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She appeared in our database from 2019-05-07 , financial damage US $ 1210

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Tamara Rogova
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Birth date: 5 October 1984. Postal address: Belarus 220025 Minsk, Esenina str 19, apt.58.Skype: Rogova Tomochka. Tamara Rogova is a translation and travel scammer. Indicates in her profile that she knows English language. When men sent her mails in English she tells them that she has a basic English knowledge. When men send her mails after translating them from English to Russian on Google Translator or Bing Translator, she pretends not to understand the translation and ask men to use paid translation services (This is untrue because Google and Bing translation results are just fine.). Most probably this scammer is getting commissions from these paid translation services. Moreover, Tamara Rogova, will refuse to meet men in Belarus and offer to visit them instead and here comes the typical travel scam scenario for flight ticket, visa fees, insurance, etc ... but guess what ... she will never come ... Tamara Rogova will disappear after getting the money.

I had a response from Tamara Rogova. Her response was very positive, but after exchanging just a couple of emails, she said that she found it impossible to understand the translated Russian (also I should point out, in her profile on the site she claimed to have intermediate English - but she has none at all. We exchanged emails about this, and you recommended using Google. The curious thing was, when I used Google to translate from Russian to English, I could understand 90%. But Tamara said she could understand barely anything in the translations I sent to her. It was at that point she suggested registering on a paid translation services. The cost of using this translation service is 6 cents per word, with certain discount structures. I decided to use the service to continue to communicate with Tamara. On finds the cost rapidly mounts up. She said that using the service, she could understand me perfectly. But all her responses I translated using Google, with problem. I began to have doubts. As a test, I suggested that perhaps in February or March, I might come to visit her in Belarus. She said no, she would prefer to come to France. Now I have already been the attempted victim of a scam, on Russian Brides website. Being asked for money for the lady to come to visit. I did not fall for the scam, and quickly unsubscribed from the web site. When Tamara said she would come to France, I wrote a blunt letter saying that I would not pay for any expenses beforehand. But if she were to come, I was willing to contribute to the cost. Answer from Tamara Rogova, no she did not need assistance, but could pay for it all herself. Still I had doubts; particularly because the translation costs quickly can arrive at 30-40 dollars a day. Alarm bells started ringing in my mind. I did a Google image search on Tamara, and found she was listed on at least five other dating/marriage sites. I suggested she could pay for her own translations with this online translation service, or at least we could share the cost. But these translation sites do not accept any payment from women, only from men. "Gentleman pays for all" is their motto. As a further check, I contacted several other women on that site, but sending them messages all translated either with Google or Yandex online translators. Most responded, all of them saying that they would be interested to continue to communicate, but that they did not understand my messages. A couple said they were using that exact site because of the translation service, that they had tried communicating with men using online translators but that they were no good, and did not translate English well in the complex language that Russian is. The cut a long story short, I came to the conclusion that this site, with the associated translation company is a rather clever scam. My guess is that women on the site are paid by the translation company to get men to use their service. I have no proof of course. However I bring it to your attention because it may well be that there are other women on your website who invite men to switch to that site to use the translation service, and thus earn money. Again I repeat I have no proof, but when I suggested to Tamara, and to one other woman, that I would come anyway to Belarus just to meet, and see whether we wanted to continue to communicate, with no strings attached, in both instances the response was an emphatic no. I would add that I have read through all the advice and information published on your site, with warnings against scams or malpractice, correct behaviour, etc., and such responses again lead me to believe that these women are not serious about forming relationships.
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