Valeria Kozyreva from Belgorod a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Valeria Kozyreva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-11-15 , financial damage US $ 250

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Valeria Kozyreva
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Valeria Aleksandrovna Kozyreva - tupical russian scammer. Need money for all

Hello, good mood on Wednesday, how are you, how is your day? My name is Valeria. I would like to get to knovv you better. In my next letter, I will tell you more me and forward you my image. Do you have any more photos for me? it will be very nice that if you send them to me today. Please tell me about you, about your hobbies, hobbies, and what are you interested in? What do you do in your spare time, how do you spend your weekend? I hope our acquaintance and communication will be fascinating and interesting. I wish you a nice day, a good mood and a smile. All the best. Valeria ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, how are you? I wish you a pleasant Thursday! Thank you for your letter. I really h??pe that our communication development will continue more and we learn about each ??ther better. I think right now y??u could be interested to know a little new for me. my city Belgorod, Belgorodskiy regi??n. It is the European part of Russia. It is very beautiful and nice city where I was born and lived all my life. It will be interesting t?? me, if you tell me about the place where y??u live? In Belgor??d, I studied from high sch??ol, just certified manager for trade pr??fession. I'm good to talk English. If we like to c??ntinue to communicate, then in the future we can talk on the phone. I probably have a very funny accent. As well as I study Italian. This is my little h??bby. And I hope we will be easy t?? understand me each other. N??w I am working in the company, which sells ceramic and marble tiles, to??ls and plumbing for the bathro??m. I'm manager for the sale tiles. And a l??t of time to work, and by the age of 31 I want t?? begin building relationships with a large outl??ok. Now I could not find a l??ved one in my life. Which is why I decided to lo??k on the web man with wh??m I would create a serious relationship. And it has become a seri??us relationship can be in the future! Tell me please, what are you looking for? Since childhood, my parents raised me, as an ??pen and friendly woman. I am always with big respect for the elderly and care for my loved ones! When I was y??ung girl, my mum sent me to a school of ch??reography. And so many years later, I continue to follow the figure and I think that I did it. I try to do every morning jogging or morning work-out. I will send you some of my photos. Phot?? with mom, photo at w??rk. and a few more phot??s. tell me please, what do you have a h??bby and fun activity? What do you do in your free time? Have you watched the W??rld Cup in football? I'll be glad if you send me m??re of your pictures. I know about your c??untry, as a strong and beautiful c??untry, with a chic culture and g??od traditions. In our country, by the way, now a very popular cafe with y??ur kitchen. Well, I think it's n??t a secret. It was my ??ld dream to visit your c??untry. But most important my dream now find a person cl??se to me, possibly with the continuation of a seri??us relationship.. And perhaps our meeting was not a coincidence or chance. And I'd like you to tell more about you, y??ur interests and your hobbies, y??ur life. I hope our communication will be most interesting and it will be easy together. At the beginning of June, I filed d??cuments for tourist visa. Thank you for reading my letter and learned a little ab??ut me. Now I've got to walk the d??g, and then I'll sleep tomorr??w to go to work. And I wish you a go??d day and a smile. With kind regards, Valeria ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My love, I've talked to my parents again, nothing happens to me yet. I do not have a solution yet. I hope everything will turn out. As I wrote to you in my last letter, i will have to organize a trip for 12 October by 26 October. I just want us to quickly see eye to eye! Hopefully soon we will be able to do it! As soon as you help me, I will immediately arrange journey with you. As you know I need now is 520 dollars to pay for travel. I need to pay for the trip as possible to get everything done on time. Please help me transfer, company Moneygram transfer o RIA transfer. I found some offices. I was in the bank Binbank and they told me that it is very easy to do. In order to send me transfer you need just my name. And address where I will get the transfer on my passport.. I'll write to you all information to send me a transfer. My name and surname: Valeria Kozyreva My home address: Russia, Belgorodskaya oblast, Belgorod, prospect Slavy 82 , aprt 21 308000 gsm phone: +79613236484. Manager in the bank said that you will not have problems. If you will need additional information, please contact me. Also, I have a bank account, but I do not know how to operate properly in the international regime. If you want, I can write my account details. but it will be more convenient Moneygram or RIA, it will be faster. As soon as I pay the entire cost of the tour, the travel agency manager will give me all the information travels. Time of departure, time of arrival. And I'll write you all a letter. ok? Have a good day. My gentle kiss! Your Valeria
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