Alexandra Zvereva from Moscow a russian scammer? Scam check dating scammer.

Is Alexandra Zvereva the russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-03-17 , financial damage US $ 1125

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Alexandra Zvereva
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Alexandra Sergeyvna Zvereva. Dating Scammer-Pro dater also petty thief as far as we have discovered, requesting favors for tickets, hotels and shopping and large sums for completing a house as she described...
Briefly: This reptile of online dating and soulless gold digger is selling scenario of serious inexperienced girl looking for marriage that also has not been treated nicely in previous relations. After shopping and dates she gave serious promises for new beginning and marriage etc in Turin Italy together, and also in multiple dinners we had few days after as a loving family company with her mother as presented. This is the way to drag you to expenses with the perspective of future. Depending on the case of course.
Disappeared for 3 months in Asia, after our meet in Italy, and communicated meaningfully only when in financial need...Then after many thousands of expenses in total came to meet me to my country inventing reasons to be ready lightly to go from first minutes and extract as much possible in a new trip to Rome Italy before disappearing for fake reasons and not remotely giving any actual chance to the “relationship”. All pre decided…
Meetings are made from Tinder with account named Pasqualina. Real name is Alexandra Zvereva or as used in fb and modeling by her, Pasqualina Passa Gaie. Activity worldwide... Instagram lesa jhons (alesajhons). She s introducing now there as miss international tourism 2017, miss princess photo of Russia, miss top global model 2018 finalist and miss Eurasia international finalist. Titles she did not mention in august and am sure she would have cashed out if they were real before we meet. Newest instagram account sanechka.zvereva.
Three instagram accounts discovered so far the last 6 months. (She sold me also the scenario of on line commitment and that would delete instagram while we were supposedly in orbit for marriage from mid August 2018 till 9 of December that she appeared to be soon vanished with a ton of lies)(-Actually She is lying all the time it is the way of systematic functioning in the scam deleting her instagram and communicates with many many men who enter the pro daters do with all till the “big fish” comes.. Instagram deletion is one of the systematic tools to gain your trust and isolate you..
These women as I read later acquire more money from that than anything else actually. Hiding between apps scam many men for favors they don’t hesitate to ask. Disappearing the right moment for the next target which is scanned to meet the criteria of next victim.).
Pro dating label: Shopping and ticket expenses, trips to exotic glamorous destinations, always looking for more money.. Have absolutely no sense of damage they cause, cruelty and commitment. Will disappear the right moment.. Excuses to squeeze out large sums from their payroll boyfriends who might be unlucky enough to not comprehend it, if they have “instagram approved for photos”, accommodation, and are not hesitant with their credit card as I was from one point and on.. They station there till the bigger fish comes. They text all the time and play their victims between apps. Usually can reach double digits of boyfriends as I read in other people s stories to cover the full variety of expenses and glamour. Use men as pawns and are true danger to someone who is measured in relationships and is kind.
I have all messages, photos, emails and receipts and documents and passport numbers but no address for legal use. Probably moving from one place to another is another camouflage of scam..
Her Email : [email protected], tel.+79150156087
Networked in Italy and Russia and Ukraine. Probably hides between apps when dating someone she targets. I personally only had communication through what s up and email to send tickets and I was blocked with no reason at all in the 9th of December She will have absolutely no problem to ruin or change your life and then leave you when card limit stops you from further expenses or you hesitate to use because it all seems too weird, and then block you. Do not care about the phase you might be, they just care for the money. Do not actually have any values, mercy or commitment intentions.
Analytically: I matched her when she was in Italy for second time in 2 years on tinder. She did not remember and had given me her number before 2 years but did not answer then…This time although she was in Mykonos island this time, she answered to the app when she got to Turin Italy. The distance of the app is self proving but she did not refuse it and said was on vacation as reason.
I took the plane to meet her for a romantic saga and after given some dinner dates leading to shopping of all kinds in Italy Turin (clothing, super market) due to problems caused to her credit card by someone who was her ex boyfriend and had common account because of their intention to marry.. I met 5 days later a person also as mother named Olga. I still try to find out if she s involved in the scam as she never contacted me when I waited 3 months my “future bride”.. and when we were together she used google translate’s advanced voice feature but never asked my phone.
So after the logic and romantic promises of Italy with Alexandra and meeting her mother and had excursion to Milan together in which also shopping happened and I covered as gentleman (ashamed to mention it generally but this is different as there was no actual relationship) all expenses..She was supposed to come to Greece after one month in Vietnam for marriage etc. I departed for Greece in the end of August and she left for some holidays with her mother in Liguria Italy. Not a week later she appeared to have problem booking a room there and pay for it still for the same credit card problem. Covered all as a gentleman again no question asked as before in Italy also when with her mother too everything in my presence. She left to Vietnam finally for a modeling job and after some time (1 month) of very poor and turbulent communication from her part she blocked me for no reason….Then unblocked me and asked me to pay for a person named Violetta Holinko a ticket to leave urgently from Vietnam to Kiev for her sick mother and she would return the money in some way.(all documents are saved) During the block I restored purchases on tinder to find out by a feature called passport in the app that she appears on recently active on tinder all the time(everyday-first to appear) in Vietnam ho chi ming city i and she had put me to uninstall it when she was in italy.. She probably did same with me there full time. Anyhow she was blocking me often for no reason and used kid s excuses. Also when i was paying for various urgent needs that was her blackmail..” Pay or I ll stay 3 more months..” Stupidly i met all her requests to get over this phase and meet. Probably appreciation never happens when you have 10 people at least doing the same. Meanwhile i was a saint and my efforts to all were altruistic.
That remaining time of 2 months she appeared (3months total)in recently active in the dating site of tinder which she put me to erase. Apparently was doing the same in asia(Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong). (Destinations a person in financial need cannot go and stay in 5 star hotels)
I was a wreck because of that but gave benefit of doubt almost 100 days and hoped to clear it when we meet.. She also used excessively fb, messenger and whats up but had not blocked me –only- on whats up and occasionally blocked me even to that one we used to talk..for joke as she said..(joke that lasted 3 days sometimes and asked from her friend that bought ticket and had the telephone to unblock me) Possibly “plays’ her victims between apps. Other on fb, other on telegram, other on what s up blocking them from other apps etc. Requested occasionally tickets for friends in need, and her, due to financial inability, hotel expenses etc. A steady characteristic of the pro daters who have 10 boyfriends doing such helping.
I spent more than 2000 euros just on tickets in the away period. A steady thousand every month. (Pro dater s label some steady sums often.)
Blackmailing me not to come for marriage if I did not pay, for another 3 months in the last day of that 3 month period. Arriving for marriage in Greece caused problems and played “bananas”(unreasonably aggressive and irritated from all) from airport criticizing all and inventing reasons to be in total despair and caused quarrels out of nothing terrorizing me about all that she will go. She had requested me before coming to go back in Italy Rome for the proposal inventing and requesting more expenses/shopping there in a paused relationship that she did nothing but bitching about all unreasonably and texting to her phone. She did not let me touch her apart from once she knew I had not slept for 2 days to fulfill some of her requests and fell asleep quickly. She kept texting until late to apps alone in bedroom, locked herself in the bedroom and blocked me even in what s up even while she stayed in the house and I was away. I started to hesitate and knew something was wrong when asked the 5 thousand diamond engagement ring as just a birthday present in Rome. Not one smile, kiss or hug while she was here and Rome or anything positive as effort. Sometimes even kicks in efforts for tenderness..Just demands that where met all until the moment of asking the ring as gift that I realized all I did was a scam loss. All that unacceptable behavior and directed marriage proposal to ask to get the ring as gift as well.
All that time she texted even late at night and caused problems for nothing. With patience i did all she asked here and there and although she controlled all stages but when she wanted the ring as gift and not engagement ring was sure was a hustler. In an unreasonable repeating runaway of her as she invented reasons to go all the time I asked for my expenses back and my expensive gifts as she was promising to recover at least for her friends and when I asked she got violent and kicked me. I hided the bag I gifted her in Milan back in Rome as she seemed more attached to it than me but I think her indifference and ignore was because she had a bigger target victim she must have had going from before and calculated the bags coming from it.. )I told her to cooperate in calmness and she would go if she wants and stayed 1 more day to Rome to return in Greece and then she left for Moscow for her “sick mother” right after and to “think” about all which was total cliché given there was no reason for the unreasonable behavior in the first place.. But block was the answer after.. Thought it was anorexia nervosa sickness symptoms or alcoholism but she appeared on Tinder on tinder in Moscow right after. Updated all her profiles in airport too. Pro daters label behavior. The general behavior showed she never intended to proceed to anything more in relation than expenses/exploitation for personal favors as tickets and shopping in Italy and then disappear. She was receiving messages continuously also from men s names and all apps. She must have done the same "work" in Asia as she asked me to buy her ticket adding 4 bags to Moscow from Hong Kong. Was also asking for 2000 for buying toilette and another 2000 for storage place for some house she had bought in Moscow and was unfinished. I postponed that thankfully. She put me to pay beauticians and hairstylists and glamorous places to photo shoot herself for pictures she now uses for her next victims. Ironic. Her birthday date in Rome only cost me more than 1000 and tried to get the 5 thousand ring as present! Not one eye contact apart from those in fights, not one kiss, not one hug while she visited. A shock after this period of exploitation.
Came all shut down and moody. Texting like 80 per cent of the supposedly quality time…Like I was with another person in the summer that she put a show of “future bride” for the shopping and future expenses abroad and now forgot..Left Greece while i was begging to hear a reason once more, as i did all she asked, for her in need sick' mother and “to think about all” and blocked me right away also updating the same day her profile everywhere in apps or fb. She was communicating all the time on the phone while we were together and got upset the rest of the time with all. Had blocked me from all apps while here for no reason and could not even call her from outside home. Still trying to see what is missing from my house. Already found out two hideable items till now missing that in a text from another number refused to have although she was the only visitor. (petty thief as well)My personal estimation is that she organizes her next victim for personal gain from one place to the other selling scenario of serious girl looking to marriage draining them for expenses in parallel relations. Pretty much defined as pro dating in all web in the exact same behavior of operating. Total cost of our meeting in preparations, dating, shopping, tickets, hotels and other expenses more than 15 thousands and have all receipts to prove it. All for having a turbulent gold digger who grabbed anything she could and disappeared without reason or giving chance to anything, and exploited the kindness and right treatment for 3-4 months and betrayed the hospitality and feelings for money, returning this favor by victimizing you and insulting you without reason or effort even to know you or talk to you. The things I did deserved a hug, as some say, and some gratitude from anyone with 2 of my family members having medical operations in the same period and me being vulnerable to sentiment and out of work for years because of financial crisis in my country. I also started a lonely business project right after I met her to have a life with her in Greece that attached me to the place she once dreamed of living and when she came was a place to start battle and disgust for her with no reason from start. And in summer stated both with her mother how much they love this country. And this was not the only contradiction of course.
I don’t know when she met her next target victim and decided to behave like that but here is a mail when she was hiding her status from my telephone in what s up and I saw from my business phone two days before she comes… to be online and my phone to have no status of her being online. I freaked once more and didn’t answer to her for long while I left my what s up open constantly online. Here she s asking what s wrong full of “surprise” while she arranged probably her next station and victim on what s up one day before coming...also has one of the tickets(the one to come). The “person” I met in Turin of course never “came”.

From: [email protected] Date: 28 November 2018 at 00:06:36 EET
To:> Subject: Re: Travel Reservation November 30 for ALEXANDRAMRS ZVEREVA Darling, something really wrong with your phone, everything is ok?
Sent from my iPhone
Begin forwarded message: From: "FIGAMEdotCOM" Date: 16 November 2018 at 23:51:18 EET >
Subject: Travel Reservation November 30 for ALEXANDRAMRS ZVEREVA Itinerary Add to Calendar Itinerary & Documents Trip to: ATHENS, GREECE Passenger(s): ZVEREVA/ALEXANDRAMRS
Reservation code: TETDJH
Airline Reservation Code: OLQDDF (SU) AEROFLOT SU Flight Number 2112 Confirmed, Confirmation# OLQDDF
Friday, 30 November Departure: SVO MOSCOW SHEREMET, RUSSIA 19:15 Terminal F - International Arrival: ATH ATHENS, GREECE 22:30 Please verify flight times prior to departure Class: Economy Meal: Dinner Aircraft: BOEING 737 800 JET Duration: 4hour(s) and 15minute(s) Distance (in Miles): 1394 Alexandramrs Zvereva Seat(s): Check-In Required
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