Natalya Without proof from Victim of fraud did not provide proofs a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Natalya Without proof the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-09-20 , financial damage US $ 250

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Natalya Without proof
Anna Without proof
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Victim of fraud did not provide proofs
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Is she the russian scammer? For receive your money, she used this Bank Account
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fake number
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Victim of fraud did not provide proofs.
I want to share my experience to avoid that XXXXXX, coldy goldy, goldy codie, butter cake, cam girl and escamer, uses the show girls websites to capture their victims, becoming a victim of her single mother situation without help, good girl working as cam girl being the studio that takes the highest percentage, facilitates her personal skype, and whasup, and compulsively sends texts and photos walking through saint petersburg, russia, with her son, her humble house, and saying that she wants to dub her life, leave russia, find a man to love and love her, and convincing you to a meeting, pay luxurious vacations, in Paris and Spain for her and her 11 year old son, take them shopping, disneyland, ferrary park, two weeks, in August, I gave you thousands of euros to relax, we continue to relate during the next week sending texts, telling me that wanted me to visit her in saint petersburb, that is ready for me, to process k1 visa, marry me, to start new life to have one more kid with me, to leave his work and that to trust in me I needed send her 10000usd, the poor girl needed the money to trust that I am a good man and that I will take care of her, ok I send the money , gifts by fedex, and from there start asking for smaller amounts, $ 500 $ 1000 usd pir paypal or western union almost daily justifying that the money sent put in bank, later when I already have tickets of plane, hotel, visa, everything ready , provoke many discussions, tells me that love is over, that happens in two months, natalia tarase ... wont said last name, because I am a gentleman, but it cost me more than $ X$$0000.00 usd, sorry for the long of the report but I hope it serves to her new potential victims to avoid happening to them the same thing, since it is the way of life of her, to deceive men capturing them in live show cam girl websites to deceive them for the same purpose, after a small online search I found this advertisement on russian bride sites with the same story that She tell to myself, on several dating sites. has unverified PayPal accounts, western union, Bitcoin, etc., a professional scammer , it's sad that she uses her 11-year-old son as part of her plan since the kid is sick of ocd and she leaves him alone in her flat while working for days on live cam porn shows looking for new victims Thank you and please be aware of cam girl scammer, coldy Goldie, Codie goldy,

Many text over a year and asking threat because money constantly
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Date: 2019-05-07 | Name: Natalia | Email: hidden
I urgently ask you to remove the illegally published slander about me, my personal photos, photos of my friends and the address. You may not use and post unverified stories. Crazy stalkers. Stalker Javier Villanueva helped me voluntarily. I didn??t lie around a fraudster and didn??t excort and ask for money from him, much less break the law. Please take action. If you need proof that he is crazy, I have all our correspondence his phone number, mail, etc.

Date: 2019-05-11 | Name: Ronnie | Email: hidden
Wow! Yes, I am aware that she was having an ongoing affair with my soon to be ex husband (Javier). She also knew that he was married with children, I was pregnant with Javier??s third child, yet continued to constantly look for him for money. I caught them both chatting online via Chaturbate. From what I understand; she is a porn cam model whom works for Chaturbate and other porn sources. I have also done my research, and she might also belong to an escort group in St. Petersburg, Russia. Of course, she is going to reluctantly deny everything because that is what she is great at doing. This concludes to my children, they were the ones affected by this. Financially, a huge burden, I found evidence of a bank account of which I??m assuming belongs to her, of which I will not post on here for her sake. As well as photos of Natalya WithoutProof with her son one of the many trips Javier conspicuously paid for.

Date: 2019-05-13 | Name: Dima ivanov | Email: hidden
I met this girl at Dream Marriage, we talked for about 6 months, she told me her grandma was sick and that she had to take a break, she promised to get back to me, I sent her gifts, not money, I suggested that we could continue at VK, but she blocked me there and on FB, fucking TRASH, I warned not to mess with me! She is reported to IC3 USA as a scammer, so she can forget to enter US!!

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