You understand me, I know that, I would say that we kindred spirit. Maybe in a past life we were together? I don't want to guess, I want in this life, we met and gave our love each other. In this cold day, these thoughts haunt me. I don't know how I'm gonna sleep tonight when I get back to my empty and cold apartment. I only know that I will think of you, I will live in fantasy about you. Until our fantasies become reality... Maybe it's love? What is love? I think it's when you can be on the edge of the world and know that you're loved, that you're expected. When you feel love for thousands of miles and that you smile when you close your eyes and imagine your other half. When you can just to feel the spiritual support of a loved one. Care and tenderness. Loyalty and fidelity. And that's why I can't go on without you. Me torment the thought that I can't hold you. I can't touch you and I can't feel your kisses and the warmth of your body. Can't Wake up in the morning and see you smile. Tim, I love you. If my life is destined to love and be happy, it is only with you. I know we made for each other. I need you like air. Like water. I love you and life without you is hell for me. I wish we could be together as soon as possible. I love you and I want to give all my love to you. Please tell me you're you feel how you imagine love. So Silly to love? I do not know. But I'm ready to sing for the happiness that I have you. I do love you. I I send you a thousand kisses and hugs. I look forward to your letter. Your love Anna.
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Date: 2018-09-22 | Name: Timothy | Email: hidden
As Brian has already suspected, this person is a scammer. I have the same photos that he has posted on this site under her name. Whether or not she is actually doing the writing I do not know. She talks great in one sentence and like she doesn't know English in the next. She does call you "My Prince" and "Teddybear" Someone needs to find this crook and them a nice warm jail cell.

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