Ekaterina Kanashina from Tambov a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ekaterina Kanashina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-10-22 , financial damage US $ 250

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Ekaterina Kanashina
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Ekaterina Andreevna Kanashina. Scam for half airplane ticket. $650. Provided copy of ticket to my location and picture of passport. Wanted $1800 to make it thru customs but I was unwilling to pay. Problems in sending money resulted in me using a friends name Ekaterina Bychkova to receive money.

My dearest after I wrote you the last letter. I had to fill out some documents and then go to the customs. I was told that I should go through some procedures there. I got acquainted with the requirements of the customs. Then they asked me if I could confirm my own solvency. At first I did not understand what they were telling me. I asked them to explain what they are talking about. Since my visa is called a tourist visa and it is valid for 3 months (90 days)! I will have to present a sum of money for every day of your stay in your country !! One day of stay in the US is 40 US dollars. if you make a small calculation, it turns out that I need 3600 us dollars. This money is necessary since I am traveling on a tourist visa, and the state should be sure that I have money for food and necessary things for living in another country, and that I will be back. I can not say that I'm going to a man. Because my visa is a tourist visa. And I can only go as a tourist. This is the best visa for me right now. I have not been to the US before, and so I was able to make only a tourist visa. I explained to them that I'm going as a tourist. But they told me that I should show money for the whole period of your stay in your country. Because my visa is a guaranteed 90-day stay in your country and I can at any time renew the registration at the hotel before the end of my visa. The Government of Russia should know that I am traveling as a tourist with my money, which will be enough for the entire duration of my visa. Because I can change the flight time and extend the hotel reservation at any minute when I'm in the US. The government should be sure that I'm not going to work there as a prostitute, transport drugs or do other criminal. It's all because of the rule of entry into your country. In fact, this is the right step. But why I did not know about this at the travel agency. I spoke with the travel agency and they said that the embassy is dealing with this. The travel agency has nothing to do with the customs point. Since it is wrong legally and politically. The embassy just sends me there and the customs point tells me about it. I was very surprised at what had happened. I did not know what to do. I tried to figure it all out. I was furious. But really I realized that this is Russia and the system is not perfect. My dear the main thing now is for you not to call the embassy or something. If you call and find out and the possibilities of visiting any woman in your country, then my visa will break. Because I passed the check only here in Russia. In the US, people are more strict and can learn that I'm going to a man. they will check the lists of the women who will be arriving in your city on a tourist visa, and if you called, then the US government will send me home and close the visitors for me. I have long figured out all these nuances and I realized that the only way out is to find money or reduce the validity of my visa. I could not reduce the validity of the visa, even if I write a personal letter and say that I'm going to fly to Russia in a few days. I talked for a long time with customs people and I learned that their main (their chief left). I tried to negotiate with the subordinates and I was able to do something. One customs person told me that he can make documents that my visa is only 45 days. When passing customs, I will show only half of that amount: 1800 us dollars (45 days not 90 days). To achieve this I will have to write documents and get a seal from that boss (which is not present). It turns out that I really only go for 45 days. This is achieved by the fact that in the documents I will receive a shorter visa. And when passing customs, I will only show the documents to the customs person with whom I have agreed. He will put that seal. But it needs to be done today or tomorrow morning. Because their boss did not come. The boss will not know about this, because I will be silent about this and the subordinate will remain silent. And this paper about 45 days will only be with me. And in the US I will show this paper with the seals of customs people and everything will be successful. All options were unsuccessful, I was very tired today to look for money. I need your help with this money. Only now do not freak out, do not make hasty conclusions, and even more so do not think badly. I'll explain everything to you now, this amount of money I will only need to show! That is, before boarding the plane, I will pass the customs point and I will have to show 1800 us dollars, the people at the customs will look and make sure that I have the necessary amount, they will give me this money back, I will board the plane, you will meet me at the airport and I will give you this money !!! Money will be with me on the plane, in complete safety! Please understand that I do not want to quarrel with you !! the more this is not my fault, these are stupid laws of Russia and USA !! I can not change anything and find another option, the more you can not do anything about it !!! Understand that I, too, am in great shock, and crying heavily !! I can not calm down!! I do not want to lose you because of these stupid laws !!!! My dear, I need this money only to show !! I swear that I will not spend not one cent !! I will refund all the money to you as soon as I arrive to you! I promise!! My dear, I ask you to understand that I can not come to you without your help! I love you! I wanna be with you! But I ask to understand that if I do not pass customs before my departure, my tickets will burn and I can not come to you !! Do you understand? My dear, I really do not feel comfortable asking you for help! But I love you! I wanna be with you! I'm very tired of the problems! But I did my best! I ask you to understand that we need to hurry up before the head of customs came! If the customs chief comes, then more money will be needed !! Do you understand?
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