Elvira Korneeva from Marks, Russia a Russian scammer? ScamCheck dating scammer.

Is Elvira Korneeva the Russian scammer?
She appeared in our database from 2019-04-19 , financial damage US $ 7860

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Elvira Korneeva
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Marks, Russia
Saratov reg.
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elvirak80@yandex.com, elvirrako@outlook.com
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No info
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Elvira Vasilevna Korneeva was born at 10 may 1980. ???Met Elvira??? on Tinder. I gave her my email address. We wrote for a few weeks. She wrote VERY long mails that looked like standard writings. Occasionally relating to what I wrote. Since she seemed sweet (and pretty) and interested, I continued writing even though I was somewhat suspicious. ???She??? even called me ?? briefly though. One time she signed with a wrong name (Irina), and I was sure that this was a scam. Then she proposed to come and visit me. She said that she would go to a Travel Agency. And of course??. After that she mailed me that she had run out of money and wanted 240 euro. I said she could get them back when she came, and that I never send money to someone I haven??t met, because there are so many scammers out there. She tried to sound hurt that I would compare her to scammers. I then mailed her to tell her I was reporting her.

Hello my love K******, I have a bad mood today. Please read my letter is attentive. It is very important. I had a difficulty, I did not expect that I can will face it. I hope, you attentively to read my letter and to understand me. I went to travel agency. I managed to receive all particulars of a travel in your country. I explained to the manager that I want to travel in Denmark. The manager of the agency told that they I will be able to prepare to me documents. He told me to travel in Denmark, I will have to receive some documents. Travel agency it is ready to prepare to me all documents and to be engaged in my travel to your country. I asked the manager to tell me all details. The manager explained me the following: To travel to your country I will need to prepare documents: International passport, Visa to the tourist, Travel insurance and other documents. The travel agency will be able to prepare all documents for me in 7-10 days. During these days, my documents will be ready. Then I will be able to begin my travel to you. The manager of the agency told me that the agency will be able to prepare to me the visa within 7-10 days. Are available contact about Embassy for agency. Provided me the price list. I chose the most optimal variant. I asked to make in travel agency for me the copy of this price list. I send the copy to you that you could see the copy of this price list. I have a problem. I did not think that the price of a travel will cost so much. 1: Visa tourist = 55 euro 2: International passport = 80 euro 3: Travel insurance = 93 euro 4: Consular fee = 45 euro 5: Train ticket = 53 euro 6: Services of travel agency = 27 euro My full the cost of documents - 353 euro (28000 rubles). I could pay in travel agency 93 euro (7000 rubles) for Travel insurance today. I paid all money which I had in the agency. Now I need to pay other money of 260 euro in the agency. I send you documents which I received in travel agency. I signed the contract with travel agency and paid 93 euro for mine Travel insurance. I send you documents: The contract with the agency, Receipts on payment of money in the agency, Travel insurance. I can have the visa to the tourist for a period of 3 months (90 days). It will allow is in your country within 90 days. The consular fee is a certain tax which is paid in which to travel to Consulate of the country. The consular fee is made out in the territory of Russia. This money goes in treasury of the state as an obligatory tax on the leaving citizens of Russia. All this is necessary and it is obligatory for me to travel in Denmark. I need to prepare documents in travel agency. I will need to pay in the agency for preparation of documents of 353 euro. My love of K******, I do not know that to do to me. Overall cost of documents of 353 euro, I could pay only 93 euro. It is necessary to pay 260 more euro that to prepare travel agency for me documents. The manager of travel agency told me that it is the cheapest option of preparation of documents. I learned, in other travel agencies all prices are identical. The manager of the agency told me that the cheapest option of preparation of documents costs 353 euro. I am very upset. I do not want that money became on the way of ours with you happiness. I have no means to pay paperwork. I do not know what to do to me! I am very sad! To prepare documents I will need 260 more euro. I have no this the sum of money. It is possible to you to help me from 260 euro? I need to ask for help only of you. Only you are my loved one. Now I can hope only for your support. I understand that you will also be upset because of it. But I nevertheless hope that we will not give up. We will fight for our feelings. I think that together we will be able to overcome everything. My love K******, I hope, you will be able to help me with money for my trip to you? This meeting desired for us with you both. It will be very sad if we lose our relations. I hope that I am a woman who you can and you want to love always. I want to continue the relations with you in real life. I hope that we have chance to carry out our meeting. I believe that we will be together. With impatience I expect your letter. I embrace and kiss. Your love Elvira
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Date: 2019-07-02 | Name: Hxxxx xxxxxx | Email: hidden
Ich habe ca 30-40 Bilder der Dame und ca 20 Urkunden, die mir geschickt wurden.Es benutzt sogar ihre Mutter an und ich habe Adressen von Freundinen die auch Geld empfangen. Ich wurde um ca 7.000,? betrogen.
Anbei auch verschiedene Komplizen, die per Western Union Geld in Empfang genommen haben. Wenn Sie noch Fragen haben, k?nnen Sie mir gerne schreiben. Betrug im ganz gro??en Stil.

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