Ksenia Voroshilova from Ekaterinburg a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Ksenia Voroshilova the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2018-11-22 , financial damage US $ 7000

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Ksenia Voroshilova
Elvira Shamratdinova
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Scammed for over $7000. Alison Smith, Tatyana, Ksenia Voroshilova.
Address: 620014, Ekaterinburg, Lenin Ave.2-15.
Used an.gel_88@hotmail.com, phone no. +7 343 748-56-14
Friend/Accomplice Agafonova Tatyana tatyanka34@hotmail.com Add; 620100, Russia, Yekaterinburg, Dekabristov Street Building 6, Apt. 18. Phone no. 73438694153
Central city clinical hospital ?„–1 https://datingscamsdotcc/scammer/profile/s25233?page=3#reports https://datingscamsdotcc/scammer/profile/s21032?page=1#reports

August 3, 2018
Hello, my friend All! I'm Ksenia.
? Everything is fine? How are you?
I hope you did not forget me. I apologize for not being able to respond quickly to your letter. But your letter was in the spam folder. I do not know why, but I received your letter in this folder. Now I will check it more often.
Just let us immediately agree that we will communicate sincerely, cleanly and without lies. Only our truth and sincerity will be in our communication. Do you agree? ? I want to know you better. So, please, write me more about your interests, hobbies, passions, okay?
I'm attaching a photo. I hope I like you. Please, can you send me your photo, what would I represent with whom I communicate?
Are you interested? If you want our meeting on Skype, We can meet in Skype if you add me and call me. My Skype:? an.gel_88@hotmail.com
I understand that in our time there are many ways to communicate. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook. But I have to admit my old phone. For such applications I need a smartphone, Android. I do not like to sit on social networks, because it steals my precious time, which I can spend on my life, not on social networks. Moreover, I do not have an Internet home, and I write to you from a working computer. Maybe I will be bored, but trust me, I'm a cheerful, sociable girl. And I'll be glad to meet you.
Now I'm talking about myself: you already know my name Ksenia. I live in the city of Yekaterinburg in Russia. My date of birth is May 25, 1988.
I am 30 years old. Height 174 cm, weight 67 kg, blue eyes. When's your birthday? We will have time to ask each other many questions and be sure to get answers to them. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything. Only, please, do not write to me or something vulgar and evil, okay? It's unacceptable for me to start a new relationship with vulgarity, nude photography, breast size, etc. Do not take offense at me, please, and stay in touch with me. We all know each other better and better with each subsequent letter.
By the way, I found you on a dating site, unfortunately I do not remember which one, but I decided to write and do not regret it. I'm very interested in talking to someone from abroad. Because I'm disappointed in the men of my city and the country as a whole. But let's talk later. Good?
English I know very well, because I started to study in grade 4 at school.
My new friend, I think I wrote enough for the first letter. I hope you did not get bored reading my letter. I wish you a great day or evening, I do not know your exact time. Please take care of yourself. Hug and kiss my new friend.
Your friend, Ksenia.

August 8
My dear friend All !!!
Sorry for some delay in the answer. I'm very glad to receive your letter.
I want to talk about myself and my life a little, I hope you will be interested. As I already wrote to you, but I'll write again, I'm 30 years old :) For me, not when there were no problems at the age, and in general I think that age is only numbers! For me, the person's soul and his inner world are most important. And in general, I think the older a person is, the smarter and more experienced in life. With an experienced person it's much easier to have a family because he does not have parties and all sorts of entertainments in his head. My dear, therefore, I ask you not to worry about the difference between our age. I am single and have no children. I live in the city of Yekaterinburg in my apartment alone. I had to take an apartment in a mortgage, because the place of my birth is a village 160 km from the city, where only the field and the forest and there is no work. After graduation, I moved to the city to live and work. The apartment is not very chic. But there is everything that is necessary for life.
Now I want to tell about my family. My mother's name is Viktoria. she is now retired. I grew up without a father. My father died when I was 8 years old. I was small, but I remember it very well. It was very difficult for our family to endure this loss. I'm sorry I can not say much about this. I'm not very happy with this topic. My friend, I want to tell you about my previous relationship. My ex-man was called Valera. He also from the city of Yekaterinburg and we met in the museum. On the first day of our meeting he liked me and I immediately gave him my phone number. He started to call me in the evenings and we talked for hours on the phone with him. I got used to it through these phone conversations and a love for him broke out in me. He himself worked in the police. He was the inspector of the central department in the title of senior lieutenant. Over time, he moved to my apartment, but then everything changed. He began to drink vodka often, to walk with other women, and I forgave him like a fool. But one day my patience came to an end, and I told him that everything was over between us. I told him that I do not need a man who does not put me in anything. I'm not a toy and that I have a heart and it hurts. After these relationships, I told myself that I would no longer bind myself to a Russian man, would never even give my phone number, while I'm not sure about the partner. I hope you understand me. Please do not take offense. After some cooperation, we'll call you on the phone, okay? So I started looking for a man from another country.
I like to sing and dance, but I'm too shy to sing in front of people. I do this only in the circle of close friends, or one in the shower! I love sports, painting, music, painting and culture! From sports I like tennis, volleyball.
Now I work as a hairdresser. I like my work, I like to fiddle with hair and make people beautiful and happy. So I spend a lot of time at work. We could make a Skype call, where you can get to know you even closer, because it's not always possible to express your emotions in a letter. I will be only too glad to see this meeting. I write to you already that my Skype:? an.gel_88@hotmail.com
I hope that we will be able to talk to you on Skype in the future. unfortunately I do not have internet at home. I have to check your mail at work. but I can call for you from my girlfriend. it has a camera. and I will call to you and we will be able to see. I would very much like to see you. because I want to meet you. I want to ask you also to tell me about your life. I will be very interested to know about your experience in life. And I will certainly be happy to see your photos. in the letter I will add a photo of me, I hope you'll like it.
Your friend Ksenia. I kiss you on the cheek, if you can: *): *): *)

August 11
Hello, Dear friend Rick!
? How is your mood? I am very glad to see your letter now.
? It's very hard for me to read the story about your wife, it's so sad. It is very difficult to lose loved ones. But you are still young and I hope that you will find real happiness that will always be there for the rest of the days. I will very much hope that we will be able to unite our hearts. I think about our meeting every day, but while I'm still not ready to take this step, I do not even know how much it will cost me. This step is not easy to do. Do you understand me? I hope so and you will not be disappointed in my words.
When I want to get acquainted with a man, I first look at his character and how he behaves in this or that situation. That he is honest and trusts me that he never lies to me. And always though then when is at a distance always helps me and will never leave me alone. ? This morning I included the compositions "Ludovico Einaudi - Primavera". I like all the genres of music, but when I'm alone, I still love the quietest music. I can listen, enjoy and represent something in Imagination. Do you have a favorite song?
Today I was very tired at work, but all the time I thought about you. And it makes me feel better. You give me warmth and joy. I like you. I want to trust you. Unfortunately, there are many bad people in this world. They seek only profit for themselves, self-interest. They just want to make money by cheating. You can not even imagine how I do not like such people! I despise and hate lies.
I want to tell you a story that happened to me:
My friend, you probably know such programs when you play different valuables, such as a washing machine, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, a car, an apartment or money. I received a message on my mobile phone that I won a good refrigerator, using a lottery. I was very happy because I used to watch TV and saw many cases when people defeated apartments, cars, large sums of money and thought that for me it would be the same. But there was one condition that I could pick up the refrigerator, which was supposed to pay 13 percent of the cost of the refrigerator for the tax. All these days were in a state of euphoria of happiness. But after 4 days, nothing came of their organization. I decided to call this organization. But the short beeps did not stop, it meant that their organization had become fraud.
Rick , my feelings were filled with emotion, hatred and emptiness. I was upset, I was very hurt. How could they deceive me? What could not do, except how to cry. It was not easy for me, but I continue to move on.
There are many people who deceive each other. I hope that you will not play with me and my feelings. I do not want to Remember the past, live in the present. Especially now, when I have you. I believe in you, I very much hope that I was not mistaken. I do not want to be deceived again. I hope you will always be honest with me. In return, I promise that I will always be honest with you.
My heart beat harder when I saw your letter. I was so lonely. But now, I'm happy every day. It's nice to know that there is a man in the world who is waiting for me to hear from me. Sorry for such long letters, but I want to talk more about myself.
? Thank you for a lovely, attractive picture of you, that cheers me up. looking at the photos, I present you beside))
Always your faithful friend Ksenia.
Hugs and kisses. Take care of yourself!

August 15
Hello, My Love Rick
? How are you today? What is the weather in your town? I hope you missed me.
Thank you for the offer to meet. I will think over your proposal and try to answer in the next letter. Thank you, but I can not accept your offer to be a sponsor. I'm an adult girl and I have to earn my own money. I never ask for money from anyone.
? A life. Life is a journey that will take everyone, short or long will this way will decide the fate. A happy or not will decide the way only we! We decde to love and to be happy or not to love, and to be alone.
? Do you know what happiness is? I think happiness is to understand what you live, to understand that this is not a purposeless life. Happiness is when there are a lot of friends and they are all true. Happiness is when you have a favorite work, and you do what he likes, is the ability to be happy for the successes of another person, is when people around you are happy. Happiness is when you are not alone, and you have a number of true Love. Happiness is when you're worried about your loved one more than for themselves, this is when you are ready to give him the remaining piece of bread, even though you remain hungry, happiness when you cherish every moment spent together with loved ones and rejoice his every smile!
Yesterday my friend Tatyana had a birthday. She is 31 years old. I congratulated her and From you. I hope you would not mind congratulating my friend? She was pleased. you know, my friend had a holiday, but most of all we talked about us with you. I told my friends that I found you on the Internet and we are in correspondence. And that we have thoughts of meeting in real life.They wish us happiness, love and a strong family...
? I understand that now we can not say anything about our future, but I was pleased to hear such words from them.
I want to admit that this is what I dream about. I want us to have a relationship. Beloved, I want to be happy just next to you and I want to make you happy, so you smiled looking at me early in the morning, when only the birds begin to sing to you smiling in the afternoon when the sun is shining its beam directly into the left eye causing wrinkling, that you smiling in the evening, when the sun's gone and the delicate, sweet, passionate night comes and wakes up all the romance, passion, lust of all mankind. and at this moment I want to be close to you. I promise you, my prince, I make you smile all day ? and ? every ? day. I will do everything for you and you to be happy with me. Love you!!!
I still decided to write you my phone number. My number: +7 343 748-56-14. ? But I'm not sure if my mobile receives international calls. I'm sorry that we can not talk on the phone. I really want to hear your voice in real time. I hope in the future we can find a solution and we can find an opportunity to talk. I will look for a way so that we can talk. Take care.
Always faithful, Ksenia.

August 17
Hello, dear All
How are you today? How is your mood? My mood is on top thanks to you. Do you miss me?
I miss. I always wait for the moment when I can write to you again my letter. I'm sorry that I do not check e-mail often, but I'll try and promise that from now on I will write more and more to you. You know, lately I often think about you, about us. I do not know how to describe this feeling right now, and I can only say. Now you feel love. I never believed in love through the Internet, but now changed my mind. Maybe there really is such a love? What do you think? Is it possible that we can love each other by letters?
Of course, I'm very ashamed to ask you a difficult question, but if you do not want to, then you can not answer.
I was interested to know your opinion, but at the same time I do not want to bore you. So if you want, say, if not, then forget about it. Lately I've been thinking a lot about us. And I have a question.
I would love to come to Canada, but it's very expensive and I'm a bit afraid to go outside the homeland. Therefore, I want to offer you my own version. My prince, how do you represent our first meeting?
Do I personally every day more and more I think about meeting with you. I know that we should not rush. but why write a thousand Letters to each other, if we can arrange one meeting. Consider all these words about meeting with my invitation for you. Yes, I would like to invite you to my city of Ekaterinburg, if, of course, you want it. So what do you think? Would you like to go on a date with me to Russia? If your answer was positive, then it would be great. I was not outside my country, and for me it's a bit scary. I could meet you at home and I will not even let you book a hotel here. As we say in Russia: "My house is your home!"
My full address: 620014, Ekaterinburg, Lenin Ave. 2- 15
I hope you think about my proposal? and in the next letter you will write about your decision. I will stay here and wait for your reply letter. Please write more. I miss you. A kiss on the lips. Strong warm embrace! ? I love your photos, when I look at them I see myself next to you.
Sincerely and with respect, always your Ksenia.
Take care of me! Kiss

August 18
Hello, My love Rick!!!
How are you? All good?
You are absolutely right. In Russia, the winter is very severe. It's cold and a lot of snow, but every year it's different, sometimes it's warm all winter and there's practically no snow. I'm also a little afraid to go to another country, because I never do it. I do not know how much it will cost, but I'll think over your offer.
I will try to call Skype next week, because my friend is leaving the city on the weekend.
In it letter, I am writing about my love for you. All my thoughts are only of you, every part of my body.
?  ? Did you have any other questions? What are you interested in and what excites the most. Please write me and I will try to answer your question. OK? For me, it is important to your opinion. ? My angel, I loved you very much. My feelings are huge, strong, and every day more and more of her.
my mom asked me about you again. She asked you to transfer big hello and a friendly kiss on the cheek, she would be happy to meet you in the future. But my mother said one major thing. She is happy for you and me, but feared for our future, what will happen if we never will meet each other.
I also am afraid, but love you, believe in you and is willing to fight for our happiness!
My Dear, you know my feelings for you. You know that I love you with all my heart, want to be with you, want to kiss your lips. I represent, as embrace you. You're driving me crazy.
? I've already told you a lot about yourself. And also want to say that sometimes, when very happy, then I try to write a little poetry. My hobby is a small secret. Wrote to you at work today at lunchtime this verse. It represents my feelings for you.
That's how I look at the world, after my acquaintance with you. I write this verse in Russian, and that I did not get a perfect translated, so forgive me for it. OK? I'm not sure that the talent, but I tried very hard. All words come from my heart.
My good, dear!
Your, feeling love, I will refuse now from paradise!
Do not try this kind of me again!
And I will strive for pleasure! To you, my soul delight!
Let me enjoy your love!
After all, I do not need anything more from life!
Do not think that I write pathetic, not tasty!
I write from the heart, but it sings!
I write with hope, if it becomes sad,
My letter will come to the rescue!
? What do you think? Like?? 
Do not need anyone but you. I Love You my prince! Want to wake up next to you in the morning, feel your breath, gently kiss you on the neck, ears, lips and then to wake you up every morning sweet words in your ear. Want to be only with you.
I want to kiss you a billion times and everywhere. Look forward to your letter. Be glad to see the photo as well. Always your love, Ksenia. Kisses and Hot Hugs!

August 20
Hello my sweet heart Rick.
How is your day today? How is your health, your mood? do you miss me? Or on the contrary have absolutely forgotten about me? Do not be angry, this question is only a joke. Of course, I know and feel what they thought of me. I miss you very much myself, and I think about our meeting.
It would be great to arrange our first meeting in my city, but today I have bad news about our meeting in Ekaterinburg. I remember writing to you in my letter that I would be happy to meet you at home. My mother told me the news that I was upset, and therefore I want to tell you that our meeting is not a good idea for me.
My mom told me that she has problems with the house. She said that there was a very strong wind and that the roof of the house moved a little. she said that it might be necessary to remake the roof of the house. I could not refuse her, and I do not even know what time she will move to live with me.
Rick sorry, but I do not want to give up my words about the meeting, but at the moment I can not take you in my apartment. I'm crying, ashamed to write to you about it, but I hope that you understand me. Please do not think that I want to cancel our meeting. I really really want to meet you. I have another idea for you right now. Our meeting with you in Ekaterinburg is now broken, but perhaps we could organize our meeting in your country? What do you think about it? Tell me, please, do you agree? If you agree, I will start to make a passport and will know the cost of the ticket to Toronto.
I still have good news. I want to share this news with you. This morning my boss told me if I want to take a vacation. He said that I or my colleague can leave for vacation. When I heard about the vacation, I immediately thought of you and me. In my head immediately arose the thought that this is a very good opportunity for our meeting in the real world. We could meet. What do you think of it? I immediately told my colleague that I want to go on vacation.
Dear, I will write to you now, and I want you to think about my proposal. What do you think? Should I take a vacation? Do you want me to come to you?
I thought about your arrival in Ekaterinburg. But there is one more reason, a trip for you to Russia can be dangerous. I'm very worried about you. Because in Russia they treat foreigners very badly. Every day I see in the news that people from Russia beat foreigners, only because they are from another country or other ethnic background. I do not want to risk your life. Do not get me wrong, I'm worried about you. because you do not know the Russian language. You can be robbed, beat ... I get sick from such thoughts. I hope you will agree with me? that it is not a good decision to come to Russia?
Honey, please, think about my proposal and write me your answer.
I will be looking forward to your reply. ? In the photos you incomparable) I like to look at your new photos and dream of you.
With love and respect.
Gentle gentle kisses
Always your Ksenia.

August 21
Hello, my sweet love Rick !!!
My Dear, I want to be close to you right now, to talk on any topic, let it be about the weather, about life, about events from life, about the past, about the universe, about the future of anything, but only next to you.
My dear, I really miss you. My dear, you can not imagine how glad I am now that you also want to meet me soon. I do not even have enough words to convey all the joy and I can only tell you now that "I'm happy."
It will be an unforgettable vacation for me. Never before have I felt anything like this, but with you I feel that I'm in love. Maybe I'm in a hurry with my conclusions, but I can not do otherwise. I can not not write to you about this, because I want to be honest with you. "Honesty is the first step towards love and understanding and I promise you that I will never lie to you. I will always remember this promise and see heaven, that these words come from my heart. Rick now I will know that you are waiting for me at home and I will be in a hurry to organize my arrival to you. I need to find out what I need so that I can come to you.
Beloved, I want to be happy just next to you and I want to make you happy. I want to bring you joy that you smile in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, when the sun is gone and a tender, sweet, passionate night sets in and all the romance, passion, lust of all humanity awakens. It is at this moment I want to be with you together. I'll do everything for you and make you happy with me. '''''I love you very much!
always yours Ksenia. Gentle kisses and strong hugs! Take care of yourself for me!

August 22
Rick I want to immediately write about my news.
I have to plan my arrival to you and so I went to a travel company. In the travel company I met a woman who is engaged in preparing documents for various trips. I asked her to explain to me how it would be easier for me to travel to your country. A woman agent told me that it would be easiest for me to travel to you as a tourist. That is, I need to make a tourist visa and then they can arrange a trip to you on a tourist visa. To do this, I need to conclude an agreement with them for the execution of documents and also collect documents for them in which they will need to register my visa. As personal documents it is necessary to provide: Civil passport, international passport, Photographs in quantity from 1 to 4 pcs., Application form in duplicate, Reference from the place of work with indication of the position, salary, length of service, personal data of the enterprise, Medical insurance. The visa costs $ 100, plus the consular fee in your embassy is $ 150. I will also need medical insurance - $ 2 per day, my visa is issued for 90 days, I need to have insurance for 90 days, it turns out 180 USD. and travel agency services $ 200. In general, $ 630 is obtained for visa documents. My boss promised to give out the salary at the end of the month and to lend the necessary amount for the trip. the agent also told me that it takes about 3-5 business days to process visa applications. After that, they will send my documents to your embassy for consideration. Your embassy will check my documents and if everything goes well, your embassy will issue me a visa. Maybe I should have thought about all this first, but I already decided for myself and therefore, at the suggestion of the agent, I immediately signed a contract with them to arrange documents for the visa and my arrival to you.
Today I filled out all the necessary documents for the treaty and even sent out copies of my documents that will be needed for the visa. So my arrival to you is already predetermined and you can meet me soon. Rick I hope this is good news for you?
On all the news, my agent will inform me, I will in turn report the news to you. So you and I will prepare my trip together and you will know about every step of my life.
Rick my sweet, I myself can not believe now that in a short time I can already see you live. At me now such sensation, that my most intimate dream comes true. In my old life before you, I did not think that I would ever meet a man whom I would really love. I thought that love is just a fiction of people, but after meeting you I sincerely, with all my heart, loved you. I try to believe that my heart will not be broken with you ever. Please, just do not break my heart ever. Without you I can not live anymore and this is my promise to you for the rest of my life. Remember this.
It is difficult for me to interrupt my letter now and I would like to write a lot and a lot to you. All that I want to tell you about my love will not go even in the memory of this computer. It is best to wait for the day of our meeting and then I can say and even show all that I feel for you. Now I have to go to work.
I hope you can answer me soon.
Yours and only your Ksenia

August 23
Hello my dear, my sweet !!!
Rick, today, when I woke up in the morning to work, my mood was excellent and my thoughts were about you from the very morning and about our future meeting.
But recently I found out not very good news. That's why I decided to write you a letter right away. Rick please do not think that something is wrong with the design of my journey to you. I have concluded an agreement with the travel company on the preparation of documents for a visa and this is all well. But today my agent told me that I need to pay money to them for issuing documents for a visa and also for their services.
That's 630 USD.
I told her that I can not pay now, since my salary will only be in 2 weeks and only then I will be able to pay them. She also said that they always take money in advance, since this money is needed for processing the documents and the more they must already transfer the documents for consideration to your embassy. If I do not pay them, they will stop processing my documents and impose a fine on me according to the contract that I signed. Rick you are now probably very upset and it's my fault, since I did not carefully read the contract and did not notice the item about payment and now I do not know what to do. My salary will only be in 2 weeks, but I need to pay this money in the coming days. Today I tried to borrow money from my colleagues, but they now also have no money and can not help me. Therefore, I now ask with tears in my eyes for help in this money. I feel ashamed in front of you. Please Rick do not be angry with me because of my request and if you can help me with 630 USD, then I ask you to help me. I am now at a loss and I do not know who else to ask for help. I decided to contact you. Please tell me, can you help me with this money? I ask you not to turn away from me now. You understand that I'm coming to you for the sake of the two of us, I ask you not to leave me in this position.
Well, now I can only wait anxiously for your answer. I will pray to God that you do not get angry with me and understand my situation. My mood is very bad now, but in my heart I hope that after reading your answer my mood will rise. I promise you that as soon as I get paid, I will immediately return all the money back. My boss promises me the necessary amount at the end of the month.
I look forward to your reply. I LOVE YOU!!!!
Your forever favorite is Ksenia.

August 26
Good evening, My love Rick!
? I want to give you the most important gift - myself. I want my most secret desire to be fulfilled and we were together, once and for all. And what do you dream about? do you think our dreams will come true?
? Rick honey, I always appreciate your concern for me. In replacement of your diligence and diligence, perseverance, in replacement of your spent energy and energy on me. I want to give you all of myself, completely. my whole body, heart and soul belongs only to you. Are you ready to receive such a gentle and affectionate gift? Will you be happy to spend time with me? I understand that your wife has died and you are alone and seek your love. I am also alone and we can connect our hearts. You even promise me work in your business. I understand that you do not completely trust me and say that there are a lot of girls around you who want to get a profit. But I do not need your money, I love you for honesty and kindness. I'm very sorry that this situation has developed and I need to pay for the visa right now. So I have to ask you for help. I promise that in a week I'll give you back all the money. I will receive my salary and return it right away.
? Please help me to come to you. My documents will be ready soon. I can fly out to you at any time.
On a visa I miss $ 530, because the $ 100 I find today.
please help me pay for the visa and we will immediately face each other, face in front of the face! I can come to you once and for always, only when I can pay for a visa. Do you understand? It all depends on you now. Help me and we will be together forever! I will receive a salary in a week and will immediately return you back.
? You write to me the same thing, "I need time, but how long do I need to wait for you to help me?!?! Can not you take a loan from the bank and help me to come to you once and for all? Please take the loan in bank and do not play with my feelings, have you agreed? I'm already tired of waiting, we lose a lot of time just like that!
? If you accept me, take my heart into your own hands, then I will never leave you alone. I will do everything to make you the happiest man in the whole world. Dear, I Very Strongly Love You! You are very dear to me, you are everything to me! I will always be faithful only to you. Sincerity, faith, love, hope, truth and faithfulness will help us to be the happiest.
? Rick I write to you now honey and tears appear in my eyes, and this tear rolls down my cheek and falls on my chest. I want to be your tear, swim on your cheek, fall on your sweet and tender lips and melt on your lips.
Unfortunately I finish this letter and look forward to your prompt reply Dear.
Always yours, with sweet kisses, Ksenia.

August 27 Hello Rick With great excitement, your letter was waiting because it is now very much being decided whether we are together or not! In my life, there is no person who could step up one level with you in my heart. I have to thank you very much, you gave me true feelings that help me to be happy and do not lose heart in a difficult time. I used to dream of a prince on a white horse, now I dream to be with you, because you are my true knight. My only desire is to be with you. I never liked to say empty words and I want you to know everything that I write to you in my letter, I write to you from the heart! Love rules the world, and now you control my heart. ? From the moment you appeared in my life I became a different person. I began to enjoy life and feel that you need me, that you are waiting for my letter and you love me. All your words are important to me and your love is very dear to me! I hope that we will be together, because you have become my meaning of life! ? Today I pay $ 100 for a visa and the agency agreed to wait for the money before my salary and as soon as I get paid, I will immediately go and pay $ 530. I do not know, maybe you've already decided not to meet with me, but I could not do otherwise, because I would have to pay a fine, which is more than a visa. This position depresses me greatly. Not any mood right now, only tears and pain. I do not want to let you down and I do not want to lose you! I love you and will always love you. With love and respect. Your favorite, Ksenia. August 30 Hello, My Rick ? How are you today? All is well? ? I fully understand your letter and completely agree with your words. Forgive me that now everything is in the wrong direction. I'm sorry that I forced you not to trust and doubt my serious intentions and my sincere love for you. I never meant to let you down and wanted to pay for my flight myself. But I did not work, because my boss will not give me a salary. He's wicked at me and at you. And he wants us many problems. Because he was trying to take care of me at the same time when we just started talking to you. He tried to give me flowers, to drive me in a car and gave me signs of attention, but I did not reciprocate him, did not talk to him about anything except work. ? Honey, then we started to communicate with you more closely, interested in our lives, opened our souls to each other and fully revealed. I fell in love with you completely and unconditionally. So I rather wanted to come to your arms. I thought that I could pay for a visa and a ticket, because he promised to give me the necessary amount of debt, but now we need to resolve the issue of payment, since I have already contributed part of the amount for the payment of a visa. We will lose this money if we do not make the rest of it. You understand me? Please do not give up, we will meet again in the very near future. We will succeed if we sincerely trust each other, right? All weekend I will seek help from everyone I know personally. I hope I can get at least some amount and bring us closer to our meeting. ? I do not have a job now, because I quit. And on a new job, I hardly ever have time to earn such a sum to pay the whole cost. ? Let's think how we can pay the rest for our meeting, okay? I want you all night and all day! Forever be yours, Ksenia. August 31 Hello, My Love Rick ? How do you? Did you sleep well? ? I hope in your dream we were together. You can not even imagine how strong my feelings for you are. Our sincere feelings are not flirting, but true love. You are vital to me. I miss you a lot. thanks for the support and understanding. I did not want to talk about the boss, but now this is the limit and my patience is over. I will apply the Ministry of Labor Protection and he will be obliged to pay the salary within 2 weeks.?  ? Rick, today early in the morning I was again in a travel agency, talked with them, asked them to write me an invoice in my name from the travel agency to send a copy of the invoice to you along with my letter. I understand that your trust in me is not 100%, so I do everything for you to see and understand my serious intentions for our meeting and my sincere love. ? Dear, in my invoice you can also see the bank details of my travel agency. That is, you can pay for my own documents. You need to send 530 USD to their bank account for the details indicated in the copy. If it's hard to see, then I can write the details again in the letter. And you can also send help to my name using Azimo, MoneyGram or Western Union. How is it more convenient for you? ? Please believe in my sincere feelings and intentions. I really want to come to you and my decision is final. I want to be with you as soon as possible. We'll be together right after you help me. You'll never regret that you helped me. I will thank you every day. You are my happiness and my life, my sun and moon. Our meeting is now under threat. I do not want to lose our only chance at our meeting and connection. I love you and I await an early reply. Please do not leave me alone, together we can overcome all difficulties. Strong hugs and hot kisses! Always only your faithful love, Ksenia? ?  September 2 Hello my Loved man ? Rick, Thank you so much for the great news that you will help me. I'm in seventh heaven with happiness, thank you for raising my mood above the sky, above the cosmos. If you can help me in the near future, then at the end of next week we will be able to meet and build our relationships, our personal life, our love! I love you madly! I get this account at the agency's office to transfer money directly to the agency. Today I go to the agency and find out all the details. I explain that when transferring money from another country, this money is obtained by the agency of my city within 1-3 business days. This is the time of bank transfer of money. After transferring money, you need to send me a copy of the transfer in the letter, and I'll go show this copy, after which I will be given a receipt for full payment. Then I show you this receipt, that you would be sure that the agency get the money. So I can travel legally and you will be sure that the money is sent to the destination. My tourist visa will be valid for 90 days. After receiving the visa, we will discuss with you when I can fly to you and for how long I stay with you. You are my man and you must decide for how long I must fly to you. I want to stay with you as much as possible, so that we can spend more time together. Rick, how long can I stay with you? I would really like to meet your friends. Together we will talk about how we met and through what we had to go through to be together. We will be the happiest couple. Try to answer me as soon as possible. If you have any questions or you will not understand something, then immediately ask me about it, have you agreed? I will wait very much. Kisses! Many hugs! Always your wife Ksenia. Rick, immediately reply about the transfer of money. I call the bank and explain to me that the money must be sent to Russia, to the account number that is specified in the invoice. The name of the recipient is Shaimardanova Elmira Danilovna. This is the head of the agency. In New York it is a partner of the bank, which allows you to transfer to foreign currency. This account is designed to transfer money to the US dollar and you need to transfer money to the US dollar. If something is not clear, you can ask again. kiss. Ksenia?  September 3 Hello my favorite Rick I wake up with a good mood, because I know that my beloved man is waiting for me and when to look at the mail, my mood is even better, because I again see a letter in which there are words that you love me. I also really love you very much and really miss you. I call the agency and ask about 530 $ CA, it will be 410 $ US. I understand that you do not have money now and I ask my friend for a loan. She agreed to give me $ 120. It's so healthy. Today I call the Ministry of Labor Protection and inform that my boss does not pay me my salary. They will understand and promise that within 2 weeks I will receive my salary. Now I will not look for work. I want to meet with you first, to discuss our future. And then I'll think about work. A plane ticket to Toronto costs $ 950. I'll find the money to buy a ticket. I get a salary, and what is not enough, my mother promises to help me. My mother now also has a hard time, because we need to restore the roof in the house, but she agrees to give me some money when she gets a pension and I have enough for the air ticket. By the way, my mother sends you greetings. She is very glad that you have me and wish us only happiness. Beloved, when you transfer money, please write me a letter and send me a copy of the receipt you receive when transferring money and I will immediately run to the agency and inform you that soon the money will go to the account. In the meantime, I will cook things that would not forget anything. Rick, what's the weather like in your town? I will very much wait for your answer. I kiss you hard. always yours and only your Ksenia September 4 ello my sweet Rick ? How do you? All is well? I'm worried and I miss you so much. ? Yesterday I went to my favorite park. I sat down on a bench and just watched the people who are in this park. looked at passers-by couples a girl and a man. How they hug each other, happiness in their eyes, joy in their voice. Some simply went without saying anything, enjoyed each other in silence. And other people were talking about the future wedding, dreams, plans for the future, about finding a home, about work, what kind of dog or cat to get. They talk about all this. It would seem all these little things in everyday life, but it's these little things that make a couple of a man and a woman happy. especially when they come to the same opinion or their customs and tastes coincide. Yesterday I noticed this only in 1 pair. They were so happy walking through the park, having fun, laughing and noticing anyone. as if they were only two in the whole world. They sat next to me and I heard them telling each other different stories from their lives. I realized that they had recently been together. But their love and happiness, conversation, trust to each other showed as if they had known each other since birth. they have the same tastes, desires, plans. They just sat there and did not understand how they were so lucky and how they could meet each other on the Internet in our big country. Because he is from Sochi, and she is from my city from Ekaterinburg. He came for her to our city and now they live with her. ? Dear, I listened to their conversation for a long time and just did not say anything, because I envied them. They so sweetly, passionately, gently looked into each other's eyes that I approached them and said what they were good fellows, that they were not afraid to meet on the Internet, they were not afraid of difficulties and took a step toward the meeting. Now they have found each other and are happy. They thanked me, and I cried and soon decided to leave them. I cried because I worry about our love with you. ? From the park, I immediately went home and all night thinking about us. In the letters, we realized that our views on this world fully coincide. We both want a meeting and we just have to be together as soon as possible. ? Do you want me around? Let's do everything to be together, agree? All in our hands. I wish you a lot of positive not all day, a million smiles. Your tender and faithful, Ksenia. love you! Kisses! **?  September 4 Dearest Rick ? I am happy and happy to receive from you an amazing, terrific letter. I love your whole body and want you right now, all night and the whole day. I do not know how to restrain myself. ? We can talk about everything, about the past, the present and the future. But I want to talk about this not only in letters. I want to hear your voice clearly, see your reaction, see delight or disappointment. I want to see emotions, you understand me? In the letter it is not possible to convey all the emotions and therefore I want to meet you sooner to finally start a joint happy life. I want us to feel the touch, hear the voice, see the emotions, talk, look in the eyes, hear, understand. I just can not believe that very soon we will stand against each other, hugging, kissing, telling each other stories from life. I'm so excited and embarrassed, you do not even know. I love you. you are mine, only mine. I will never give you away to somebody. kiss. Ksenia

September 5
Rick my favorite, I received your letter, and I saw that you kept my word and helped me. You did not leave me alone with my problems. Thank you, my prince! My mood is on top now and jumping for joy. I am infinitely grateful to you for everything. I write down all the information you send to me, and immediately flee to the agency, okay? I love you, my little bear Rick !!!
? After I go to the travel agency, I'll write you a letter right away, okay? I want to thank you again for your help for me!
do not be sad, I'm always around. wait for the letter. I love you.
Your sweet, sweet Ksenia.? 

Hello again, my beloved man Rick.
Are you awake or are you still sleeping? I would like to bring you coffee to bed and kiss your nose so that you wake up with a good mood.
I go to the agency and show you the paper you send me. All the information is correct, but there is no account number for which the money is due. In this case, the money may not be accrued for the intended purpose and may return to you again to clarify the information. Whatever we do not lose time, it will be better if you immediately go to the bank, take the money back and make the correct translation with the account number.
I'll write you again all the data you need to transfer money and nothing more you do not need to write. The money will automatically go to the account of the agency. Instead of the name of the company that is located in Yekaterinburg, you need to specify the account number 40817840308530005797. Because the bank can not make a transfer by the name of the organization that you indicate when transferring money. All the necessary information that you need to transfer money and nothing else to indicate is not necessary. Money automatically goes to destination. Because the main office is in Moscow and then the money will go to Yekaterinburg.
Beneficiary(Account Name): Shaimardanova Elmira Danilovna
Beneficiary's Accoun Number: ? 40817840308530005797
?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  Correspondent bank: Citibank NA,? 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10043, USA
Account: 36310481
?  ?  ?  SWIFT: ?  ?  ?  ? CITIUS33
?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  Beneficiary's bank: ? 
?  ?  ?  AO ?«ALFA-BANK?», 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
?  ?  ?  ?  SWIFT: ? ALFARUMM
I love you very much and can not wait the day when my lips touch your sweet lips. I will wait for a response.
I kiss you hard. Ksenia? 

?  Rick, I'm glad that you wake up with a good mood. Very soon, I can bring you coffee in bed. Or will you bring me coffee in bed? This is of course a joke. You are my man and I will take care of you and bring coffee to bed, that you wake up in a good mood. I'm very uncomfortable that you have to spend time with me for visiting the bank and trying to figure out how to translate correctly. I too today ask a lot of question in the agency on this occasion and ask to explain everything to me in order. They look at the paper you sent to me and said that most likely this transfer will return back to you, because it is not filled correctly. Look at the invoice that I send you. There stands the account number of the recipient 40817840308530005797, this number should be indicated.
Where you specify Yekaterinburg, Stoleshnikov Lane, 11-4, office 451, this is superfluous information, because the money comes automatically there, and instead it should be indicated AO "ALFA-BANK", 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
and then fill in this information, which allows you to take cash into a dollar USD. Correspondent bank: Citibank NA,? 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10043, USA
Account: 36310481
You need to take this information and show this data when transferring money, and everything else is superfluous information and no money plays a role in the transfer of money. Here is the information you need:
Beneficiary (Account Name): Shaimardanova Elmira Danilovna
Beneficiary's Accoun Number: 40817840308530005797
Correspondent bank: Citibank NA,? 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10043, USA
Account: 36310481
Beneficiary's bank:
AO "ALFA-BANK", 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
This data is written into the invoice, there is nothing else to write about when transferring money, that would not confuse the bank, otherwise the money will return to you again to correct errors. You can redirect the same money again, but you need to specify the correct data or return the money and make a new translation with the exact data that I write now. Dear Rick, I also have a headache today, when I explain this all and hope that I will not miss anything. I also need to say that the bank's employees need to know how to do the translation and only this data, which I write above, is necessary for this.
Excuse me again, that I could not explain this to you earlier. I myself have a bad understanding and never make a translation.
I wish you a good day and a cheerful mood. I will very much wait for your answer. I love. I'm bored. Ksenia

September 6 Darling, I want to see you as my partner for life and have so many happy moments, great love and joint happiness, I want to share everything with you. I want to see you every day and get an indelible joy from it. Together weep and rejoice. I can not describe all that I feel, but I think you understand everything without bright and loud words. Right? ? Rick, Darling, I'm ready for anything for you and I want to come to you for the rest of my life. I want to live my whole life only with you. I understand what sacrifice I'm going for our happiness, I'm ready for this for you. We deserve joint happiness. The road is chosen and you have to hold on to it with all your might. Love, faith, hope, patience will help us with you to go through fire and water, through all difficulties before our meeting. Everything will be fine. Rick, I still can not forget your story when you write that the wife found dead in the bathroom. I know it was a big shock for you and I feel so sorry for you. Why is fate sometimes so cruel to us. You are a very decent man and I want to bring you only happiness and joy, what would you forget that such loneliness. ? You know what I understand? I realized that we are created only for each other. Let there be a distance between us at the moment, but only you understand me with a half-word, only you can entrust all secrets and open your soul for all 200%. We are created to bring happiness to each other and live together for the rest of our lives. ? Dear my Rick, write me an answer as soon as you can, okay? I look forward to your early reply and good news. yours, only your Ksenia. kisses and hugs *?  My dear, I'm crying from your words. I think it's going to happen in a dream and I do not want to wake up. Oh my God. How happy I am. You where to find this photo, where the sky is in the hearts. That's for me? You're a real romantic, I do not even imagine that such a man exists and this is my man. I will never give you away to somebody. Only please do not break my heart and never deceive me. We in Russia say, the bitter truth is better than the sweet lie, I see that you are a decent man and not able to deceive. I will always be faithful to you and never betray you, I promise. I'll definitely write down your number and try to call next week. I really want to hear your voice and I probably finally get off the bag. Dear, maybe you do not need to tell your friends all the details now, it will be better if it's a surprise for everyone. My mother is also very happy and she wants us happiness. By the way she will prepare for you another gift, now I will not say, it will be a surprise. I wish you a cheerful mood for the whole day and I'll think only of you. I kiss you, my cat. yours Ksenia September 7 Hello my dear husband Rick !!! Can I speak to my husband? I prepared for you a big surprise. See photos and videos. You will not believe, but I, too, could not sleep for a long time and dream about how our first meeting at the airport will take place. I probably get off the baggy. I will die of happiness. This day I will remember for a lifetime. How will I get off the plane and see you in the waiting room. Our eyes meet, a smile appears on the face and we will run to each other. I probably will not be able to resist and scream. Then you take me in your arms, hug me, we will kiss and all people will envy us that such a love exist. No one will understand what is happening, but everyone will be happy for us. I am the happiest, because I have you and I still can not believe that this is all really and it is not a dream. You do not even imagine how happy I am. Two lonely hearts meet each other and we never again part. You will not be alone anymore and I will always be there. I want to give my heart for life and no one can separate us. Rick, I fell in love with you from the first letters and when we communicate more and more, I fully trusted you. I see that you are a great romantic and a very decent man who is not able to deceive. So I completely trust you. I'm ready to open my heart completely. I imagine how we will sit in the evening on the street, hug each other and tell different stories from life, we will recognize each other more and fall in love even more and I hope that your love for me will never cool down and then I will only give positive, joy and happiness in the family. I really want to cook for you, that would have dinner together by candlelight, I want to clean up in the house, that would always be clean and tidy. I like cleanliness very much. We will be engaged in housework together. By the way, I also know how to hammer nails and twist screws, so I can help you with the housework. I do not even know how to express this in a letter. By the way, Rick, I forgot to tell you that my mom and I need to go to the village today and see how things are from the roof of the house and I probably can write to you only on Sunday. You please do not worry and do not get bored much, but I will really miss and think only of you. I will think day and night and hope that I will be able to sleep peacefully. I really want you to dream in a dream, and I'll dream to you. Now I will finish the letter and I want to wish you a cheerful mood and a little patience. Very soon we will be together. I firmly kiss. Ksenia?  September 9 Hello My Gentle Rick! We came from the village and I was very tired, but I decided to write you a letter. Mother's house continue to do. They want to be in time until the weather deteriorates and it starts to rain, because soon it will rain and cold weather. Building materials are very expensive, but there is nothing left to do, because if it starts to rain, it will be even more expensive and that's why Mom is very worried that everything will turn out. I read your letter and wonder that you have such a big house where you can get lost. I really love the big kitchen, because I love cooking and I will be happy if we cook together tasty dishes. By the way, I like fish and chicken meat. But now Rick I want to tell you the most important thing. ? What dreams did you see? When I went to bed for a long time, I could not fall asleep, but in the morning I still managed to do it. And in a dream I saw you, my Rick! Yes! Yes! We went for a walk together on the street, I did not know this area, but by the way, you guide me and show the terrain, I realized that this is your city, and we all managed to meet. In a dream, I did not understand whether this was a dream or a reality, since our kiss was so hot and realistic, and when our hands touched me, I feel you and the warmth of your body. We smiled happily and walked the happiest among all the passers-by. We watched and envied each of us. In a dream we had no problems, because We already decided them and finally met. After some walk we went to your house and got tired of sleeping. I looked into my eyes and saw in them a wild desire to make love to me. We are lying with you on a white bed with bright red linen on us. I also want you, so we did not feel that fatigue begins to take our clothes off with each other. Gently, slowly, affectionately kiss every centimeter of our hot bodies. You tightly squeezed my body, chest, kissed me on the neck, tightly squeezed my hair and slowly, passionately, lovingly and tenderly penetrated me. Our bodies move in time with each other, these sweet moans of passion still sound great in my ears. I did not want to wake up. I wanted to be with you always and all night. When I woke up, my bed was completely wet with hot sweat, passion, love and from our kisses in a dream. My honey, I regret very much that the dream that I dreamed of was not a reality, because I felt you, heard, saw, sniffed, touched, kissed, spoke, our happy and happy voices. I still sit with my eyes closed and I remember our dream! Not when I forget the pleasant feeling of unreal sleep! I'm glad to get your video, you're so beautiful with me. But the amount of video is very large and I could not hear what you were saying, but only to see you. But I hope that you repeat these words to me when I meet. Dear, now I will finish my letter and go to bed, and tomorrow I will find out my news about the visa and the money transfer that you send and very much hope that soon I will receive a visa and finally will fly to you, beloved. I love you! Take care of yourself. With love! Always your sweet, gentle, loving Ksenia. September 10 Hello my dear and most handsome man. Every morning my mood is at a height when I read your letter and smile does not leave my face. Thank you for such a good morning, and I wish you pleasant dreams. You're so romantic that I can not even believe that such a man happens. For me it's a dream. Your pictures and your beautiful words make me happy every day. I read your letters several times and can not enjoy what I read. I can not believe that I have such a clever, handsome, decent man and I will do everything that you would be happy and that you would smile all day. I understand that between a man and a woman there are sometimes disagreements and domestic disputes, but these are small problems that you do not need to pay attention to. The most important thing is kindness, honesty and mutual understanding. Did you say you prepared a surprise for me? Beloved, the most valuable surprise is you. Your kindness, caring, affection is the most important surprise for me. I'm thankful to God that we met. For me, nothing else is needed, I just want you to always be around. You please me and warm my soul, so I will never be sad and cold. I will help you learn Russian, so that you can speak some words in Russian. I will be glad to fall asleep and wake up, from your kind words. But the Russian language is very complicated and therefore we will have a lot of time to learn. And if you're lazy, I'll give you the ass (joke) I'm not afraid of cold weather at all, because you will be there. Any time of the year has its own colors and therefore I love both winter and summer. And if a loved one is nearby, then there is no bad weather. I imagine how we will walk on the street, play, have fun, and then we'll go home and warm each other with a passionate kiss and the sweetest sex. I'll make tea for you, we turn on the TV, hug and watch an interesting movie. I'd really like to see the Titanic with you. This is the most romantic film and I always cry when I watch this movie. My dear, now I will finish my letter and I need to go with my mother to the store, that would look at the building material on the house. As soon as I have the news I will immediately inform you. Gently kiss you, my sweet Rick. Yours and only your Ksenia This is my photo last winter. That's so much snow we have. September 11 My sweet Rick, I take your trillion kisses and send you twice as many kisses. I want to kiss every part of your body, kiss and say that you are just mine and I will not give you anything. ? Thanks for your letter. I was waiting for your letter with great excitement. You are so funny. I do not cease to rejoice at your letters. You know how to cheer and rejoice yourself. Are you so in love with me that I even forgot to turn and hit the wall? When I read this, I could not stop and laughed a lot. This is so funny. In my life, there is no person who could step up one level with you in my heart. I have to thank you very much, you gave me true feelings that help me to be happy and do not lose heart in a difficult time. I used to dream of a prince on a white horse, now I dream to be with you, because you are my true knight. My only desire is to be with you. I never liked to say empty words and I want you to know everything that I write to you in my letter, I write to you from the heart! Love rules the world, and now you control my heart. You write to me that when I get angry and raise your voice to you, you will calm me with humor. I want you to know, my mother teach me that a wife should never raise her voice to a man and should never be angry, because the man is the leader in the family. Therefore, I will never raise my voice and will always remain silent. This is the law for me. ? From the moment you appeared in my life I became a different person. I began to enjoy life and feel that you need me, that you are waiting for my letter and you love me. All your words are important to me and your love is very dear to me! I hope that we will be together, because you have become my meaning of life! ? I love you and will always love you. With love and respect. Your favorite, trillion kisses. Ksenia. P.s. I decided to surprise you, look at the photo. September 12 Beloved Rick ? Thank you very much for such a beautiful letter. You know, I'm very shy and therefore I can not talk much about sex in a letter, but what you wrote made me get excited, I became wet. It will be easier for me to open up completely to you when I meet, after the first sex I can talk to you about everything and about sex too, but now I'm a little embarrassed. I'm ready to talk with you a lot about sex, that I like and not very much, I can show my beautiful body, dance for you, but only when we meet. I look at the photo every morning and evening, kiss you, look into your eyes, hair, lips and imagine us together. I take with me to bed for the whole long night and fall asleep with thoughts about us. Yes, of course, I understand your warning about our real meeting. I understand that you really want to be with me and do not want to stay with a broken heart. I do not want you to be lonely either, because I really love you. With all your heart and soul is ready to be yours, for the rest of our lives, only for yours. And if you ask me to become your wife - I without hesitation and gladly agree to become your companion in life. ? We will be happy only if we fully believe each other now, today and for the rest of our lives. My intentions are completely serious and I assure you - you will not be left alone, without me, I will always love you! Of course you have the idea that I'm cheating and I want only money from you. But I do not need wealth, I do not need money, I need only you and your support, faith, sincerity, hope. I can not take pictures that you ask, do you understand me? I'm sorry I can not. How else can you prove that I really want to be with you? ? Unfortunately I can not show you how I kiss or what kind of nipples and pop. But I'm sure that you'll like everything. And you will never regret our meeting. I am a wise woman and will always act as you want. All my actions will come from your decision. Everything will be as you want. ? In me there is a big minus. I have not been making love for almost 2 years. Random relations are not for me, but with my only and last partner, we broke up about 2 years ago. He did not teach me in terms of sex and we made little love, that is, my experience in sex is very small. But I hope that you will teach me everything you can do yourself. Will you be my teacher? Or we can together learn something new, read literature, watch videos and the like. I'm sorry that I did not write about it before. I was ashamed of my inexperience. ? Rick, I want to hug you every night and morning. Just hug and melt in our arms. I understand that I need to prove my love and my intentions. And I will do everything possible so that you can see in me purity, tenderness, desire, sincerity, love, reality. My dear, today I got a call from the agency and said that my visa is ready and they are waiting for the money to be deposited to the account.
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