Olga Mamaeva from Berezovsky a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Olga Mamaeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-11-11 , financial damage US $ 250

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Olga Mamaeva
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Olga used the dating site Zoosk to contact me using a fake identity. We corresponded for approximately 6 weeks total. She said she fell in love with me after only 2 weeks. She said she lived with her mother and father in an apartment in Berezovsky. She said she had never been married and she discovered her last boyfriend sleeping with another women and was looking for a decent man in the US. We were planning on her coming to USA to visit. She said she would pay for trip, then said she could not afford the trip. She provided a dubious travel estimate from the Rosstur travel agency. It was partly in English and in Russian, with no contact information, date, etc. She wanted me to pay the $1,300 for the trip. Her letters start out by answering a few of your questions in the first few lines and then are followed by obviously prewritten long stories about dreams she has had of you, her love for you etc. I starting noticing inconsistencies with her stories. She said she had never traveled outside her town of Berezovsky, however I was able to identify some of the backgrounds of her photos and videos as being from Saint Petersburg.

Hello, my love XXXX, How was your day, my love? I hope that you are doing well. I'm glad that you want me to spend more time with you. Maybe I can come to an agreement and come to you for 3 or 4 weeks. For the first meeting this will be a great time. Thank you for all the information you need. I looked at your address, a beautiful place. It seems to me in a dream I saw this street and the house :) Now I have all the necessary information. I want you to know my address too, I live in the city of Berezovsky, st. Shilovskaya, house 17. Sverdlovsk Region, Russia, 623701 My name is Olga Mamaeva. Soon I will be able to report more news about the trip plan to you. I will go to the travel agency. Do not worry, I'm doing this. I'm pleased that you are so waiting for our meeting :) You correctly understood that it is better to take a ticket in both directions. Because it will be more reliable to issue documents. How madly I miss you. I would very much like you to be right next to me. I would like to cuddle up to you, and kiss. I like to receive your letters full of love. They give me your love for me. I'm so happy that we found each other. I hope that in the near future, we can be next to each other, and live happily. My life without you does not make sense. I love you very much. My love, you have the most beautiful eyes. I look in them, and I see my reflection. How dear to me these moments. The heart beats enthusiastically in the chest, realizing that in these eyes I will never see the reflection of others. In them only me. When difficult moments present life, I look at your photo, in your priceless eyes. They look at me, look straight at the soul and as if they say: "so that it does not happen, I'll be with you!" I miss your eyes. My love, you have the sweetest lips. I want to kiss them every morning, waking up next to me. Seeing off and meeting, with the occasion and without it - just because I love. Your kiss is sweeter than honey, more tender than a petal, more desirable than anything in the world. Your mouth silently tells me about your feelings with a kiss or a smile. A smile is the most beautiful piece of jewelry! How important is your smile! I want to give you joy and a smile on your face. I miss your kisses, words, smile. My love, you have the most loving heart. The heart that knocks in this world with my heart. A heart in which there is always room for me. It is so tender, warm - the heart of my love. You are my Love! I love you! Be with me forever! I am pleased to love you and do not regret anything. The time that I without you, stretches slowly, sadly, sadly, insanely hard. Cold pierces the heart. I want to get warm with your love. I miss you so much! For some reason, it so happened that the distance between us is great. But our love is unearthly. She is winged and reaches us even at this distance. I love you, and I will always miss you when you are not with me. My love, you are a part of my life, a part of me. When it will be very hard for you - remember me! Do not be sad! I'm near! I'm with you! I love you! On this I will finish my letter. I hope that I will receive your letter soon, filled with pure and sincere love. I miss you. You are always in my thoughts. My heart is fighting for you. With love, Olga
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