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She appeared in our database from 2019-02-08 , financial damage US $ 250

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Anzhelika Zhuravleva
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Anzhelika Sergeevna Zhuravleva 15.03.1988. I received an unsolicited brief email from a person describing herself as a free person 31 years of age and signed "Anzhelika" . Having received previous numerous similar emails I decided to play along and see how far this would go. By the second email she was telling me she loved me, her family loved me etc. Each letter she layered the "I love you" line thicker and thicker. I agreed that she should coe visit me and then she dropped the hammer asking for $350 to be sent by Moneygram. I got her to send me a copy of her identity card First letter: "Good evening!!! How did you spend the day?!? You can call me Anzhelika!!!! My age is already 31 years old. I'm a free person!!!! I want to make acquaintance of someone with whom we will love each other and start a serious relationship.. I wish to make acquaintance with a fair, sincere, caring partner who will be ready for a healthy relationship!!! Was ready for marriage.... I will not just flirt.. I wish to meet a good person who will not play with me!!!! You can write to my email address... I will look forward to your message!!! Your new friend, Anzhelika."

First letter: "Good evening!!! How did you spend the day?!? You can call me Anzhelika!!!! My age is already 31 years old. I'm a free person!!!! I want to make acquaintance of someone with whom we will love each other and start a serious relationship.. I wish to make acquaintance with a fair, sincere, caring partner who will be ready for a healthy relationship!!! Was ready for marriage.... I will not just flirt.. I wish to meet a good person who will not play with me!!!! You can write to my email address... I will look forward to your message!!! Your new friend, Anzhelika." Second Letter: Hello my friend! As you probably already understood, Anzhelika writes to you. I am very glad to receive your letter! I apologize for the delay in my response, but I think this is the last time. I am really very happy with what you wrote to me! In addition, I hope that my email was a big surprise for you as well as for me !? You probably have a question now? Where did I get your email address? I turned to a dating service in our city. The computer in the dating service found me several e-mail addresses that coincide with my request, these are men from foreign countries. I first looked at the email addresses and decided to send you the first message. I hope you have time to communicate with me. I want to tell you why I decided to use the Internet! The fact is that my girlfriend Alina, found her future husband through the Internet! Her husband's name is Gary, and they now live together in Australia! Alina and Gary are very happy together! I know how much they love each other, and I am very happy for them! You probably have a question now? Why I did not find a Kazakh man? I will be very serious and frank, and I will tell you that I had a friend from Kazakhstan from my city Karaganda and I loved him very much, but he found himself another girlfriend, and broke off the relationship with me! I also want to say that he loved to drink alcohol very much, like many people in Kazakhstan, maybe you know about it? From alcohol, I can only afford to drink a glass of good wine on holidays! I do not smoke cigarettes. I care about my health, and the health of my future children! I just have no bad habits! I also want to refer this to my friend Alina! She also has no bad habits. She told me that men in foreign countries really appreciate it in women, as well as their own people! Do you respect women? Alina chose her friend Gary from Australia, as she can speak and write in English, and I also like she can speak and write in English, and I also, like her, decided to find a man from abroad. I really want to tell you a lot more about myself! I'm 30 years old, my zodiac sign - "Pisces", I was born on March 15, 1988. Tell me when is your birthday !? By nationality I am a Russian girl. My religion is Christianity. I believe in God Jesus. I have never been married and I have no children. I am a sensitive and very kind girl. I also want to tell you about the city where I live! The name of my city is Karaganda. Karaganda is located 219 kilometers from our Kazakh Capital - Astana. Karaganda is a very beautiful city, and I love my wonderful city very much! There are a lot of beautiful streets and sights in our city. You probably know that it is often cold in Kazakhstan and our weather often causes people to wear warm clothes !? It depends on the season of the year, of course. I also wonder what the weather is like !? My favorite season of the year is summer! When the sun is very bright and birds singing is heard, nature is very beautiful at this time! It's very romantic! Do you like summer? In the summer my mood is at a height :-) Also I really want to tell you about my education! I studied at the Karaganda State Medical University. And I graduated from university in 2011, it was at the university that I learned English well, and I can speak English without any problems. But I think that I will still make mistakes! :-) And if we sort these errors together, then I will be able to know English even better! I hope that you will not refuse to help me? :-) Therefore, please forgive me in advance if I make mistakes! Will you forgive me? :-) I also want to say that after completion of the university, I received a diploma in the specialty "pediatrician doctor". But unfortunately, I could not continue my medical career, because here in Kazakhstan, as in many other countries, It is very difficult to find a good job in my specialty. And now I work as a waitress in a bar, although I am a doctor by education. I like working in our bar, and our visitors are very nice people. I also want to tell you that I have access to the Internet! The computer, which is located in the office of our boss, in our bar. The fact is, I don't have a computer in my house, and I have to use my boss's computer. I wrote so much to you! I did not think that I could tell you so much and write about myself! I finish my email to you. I will be grateful if you also tell about yourself! I would like you to tell me about your family, I would be interested to know everything! O my friend, I forgot to tell you that my weight is 55 kg and my height is 173 cm! Also write me your weight, height, tell us about your city, where you live, I have never been in other countries! And I will be very glad to know more about your country! I add my photos and hope you like them! :-) I hope to see your answer soon! Sincerely, your new Kazakh girlfriend, Anzhelika." Third Letter: "Hello my friend! I am very glad to receive your letter again! It is very interesting for me to read your letters, thanks to them we will learn more about each other! And I will learn more and more about you. My friend friend, you probably want to know about the essence and purpose of our correspondence? I want to say that I decided to get to know you online, thanks to my friend Alina, a foreigner Gary met one year ago, as I told you about this earlier. friend, maybe in the future we will be together, I want you to know that marriage is very important to me! And for me it is very important! Is it also important for you? And if we think about it, then we must approach it rationally and wisely. Because marriage is so much more! You agree with me? I hope you agree with me, and this fact is also important to you. Please tell me about it, ok? My dearest friend friend, I also want to tell you about my family. I have - my mother Olga, and my dad Sergey. I also have a sister, Masha. My sister Masha is 21 years old. My mom is a salesman in a store, and my dad is an engineer at a shoe factory. My sister Masha is a university student, she is studying to be a lawyer. Our family lives without scandals and conflicts, we have a very good attitude and understanding for each other! Our parents gave us a good upbringing. I am very happy about it and proud of my parents! I also want to tell you that I live with my family in the same apartment. And I believe that parents should know about my acquaintances! And of course I told them about you friend! I hope you do not mind it? I told them that you are a good man, and they reacted very positively to our acquaintance! I have a happy family, parents, like me, want me to find a decent man for myself and be happy with it! I also told you that I work as a waitress at a bar in Karaganda. This is a good and decent bar. I am very interested in learning more about your work, and what do you do in your free time? During my free time, my friends and I go out for walks in the city, we also like to sit all together in a cafe. I like my friends very much! Especially my best friend Alina, she is like a sister to me, but unfortunately she is not in our city now, and I miss her very much. Alina, like me, worked as a waitress at our bar. Alina visited Gary in Australia, she went there to understand her feelings for him! They lived together for 3 months in Australia. And then they went here to us in Kazakhstan! Alina told Gary that she really misses her home and parents! And that very much wants to introduce him to his parents! In Kazakhstan, they were about 2 months, after which they decided to go back to Australia. And I remember very well how Alina was happy at the time. The parents were also happy to meet Gary, and see their daughter with their beloved man. They are very happy together, they love each other, and I envy Alina and Gary a little :-) I already told you that to my regret I have never been to other countries! All the time I am only in my own country and in my city! I would really like to be in another country, I think that I would be very interested in a lot! friend, I have to finish my email to you, I hope that we will continue our correspondence, and you will tell me a lot more about yourself! I will try to tell about myself as much as possible in future emails! I hope you understand my questions and answer them. I want to know more about your country, please tell me about your family, about your friends. I hope to see your answer soon. I wish you a nice day friend! Your girlfriend Anzhelika! P.S I could do it, but you didn??t send me one of your photos. I hope that you can send me your photos in the next letter. and you didn??t tell me your name. More letters in between and can supply on demand Final letter asking for money: "Hello my love Brock! I am happy to see your letter! Today I learned everything about our meeting. I want to say that today I corresponded with my girlfriend Alina by e-mail. Alina told me that she was on the phone with Aunt Tatyana, regarding my arrival to you. Alina said that I have to make a visa, passport, and health insurance document, and some more documents. All necessary documents will be ready in 10-15 days after payment, as Tatyana will help me to make these documents in an expedited process. I can be in your country for 90 days, but if it is more convenient for you, then I can return home earlier than 90 days. And also, if we decide to marry during these 90 days, then I can stay with you forever. I hope you understand me ... This possibility probably happens only once in a lifetime! I love you very much, and I dream of our meeting. I want to see you, my beloved man. I want to say that I need your help Brock. My love, I do not know how to tell you this, I am very ashamed and not comfortable in front of you, but I need $ 350 to register my documents. With this money I need to make a passport, a visa, I also have to undergo a medical examination and pay for insurance, for going abroad to your country. If you help me with this money today, then I think that the day after tomorrow I will be able to go to Almaty to Tatyana, to begin the process of processing my documents. Also my love is Brock, Alina told me that you will need some information from me to send me this money. My full details: My full name is Anzhelika Zhuravleva City: Karaganda, postal code 100000 Country - Kazakhstan Today, on the way to work, I went to 'Money Gram', this is an instant money transfer system. The operator 'Money Gram' convinced me that money transfer is very safe and fast. Also, the operator explained to me that when transferring money, you will need to specify my full name and country. This data will be enough. My dearest Brock, I want to ask you. Can you help me with this money? Also, I will need to know important information from you. After you send money through Money Gram, I will need to know the secret number of the money transfer (this is Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)). You will have this number in the receipt that the operator will give you. My dearest Brock, you should know that this information is very important to me. Without this MTCN, I will not be able to get money from you, the money that is necessary for my arrival to you my dear Brock. My love, I fully understand that this is big money, but I have no one else to rely on, and therefore I have to ask for your help. When I will be together, I will look for work by profession, and will give myself completely, for our happy future. My favorite Brock, I love you very much and we will be together, I am sure of it. I dream of our meeting at the airport. I??m sure that I??ll be crying the moment I get out of the air corridor and when I??m seeing you, my Brock. And these tears will come from our happiness. I close my eyes, and I imagine this happy moment. My love, I dream about how we will live together, how we will go for a walk together, holding our hands my love. I want you to show me your homeland, the places where you like to walk and where you like to spend more time. I also want to meet your relatives and closest friends! I want to be with you very much, you are my greatest love in this life Brock! I love you and I miss you! I want to tell you that I spoke with my parents about us, especially about my arrival to you. I want to tell you that my family has so many happy smiles for us and they approve of our love feelings with you. They are so happy because we love each other very much. They just told me that we would be happy together with you, and they wish us much happiness together! They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and they understand me, that you and I should be together and wish us great love! Great greetings from my family to you. Brock, please accept love from my parents, they love you as their son! Today I was in church, I didn??t go in for a few minutes. And I prayed for us, so that we were together, and so that nothing could separate us in this life! Well, my love, allow me to finish my email, I will be your answer! Your love forever Anzhelika. P.S yes my dear really Svetlana very touches me in my own words. it is very hard to hear and I cannot say anything to her in the opposite direction, as she is related to my boss. I try not to pay attention to her, but it does not work. she tries to piss me off, but I am a calm person and I restrain myself. I hope that this will all end when I come to you and we will be near you my love. I think that you will not let anyone hurt me. my dear, when I quit my job, I will write to you from my girlfriend. I talked to her about this already and she said that it would be possible to come to her and I could write to you. I will always communicate with you. I will tell my sister what you asked to meet your friend. But I don??t know how she will react. although she is very glad that I found you and you appeared in my life. I will tell you her decision. 32 years old I will be fulfilled only next year. Maybe you meant when I turned 31? it will happen on March 15th. I have told you about this from my first letters if you have not forgotten. As for where I will sleep when I come to you, I think that we will decide together when I am with you. every day you are getting closer and more expensive for me and I think that we can solve this issue together. what foods i eat I do not have any privileges. I do not have any allergies to any products, but it washes to some products that only you have in Canada, which I have never tried. and so I have no food allergies. I think that you have a pharmacy near the house where we can go to buy medicine if needed. I think that she will need to immediately purchase many types of drugs. how do you remember, I am a doctor by profession and I can help myself and of course you are my love."
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Date: 2020-01-18 | Name: Pol Harper | Email: hidden
Scammer sends an unsolicited email message saying she received the email address from a dating site.
All the letters are pre-scripted and she just inserts a name in each appropriate area.
She ends each letter with a "PS" answering 1-2 of any previosuly asked question to make the letter look genuine and that she is compsoing each letter individually. Finally after about some week of corresponding and after agreeing that she woul dlike to come visit she asks for #350 to be sent by Money Gram to help her secure travel documents.

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