Elena Fokina from Kirs a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elena Fokina the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-04-09 , financial damage US $ 1310

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Elena Fokina
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Elena Fokina, has committed cyper crime basically with the interest to get other people's money. The story is in a way classical, but she is still active by mail and its possible to meet her on Skype where She will offer contact and communication. She might not be alone, its possible there are other people behind her.
I am sending the current report here being a wictim in this case, however there might be several others in contact with this woman. She works very proffesionel. She took contact to my email and specificly how she had my mail address I do not know. She have been using 2 senders mail addresses: Sladkaya oixmtin@echina.com, konfettochka89@gmail.com is the latest where she is still active.
She claim to be a doctor (and beside we have created man to woman interest )- I have arranged a possible visit to Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark (I am Danish) for a general briefing tour and information from the HR dept.
The hospital are looking for qualified labor also in Eastern Europe, so there could be an option. I am a Petro Chemical Engineer related to oil business but for the time being in Denmark concerning consultation and treatment in the Hospital. I am living also in Northampton UK. All communication over the past with Elena Fokina has been from Denmark by mail phone and Skype. We made an agreement and Elena Fokina should travel from Kirs in Russia to Moscow-Copenhagen-Aalborg airport where she would be picked up by me. Her expenses estimated and by documents was the following. Passport ?? Visa ?? Travel ?? Flight Tickets - Pocket money recommended by the Danish Embassy. approx. 50,- EUR per day 17.551,- DKK = 2.352,- EUR The cost and transfers has been send directly to the Danish travel agent (Flight Tickets) and to the socalled travel agent in Russia Fly Company using a bank in Warsaw, Poland (this Company might be fake also as they should take care of the passport & Visa being issued). Finally when Elena Fokina claim the evening before departure that she had to have at least 50,- EUR per day (30 days Visa) we made from here a Western Union transfer 1.250,- USD ?? the number by Western Union is MTCN 048-406-0980. She claimed that her ID (passport etc) was at the Embassy for her to be picked up next morning before she went to the airport and it would be possible to make the transfer by WU to her girlfriend and landlord in Moscow where she did stay the night before departure to Denmark. The name notice on this transfer is Nina Sityavina. Geografically we do not know where these funds in realty has been paid out (of cause the number can be traced). The Danish Embassy in Moscow tells, that Elena Fokina had never been there, her passport is fake, no Visa has been issued ?? the Embassy will never recommend ???pocket capital ?? like 50,- EUR per day when she have an invitation.
Travel arrangement departure from Moscow 19 October 2018 to Denmark return ticket 30 October 2018. All paid by me. Elena Fokina are sending mail and sms just before departure to tell she is in the airport waiting in line with her Visa.
It is later confirmed by the travel agent that she never boarded the plane. So the conclusion is that the purpose for her, is to steel from someone else.
Elena Fokina did send the following information:
Home address: Russia 612820, area: Kirovskaya, city: Kirs, street: Lenina, 24. +79879891758 (this phone might not be in use anymore)
Travel Agency address: Fly Company, Russia, area: Kirovskaya, city: Kirs, street: Karla Marksa 34, office: 112
Work address: Verkhnekamskaya Central district hospital, 37 Kirova street, Kirs, Kirov region, Russia, 612820
My late reporting causes hospital treatment. As mentioned I am in Denmark on a visit for the moment: my mail: mancom@engineer.com, UK Phone 07852165276, DK Phone +45 5225 1030 I will assist in any questions you may have and copies of mails and documents related to this case can besend.

Regards John Wester
7 Orhard Green, NN3 2TB, Northampton, United Kingdom

Mail. 19 October 2018 Departure from Moscow to Copenhagen: Honey, I got your money and your visa. I'm at the airport now. Check-in is about to begin. I tried to text you, but I ... why doesn't the delivery report come, maybe your phone is off. Anyway, I'll call you from the Airport when I'm in Copenhagen. See you soon.
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